If you like to fish, we have many opportunities for you to write. We provide fishing journals and guides. You can also contribute your tips and techniques, talking about what have been the best moments in fishing, or just share your personal experience on how it has changed over time to become a part of our readers’ lives. For example, one of our most popular articles is written by a young man named Karson who begins writing about the moment he became hooked on fishing when he was four years old.

He writes that that day spent with his father out at Lake Travis was an exciting one that made him want to think of it as an everyday occurrence from then on out.

What is Fishing?

Fishing is a recreational activity that involves the catching or harvesting of fish. Fishing can be done with a variety of tools including fishing rods, nets, lines, hooks, and traps. Other devices such as bottom trawls, trammel nets, spears, or darts may be used to catch fish while they are resting on the bottom of shallow waters.

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What is write for us?

Write for us is a platform that helps you become a published author. We distribute your articles to a network of our partner publishers who will put them out in their magazines, as well as on their websites. These articles are read by thousands of people across the world, which is quite an achievement for such young writers!

What can I write about?

We accept writing through almost any topic area including business, marketing, technology, and software. Just make sure that you write about things that you have knowledge about! You don’t have to have experience in marketing or finance to write about those subjects. Simply take some time to research the subject matter and find what you know about it.

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We are an organization involved in online activities. We already have a network of publishers that we partner with on regular basis. These publishers publish posts written by our guest writers and also place their links within the articles. We help writers make money by getting high quality backlinks to their websites, social media profiles, and business sites. While at the same time these guest posts help publishers increase readership, turn them into experts in their field and get new ideas for future articles.

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You should send your pitches to the admin at writeforpence.com

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We need at least 2 weeks for us to review your articles. However, if we are very busy, it may take a few more days or so. But once the article is reviewed and approved, it will be published immediately! So please have patience with us!

What Kind Of Articles Do We Publish?

We publish articles about almost anything. We only need you to make sure that it is relevant, updated and has a unique approach. For example, we recently published an article showing how you could save up to 75% on your car insurance by looking for proper deals on our website. Another one was about a review of the top 10 sites for buying propellers for drones and UAVs

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We publish for our partner publishers and also for our blog visitors. We do not publish for any particular industry.

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We do not accept articles that are plagiarized. We also don’t publish any content that contains porn, gambling, drugs or anything inappropriate. We also do not publish articles that have been published before or in other places.

Where should you send your pitch?

You should send your pitches to the admin at: [email protected]