Hunter X Hunter Will Hit A Milestone With Shonen Jump’s Next Issue

Furthermore, Hunter X Hunter is known for taking long, extended breaks. As a consequence, the manga has stalled since the arc titled “13th Hunter Chairman Election” was released. Given all of this, we can expect the anime’s next season to be delayed for quite some time, and Season 7 of Hunter X Hunter is anticipated to premiere in 2023. In an old interview, dating back to 2017, Togashi revealed that he was aware of those opinions of fans who were pressing to move him away from the drawings and focus only on the story. While fans of HxH are undoubtedly eager to see the story continue, the hiatus has no end in sight.

The story follows the adventures of a young boy, Gon discovering that his father wasn’t really dead but a legendary Hunter. Hunter x Hunter has been on indefinite hiatus for a long time, and unfortunately, not all of us have the ability or opportunity to wait that long. He assured the fans that despite the long breaks, he’s still working every day, and will definitely finish the Hunter x Hunter series.

Moreover, the exhilarating battle sequences have often left us in awe. In rather sad news, it will most likely take a while before creator Yoshihiro Togashi could produce more manga for Hunter X Hunter. The mangaka has been reportedly suffering from severe mental health issues that have affected his work. The mangaka has been under extreme pressure due to the popularity of his work. Hunter X Hunter is one of the most iconic anime series released in the ’90s.

If there are indeed future seasons of the anime, they will have a different set of characters. Furthermore, ‘Hunter x Hunter’ is known for often going on long-term hiatuses, with the current one lasting for over three years. Togashi’s health issues, especially his severe debilitating back does thc dilate pupils pain, haven’t allowed him to work consistently. They’re currently busy with other projects instead and have released several anime series and films in the recent years. It’s also worth noting that the past seasons have already exhausted the source material for an anime adaptation.

Moreover, you can view the anime on multiple platforms like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Crunchyroll, etc. Hopefully, you liked the information regarding Hunter x Hunter Season 7. Personally, we all want to witness another enthralling season with a diverse storyline. Trinikid is a new and fast-growing entertainment news company located in Trinidad and Tobago, the US and India. We cover upcoming movies and TV shows in the form of previews, trailers, behind the scenes footage, spoilers, reviews, theories, and news. And fans have been demanding a Sequel of the Reboot Hunter x Hunter Season 7 ever since its end.

PermalinkI do think he should just retire and put his health first. Hi, my name is Mia and I’m the founder of 9 Tailed Kitsune.I love anime, games, and esports . My passion for anime sparked when I was about 7 (Phantom Thief Jeanne, hello!) and has never stopped. There have been 1116 Weekly Shonen Jump issues released since HUNTER×HUNTER’s debut, and HxH was present in 392 of them (35.1%). Epic Dope is the one-stop for all things anime, manga, webtoons, and more! We are building a home for otakus, nerds, and anyone sitting at home with superpowers likely to rule the world or maybe…just obsessed with watching anime 24X7.

Elsewhere, Beyond might set out on his expedition to the Dark Continent, going against the prohibitions implemented by the V5. Kurapika will likely become an overseer of the 289th Hunter Exam. So while it might be tough for fans to say goodbye to a series as epic and elaborate as “Hunter x Hunter,” they should probably be prepared to do so, whether Season 7 ever arrives or not.

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