Hunter X Hunter Season 7

Contact the seller- opens in a new window or tab and request shipping to your location. If the return request is made within 3 days from delivery. Hisoka fluctuates between anti-hero and villain, making his intentions so comically cryptic that neither the Phantom Troupe nor ff12 international zodiac job system english the Hunter Association is able to parse them accurately. His Nen takes the form of an elastic substance he calls Bungee Gum, with which he is extremely proficient. Cheadle Yorkshire is the current Hunter Association Chairman, suggesting that her powers are incredible.

Is this a case of cowboy bebop at his computer or something more sinister? The electricity part was more of a hidden-ace-under-the-sleeve kind of thing, since he already could protect himself with his impenetrable wall of whips. And it doesn’t give Killua electricity; it’s just the first time we see that electricity is another of the many things Killua is immune to due to the Training from Hell he received. He simply decided later to use that immunity to his advantage by building his Nen ability around it; remember that his training to make a Hatsu involved electrifying himself with a taser.

To anyone else’s eyes, including the impartial judge’s, Killua just barged in for no apparent reason and killed a guy, therefore earning his disqualification. Essentially, the Hunter status is a way of skipping all of the potential damage they may cause by giving them free rein to achieve whatever they want without the restrictions that normal people face. Politics can’t exactly function normally in a world where some people have superpowers. Some Hunters like the examiners or Wing are at least seen trying to keep Nen a secret from the general public, which is technically good because anyone could theoretically learn how to use it. The second option would probably render whatever law they have over in their world obsolete. Nen is the concept of the typical energy phenomenon in most shonen manga, which is used as a great source of power in the series.

He creates a crazy condition that he be granted all the nen he will ever have in order to murder Pitou, not caring that it will cost him his own life. With Gon already having exceptional nen potential, this pushes his body to a crazy limit, aging him and granting him power that Pitou believes is even a threat to Meruem. Menthuthuyoupi, aka Youpi, is the brawn of the royal guards, and that’s saying something.

Kurapika and Gon are both established as having more-than-human senses before that, in the manga at least. And at one point in the old anime, Gon explained that the path to his home in Whale Island got really dark at night. This actually becomes a plot point much later on, as some of the higher ranking Hunters want to reform the Hunter exams to prevent unnecessary deaths. When you look at all the things and people they have gone through after the exam, what would be the point of giving a Hunter License to someone who can’t deal with a measily man-eating plant? How come his family says that Killua is the heir to the family business and one of their most talented when Kalluto has full control over his Nen abilities at an age Killua didn’t even know Nen existed? Recalling Killua’s past battles, it seems that, compared to Kalluto, Killua’s Weak, but Skilled enough to be better than him.

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