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I’ve always been more of a home-body type of girl. I’ve been known to be an introvert and a loner for a long time, so my first few years of college were spent in the dorms, in my own little bubble. I don’t know whether or not this made me a bad student, but I can’t say that I didn’t learn a lot.

Ive always been an introvert, but I think I came to find it more difficult in college. The people in my dorms would be too busy talking to one another to notice that I was in my room, so I rarely went out at night.

You have to realize that introverts are pretty much the opposite of extroverts. Introverts are always finding ways to be social and active, whereas almost everyone else is always checking to see if they’re on tv or in the gym. That’s why extroverts find it easier to just sit around and talk to one another. And when extroverts are talking, we tend to be loud and not so quiet.

I’ve noticed that introverted people are much more likely to find it hard to get out of their dorms. To be honest, I think it’s more likely for introverts to be introverted because they often find it easier to ignore people and just go about their self-imposed activities. So people who have trouble getting out of their dorms are almost always introverts. I think part of that is because extroverts tend to be more social.

I think introverts tend to be a bit more socially awkward than extroverts, but I think introverts are also a little more introverted than extroverts. If we think about it, people who have a social life and are good at socializing tend to be introverted.

I can’t find enough introverts to be the exact opposite of an extrovert, but I think introverts tend to be a bit more introverted than extroverts. I think that is because introverts tend to have a social life, but they also have a certain amount of time to themselves. While extroverts are always on the go, introverts tend to be more self-sufficient.

I think there is a bit of a social dynamic between introverts and extroverts, but I think extroverts tend to have a stronger social life. I think introverts are more prone to having social media and friends.

The thing is, there are some extroverts that are introverts, and there are some introverts that are extroverts. So the more introverted one is in the social world, the more extroverted they are. So if you’re an introvert, you might not always feel like hanging out with your friends and hanging out with your peers.

I think the extrovert/introvert relationship is more complex than any stereotype would suggest. One of the things that can make you feel like an extrovert is that you’re much more likely to have introverted friends. When you’re not around your friends, you feel alone, so you don’t have the social interaction with other introverts that your friends have.

The introvert-extrovert relationship is a complex one because we also like to be social together but we dont have the same friends as we do when we are by ourselves. With our friends, we have friends with whom we can talk about our day and share our feelings. With our friends, we have friends who have been in the same situation and we can feel a bond with them.

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