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The pay is straight forward and doesn’t have those stipulations in order to receive. You don’t need to jump through hoops to get pay increases because they already pay top dollar. Always able to get a hold of your recruiter when you need to.

When there was one issue MSSI took care of it quickly and politely. I will be working for them again. Tried other agencies, none compare to this company. Integrity is very evident with them. Keith Kappel is great to work with. Have recommended to many of my gypsy friends already.

Good pay and lots of options for assignments. I would highly recommend MSSI to all travelers. MSSI is privately-owned and only staffs at facilities that we have direct contracts with, so our travel nurses get better experiences and better pay packages.

Expect to take care of yourself as much as possible. Don’t underestimate how vital it is to keep hydrated, get plenty of sleep, destress , try to eat healthy as best that you can and to intake Vitamin C to boost your immune weather willy blog system. Expect to put in 60+ hours per week. During a crisis, it is imperative to be flexible and understand that it is imperative for staffing needs to be met to ensure sufficient care of the patients in the facility.

Was sent to an assignment that was totally misrepresented. Very few choice of assignments. Will not travel with them again, nor encourage others.

I did go with Krucial in November. Only because I could work 6 days a week guaranteed. Upon arrival to the site, an MSSI rep will meet you to confirm that your employment and financial forms have been finished to ensure you will be paid accordingly for your time. Following social distancing protocols, all RNs will be assigned private hotels rooms. Temperature checks will be taken upon arrival at the hotel. Due to the incredibly high rates we are offering for this work stoppage, we are unable to offer referral bonuses.

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Kiana was professional and pleasant to work with. Although she didn’t always have the answers to my questions, she would direct me where to find them or promptly try to find out for me. If there were ever a miscommunication or clarification needed, MSSI was quick to work with me and resolve any confusion or issue. Everyone I came into contact with whether it was for housing or accounting etc was very efficient, friendly and professional. MSSI is the 3rd travel company I’ve worked for, and by far the best. Keith Kappel is an amazing recruiter, fast to respond to anything you need, honest and upfront about everything.

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