Which Component May Be Considered A Field Replaceable Unit Fru?

When backed up by good parts availability, knowledgeable technical support, and reader-friendly documentation, this approach can minimize system downtime and optimize reliability. There are further two kinds of functional groups in chipsets, the first is Northbridge and the second is Southbridge . It is very risky field replacing one if you don’t know EXACTLY what you are doing. So if you have the right board, and a computer that isn’t too picky, AND you know exactly how to do it, then yes; but I don’t recommend it. Masters in information and answering the most pressing questions in the world today.

You can easily replace a laptop battery, hard drive and/or RAM in the field. Also, almost any software can be updated or added in the field or via remote access. Expansion slots are used to install various devices in the computer to expand its capabilities and performance. Some expansion devices that can be installed in these slots include video card, network card, sound card, and disk interface cards.

For a short period starting in the late 1960s, some television set manufacturers made solid-state televisions with FRUs instead of a single board attached to the chassis. However modern televisions put all the electronics on one large board to reduce manufacturing costs. The motherboard sits on elevated screw holes or spacers to keep it from touching the case.

Motherboard is basically a PCB on which all other components are attached integratedly or physically through the wires and cables. Nowadays fully integrated motherboards dj equipment finance no deposit are available in the market. What two devices in a computer should be considered “black boxes”, and should never be opened, due to risks involving charged capacitors?

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