Where To Find Outstanding Mexican Restaurants Around D C, Maryland, And Virginia

Rey Lopez/Eater D.C. A fried oyster taco with red cabbage and chipotle aioli from Anafre Rey Lopez/Eater D.C. Where else does Grubhub help you find the food you need?

As you’d expect, the tacos and gorditas are the real deal. Don’t forget to choose a tequila or mezcal from the blackboard. This mammoth brewery in Abbotsford is also a great spot for Mexican cuisine . Order one of the cocktails on tap, then settle in for dishes such as jalapenos stuffed with smoked swordfish or anticuchos – a sort of Peruvian satay or shish kebab, which combines beef heart and grilled potato.

According to their website, more than 3.5 million pounds of tortilla chips are served at the chain’s locations each year. And speaking of guacamole, Pappasito’s is prepared tableside with fresh avocado, tomatoes, onions, jalapeños and lime juice. What began as a family-owned restaurant business in 1976 has grown to include other cuisines like Greek, steak and seafood. Pappasito’s stays true to its roots, with the majority of its locations in Texas. The food is good and the aesthetics might be even better, with splats of turquoise and pink — and even a hot pink floor. Snap a selfie in front of the llama mural outside.

When it opened, the restaurant was run-down, with multi-colored tiles, a dirt parking lot, an outdoor restroom and the only adornments on the walls were velvet paintings of Stevie Wonder and Elvis Presley. Although the décor has changed, one thing that has remained consistent throughout all of these years is their South Texas, New Mexico and regional Mexican cuisine. Some of Chuy’s popular items include the chile relleno, which is a stuffed fire-roasted Anaheim pepper with either cheese, ground sirloin, chicken and cheese, or shrimp and cheese. There is also the Elvis Green Chile Fried Chicken, which is breaded with Lay’s potato chips and served with a green chile sauce and Cheddar cheese. We take chowing down on some great Mexican food pretty seriously here in the Phoenix area thanks to our close proximity to the culinary geniuses of our neighbors in Mexico. From high-end, traditional dishes from James Beard Award-winning chefs like Silvana Salcido Esparza to quick, cheap, and authentic street tacos—the Valley has a bit of everything when it comes to Mexican cuisine.

This Mexican Grill restaurant is all about serving stupendous Mexican flavours in a lively ambience at great value for money that will have you coming back for more. Chipotle Chicken Meatball Burrito Wrap and Fully Loaded Nachos are the recommended dishes here. Tex-Mex gets its name from the restaurants that opened in Southwestern cities with large Mexican populations, and is a take on regional cuisine in Mexico. Some may also argue that it is a version of Mexican food prepared by Texan cooks. Specializing in Mexican cuisine creatively crafted in house with the freshest ingredients available.

La Cathedral is octopus imported from Mexico, fried and served with housemade orange and black salsa, mango, avocado, scallops, shrimp and tuna. The California-based franchise first opened in 1954 and continues to serve a taste of Mexico with a modern twist. The Street Taco Trio is one of the favorites, with adobo chicken breast, adobo steak or grilled halibut options and served with beans and rice. Or for a bolder taste, the fire-roasted pasilla chile relleno will set your mouth on fire with the pasilla chile pepper. The carryout window with the hot pink facade on U Street NW can barely contain everything chef Teresa Padilla, who grew up in the interior state of Tlaxcala, is excited to cook. There are all sorts of tacos, but also bowls of equites deglazed in a fiery pan, individual containers of chocoflan, and chamoy-tinged go-cups of frozen mangonada smoothies.

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