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Today, a lot of people are thinking about owning cryptocurrencies but aren’t sure of the best moment to buy it or which currency or token is the most suitable and others do not know what the cryptocurrencies are. Before you decide on the best cryptocurrency we will go over the basics of what they are, what they do and whether it’s beneficial to buy cryptocurrencies right now. Let’s find out best crypto to buy now

How do you define cryptocurrency?

It is a cryptocurrency that is essentially a digital currency that you can use to purchase or sell through cryptocurrency. The primary distinction is that cryptocurrency is not tangible, and can be used freely from one user, without the need for a central institution like a central bank or a government.

As of September 2022 there were more than 21,000 cryptocurrency were on the market. Should the market continue to grow, that amount is likely to continue increasing.

Should you invest in cryptocurrency right now?

The cryptocurrency market is highly unpredictable, which is why there’s no definitive answer as to whether it’s an appropriate time for you to make a bet on cryptocurrency today (as as of the second half 2022). Even the most well-known cryptocurrency projects like Bitcoin as well as Ethereum are likely to have dramatic price changes.

Similar to buying or trading stocks on the stock market, you’ll be more proficient in making an informed choice when you weigh a range of factors like the impact of inflation, higher interest rates, and the effects of economic and political instability.

The market for cryptocurrency tends to fluctuate in cycles. Using analytical techniques like resistance and support levels will allow you to determine the market’s low and high points.

A close look at the top crypto you can buy right today

With over 21,000 digital currency options, choosing the most popular digital currencies to purchase today can seem overwhelming. Therefore, as newbies, it is recommended to begin by investing time in learning that cryptocurrency market.

To aid you in your look, we’ve compiled an inventory of the top cryptocurrency options available today according to various factors which affect their performance including the market capitalization, features and basic principles, and their the suitability of them for investments.

1. Bitcoin (BTC)

The first cryptocurrency to be created laid the stage for the creation of other cryptocurrency assets. With a market capitalization of slightly over 350 billion dollars in the year of its publication, Bitcoin commands the largest part of the cryptocurrency market.

Bitcoin accepts the idea of limited supply, and its potential as a value store continues to attract investors to the cryptocurrency. The highest amount in Bitcoin can be found at 21 million. Out of that, approximately 19.15 million are in circulation.

2. Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum is second largest blockchain network in terms of market capitalization after Bitcoin. The network was founded in July 2015 by a group of developers headed by Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum is arguably the most popular smart contract platform on the marketplace. It is popular with many developers due to its ability to accommodate various applications, including the non-fungible currency (NFTs).

Since its inception, Ethereum has witnessed tremendous growth that is 14,155% as of the beginning of September 2022. Being the second-largest cryptocurrency according to market value, Ethereum is way ahead of other cryptocurrency projects and is the just Bitcoin that it can beat in the cryptocurrency market.

3) Shiba

Meme cryptocurrency Shiba Inu (SHIB) is mostly traded in the red area until 2022, and is being a shadow of its record-breaking growth in the year before. While the demand for meme coins has been tempered, SHIB’s price movements are still interesting. But what is shiba inu coin price prediction

SHIB continues to see an increase in the number of users who are registered on the platform with a Finbold study which states that the token has added at minimum 100,000 unique addresses by 2022 only. In assessing the network’s expansion and general trend of the crypto market. How does this affect Shiba Inu’s pricing outlook in the near future?

Shiba Inu’s price is heavily influenced by market conditions. The SHIB price is still showing sloping changes, with the currency trading at $0.0000101 as of the time of writing. The weekly chart of the token shows an improvement of nearly 3percent.

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