Is It Possible To Get The “travel Medallion” Early In The Game?

“I hear the treasure chest containing this tool is located beneath a labyrinth in northeast Akkala.” Fast travel points are only available at activated towers and shrines, so it can be hard to get back and forth to certain places if nothing has been discovered there yet. Some Breath of the Wildshrines are hidden or require players to complete difficult puzzles before they are revealed. Having the Travel Medallion will give players more control over their fast travel points. The treasure chest containing this item is supposedly located in northeast Akkala, hidden beneath a labyrinth.

It was also a nice reminder of the many ways I tried and failed to originally get into the Goron village before being burned to death. Trial of the Sword provides a new set of stages where players are stripped of all weapons and armour, and must survive an onslaught of enemies in many different rooms. Completing all the rooms in a row will unlock the hidden power of the Master Sword, permanently bringing its damage to 60, though you can still wear it out. Somewhere in the world, there is a chest with a Travel Medallion inside. When you use this, you can register your current location as a fast travel point on the map. You can only register one location using the Travel Medallion.

You reach it by gliding from the cliffs of the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab or wait to visit this area until your stamina wheel has been upgraded. This is possible through the introduction of the new Travel Medallion item — a reward from a side quest that is automatically added upon getting the DLC. Head down, and when you open the chest in the middle of the area several stationary Guardians will set their sights upon you.

From that point, there will be a series of quick turns and staircases that lead to the middle of the labyrinth where the shrine is located. There’s a hole in front of the shrine where an updraft, similar to Breath of the Wild’s Revali’s Gale, is constantly blowing. This mysterious tool was made using forgotten ancient technology. Place it by opening your pouch and registering your current location as a travel gate. The text refers to Lomei Labyrinth Island, an island off the coast at the far northeast of Hyrule. Beyond The Master Trials, both the Trail of the Labyrinth shrine quest and Tu Ka’loh shrine appear there.

You wake up in the mysterious Shrine of Resurrection and see a Hyrule you no longer recognize. All you have by your side is the equally mysterious Sheikah Slate and the voice of a stranger to guide you. So, the first place to head to in this underground area is straight ahead, where you’ll find a regular chest containing a Diamond Circlet with Guardian Resist Up.

This new map feature shows the path Link has walked through Hyrule from the last 200 hours of gameplay. Use the time tracker bar to see where you’ve spent the most time and where you have yet to explore. There’s bound to be more adventures and maybe a shrine or two on the road less traveled.

By successfully reaching these planks, players can battle enemies and collect treasure. There are 8 treasure chests placed around Hyrule containing armor themed after previous The Legend of Zelda titles. Watch for tips as to the whereabouts of these chests as you travel around Hyrule.

Go to the South Akkala Stable, a bit southeast from Death Mountain. Reading it will give you a hint – the amulet is my life doll beneath a labyrinth in northeast Akkala. Get to the shrine inside, and you’ll see a hole in front of the entrance.

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