The Engine 2 Seven

It has the characteristic Esselstyn verve and upbeat style. It’s too early yet to say whether the weight loss advice is going to be effective, but I’m already feeling lighter and more energetic. The recipes are easy and, so far, tasty. Lots of statistics for the people that need those to be convinced. I think the hardest think to change will be cooking without oil, butter….and I do adore cheese and meet. I don’t have overwhelming health concerns, but I do want to try it and see how it affects me.

1) As an example of bad, processed foods, he targets Pop-Tarts and then talks about how yes, they are vegan, but they are full of all sorts of processed stuff. However, only a few varieties of Pop-Tarts are vegan. There is gelatin in many of them, so a lot of them aren’t even vegetarian. Sure, this might be nit-picking on my part, but when I went vegetarian, this is one food I almost had to give up. And based on my glance at the grocery store the last time I went, finding the few varieties that are vegan (the non-frosted ones) is really hard. Very happy to have this book and learn more about plant based meals.

The amount of fiber in his diet will prevent any sugar spiking. I don’t understand why if he cites a study that supports his beliefs he doesn’t have a footnote? I do believe he makes some interesting points like, your food needs to be chewed, and acidic producing diets leach calcium from your bones. These items needed to be discussed more throughly.

It’s a whole foods plant based diet that is low fat. The fat is what keeps you fat and causes insulin resistance. After following the plan for 3 weeks…I am so convinced! I now eat a lot of fruit and potatoes! Two starches I was told to monitor closely by my diabetes educator. If you find it hard to believe I suggest you try it.

He touches on that in a way, but for the majority of the book, it’s presented as a weight loss diet. Perhaps he gets to the long-term sustainability of it more in other books, as I think this was more of a way to entice people to test it for a week. The author promotes a very one sided approach to eating. He advocates no meat or dairy and believes that you can eat unlimited amounts of calories from whole grains and vegetables. As a matter of fact the term high glycemic, or gylycemic load are not mentioned in the book.

He does not explain why ALL oil is bad for you, but insists that it is. That alone eliminates most of the recipes you find tclerror no display name and no display environment variable anywhere, even vegan recipes. Any canned or packaged food containing more than 2.5 grams of fat per 100-calorie serving.

And most people can stick to something for seven days – so give it a try! I’m going to – I think I’ll start on Thursday. However, Esselstyn does a poor job of leading the reader to this assumption. Though he mentions that studies have proven how great eating more plants is for you, at the most he will provide the year and journal the research was published in.

The major flaw in this book and his diet is that their is little thought to the number of calories per day. Many of us can not eat all we want no matter what food is praised. This high carb diet is bound to raise insulin levels. I wish he would study blood sugar levels in more detail. I heard Rip on the Rich Roll podcast and decided to give the 7 day rescue a try. I liked it, as a vegan it wasn’t a lot different than what I already ate but I liked the concentration of whole foods because it’s easy to let processed treat foods slide in to a vegan diet.

I know you have to make a living but to push his Engine 2 Brand of food products were a little too much for my liking. There were a few decent-looking ones, and the overall plan was fine, but none of this seemed as good as what I saw in The Whole Foods Diet. There was also an over-emphasis on his personal line of products. Then my husband, who is genetically prone to high cholesterol, got an alarming test result. While I know what to do, really, I felt that I could use some motivation.

I have to admit, I enjoyed all the Star Wars references. It made me feel like I could already create to the author. This book will likely not get you too excited unless you are brand new to the concepts and are reading with friends. So, I’m giving it 4 stars because I think it’s a great introduction especially if you’re not a big reader or if you’re not all that into the details of the science of the matter. Now, for me, this isn’t actually that great a book.

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