Skyfactory 3 Dirt Automation

Didn’t bother with turning it into blocks but still how I used it lol. I feel like I am missing something, and I apologize in advanced if I just derped. But I can’t read anywhere on how to get these textures to work. Select both packs, moving them from the left to the right side of the screen. Make sure this patch is above the BDcraft main pack.

It is definitely not for everyone, especially skilled players, but would be a good idea for younger or less experienced players. I play a lot of Minecraft with my 8 year old daughter, who can get very frustrated with dying in survival mode, so every advantage helps. As we’ve already mentioned, in the old days the “dust” was a pretty small thing when it came to dirt, so we had to find a way to make it more efficient. We started with a set of tools designed to use the dirt. Iron Meshes give us a 1% chance to obtain a diamond when sieving gravel.

Fill them up with leaves, which will convert to water. Meanwhile, we craft a Wooden Hammer and crush two cobblestone into Gravel, the Gravel into Sand and the sand into Dust. Right click on the filled crucible to get Clay, hammer the clay block colorful eyeshadow looks james charles palette to get 4 clay per block, which we use to craft a clay bucket. You can then break the wooden crucibles, you will no longer need them. Chop down two of the wood below you and make a crook. This doubles your chance of getting saplings or apples.

If you’ve done it correctly, it should look like the image on the right. If the controller does not emit particles, something is wrong. The Smeltery will assist us to get twice as much ores from sieving. 72 Grout is required, we therefore need 36 Gravel, 36 Sand and 9 Clay Blocks. As we need to smelt the grout into bricks, you should get 1-2 additional furnaces.

As expected, you will spawn on top of a tree. Carefully break the Oak Leaves to obtain an Oak Sapling. Make sure you don’t accidentally break the block below you and the void or cut the way to the log as detached leaves will despawn quickly. If you have cleared all reachable leaves, mine your way down through the Oak Logs until you reach the dirt block. Usually, you will have 2-3 Saplings. If you could not catch any sapling or fell off you can either /give you a sapling or create a new world.

Collect the Infested Leaves with the crook (by hand won’t work!) and craft String Meshes for the sieves. You can place a mesh in a sieve by right-clicking on the sieve with the mesh in your hand. Certainly, this base is way too small, so we need more wood. Place the sapling on the dirt block and spam-press the sneak key. This causes near instant growth of the tree.

Sieve netherrack and you rarely get cobalt or ardite. Comebine the ingots in a smeltery for manyullyn, the best material ingame. You can also use nether essence for soul sand, sieve soul sand for quartz to make ur pickaxe sharper. FTB OceanBlock server update to modpack version 1.12.0! SkyFactory 4 introduces the prestige system! This is a completely optional game mode allowing you to unlock mods, items, and mechanics through an open progression system.

I will also be assembling a 128x patch for this modpack as well soon. I use Sky Factory 2 on Linux through the ATLauncher. It is completely up-to-date (didn’t have the version number handy when I was writing this, and reloading Sky Factory takes forever). I have all of the extra mods installed except for Tails, along with WorldEdit .

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