Vape Wild Ejuice Review

Vape Wild’s Murica E-Juice was touted as their most popular flavor, imitating the cold and sweet red white and blue rocket popsicle from your childhood. The rich cherry, tart lemon and lime, and sweet raspberry flavors were intended to instill patriotism in your clouds, cause-related marketing is directly used to create: and so it did! Our alternative flavor contains notes of these flavors, not quite the exact same flavors, but we hope it will delight your taste buds with every puff. As its name implies, One Size Fits All is a tantalizing ejuice meant to appeal to the masses.

Sporting a 6.5 mm diameter feed hole and a 31.5 mm top pour hole this is the best choice for your E-Liquid and E-juice transfer funnel needs. Juice name, company logo, image representing the flavour, PG/VG ratio, nicotine level, bottle size, required nicotine warnings, other warnings, ingredients, “Born on” date, batch number. As the inhale progresses, you’ll notice a touch of watermelon appear, however at this point it is just a hint on the back of the tongue. It’s layered into the mix very well, blending with the watermelon magnificently.

Also, the blue harvest is not a replacement for the green because the green is best for the use of nicotine. The only thing better than spotting a rainbow in the sky after a harsh storm is spying two rainbows together! Vape Wild captured that sense of wonder with their Double Rainbow E-Juice, another breakfast cereal with a toucan as their mascot.

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Strawberry Pineapple Coconut E-Juice by Coastal Clouds is more of a fruit flavor than a dessert one, and we think that’s a good thing! Fresh strawberries and island coconuts are now joined by tangy pineapple instead of frothy cream. We felt it was best to keep the fruit flavor as close as possible to the Vape Wild flavor, offering a cloud of fresh fruits with every puff. Surf Cake by Vape Wild was a wonderful combination of wild blueberries and creamy cheesecake. This particular e-liquid was difficult to find an alternative for, as it was a rare flavor that almost no one else produced. Our alternative uses a different berry, but the same luxurious cheesecake flavor you crave.

Our alternative features the same refreshing flavor of strawberries and kiwis, perfect for your fruit e-liquid cravings. If you’ve got a sweet tooth that refuses to be satisfied, you may very well discover heaven in e-liquid form! Mixed Berry E-Juice combines your love of sweet and stretchy taffy with wild berries that burst into delicious clouds that your taste buds will love. Not much information was given about the true flavors of this sweet vape juice, but our best guess is that there were quite a few confectionery treats involved. As such, our alternative features wild berries and stretchy taffy in a delicious cloud of sweetness.

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