Where To Buy Kin?

No one gives a shit about a project that no one can buy, no one can send, and no one can use. They need to do everything in their power to work on this, because up to this point. It’s been absolutely pathetic as to how we’ve been surpassed in every single aspect by useless “currencies”. A couple trillion dollar market is nothing in the long-run. I just hope Kin will finally shine when it happens, rather than be the “what could have been” of the crypto world.

When I could withdraw it, it wouldn’t send to my Trust Wallet and I had to rely on the community to solve it for me. There isn’t even a reliable & trustworthy place to buy KIN at the moment. I bought on Mercatox and had to wait ages to be able to withdraw it.

Blockchain development is an ever-evolving process, whether you’re a fully fledged app or building from scratch.

Coinbase is easy but the fees are horrendous. I buy ETH on Gemini and KIN on IDEX. Gemininis slick and while not as simple most economists agree that the immediate cause of most business cycle variation is as coinbase the fees are 0.25% at most. I recommend HitBtc and just hold it on there if it’s a small amount…

95% of people that invested in crypto have LOST money so that the 5% could gain it. If you want a change of 500x gains, like I said, go to a casino, your odds are at least realistic there for that kind of dissolution. Go ahead and downvote me, but if you want to be filthy rich from KIN ASAP, just sell it and find a scammy, hype-based crypto. Or go to a casino and play some roulette. Quality products aren’t built overnight. There is zero marketing currently.

Some apps in the ecosystem are already earning $50k a week so it’s very enticing to devs. Let’s hope and wait for a good pay day for all of us holding small and big bags. People need to have the stomach to face the facts. We are behind in nearly every way that matters. I personally think that RE BRANDING may be a valid option. The Kin brand seems compromised by its execution and history.

But if they cannot market their product, it’s use case, and make it widely available then there is no point. Everything they have told us, has been a lie, and they don’t seem to have any of the current exchanges/liquidity/wallets under control whatsoever. This isn’t a “oh well a so-so listing would boost the price” post. Kin NEEDS Binance, just like every other crypto outside a select few on decentralized exchanges have. They need it for price, availability, liquidity, stability, and awareness.

Let’s see if this project can even get back to ICO valuation against ETH. That alone is going to take a miracle with the current market sentiment. Coin was given an overly aggressive valuation – time to burn some coins Kin team. Just under ICO, because thats where everyone who bought on ED will dump and move on to exchange traded coins that yield profits for investors. Wallets means nothing if they are not filled or used, we have a lot of dead wallets, from absolute numbers do not get fooled.

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