Rare Borg Salvage

Plasma Wide Beam Rifle is very good and cheap/easy to get. Best combo is Zefram’s shotgun and the craftable sniper. This is the official community subreddit for Star Trek Online, the licensed Star Trek MMO, available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

With the bonus to energy credits gains at the moment, touring the galaxy alone can rack you up over a million EC if you have a fast enough ship. Argala is yesterday’s news for that sort of thing, though if you’re just starting out it’s probably a good place to level ships and such. Also every story line mission has “check points” (save/respawn points) that you start from should you die or exit the mission…

Play through the various Tzenkethi ambushes, but I would avoid going into the cave system because once you begin that combat it is difficult to extricate yourself from it so you can beam out. If your need to defeat more Tzenkethi than the outdoor section provides, simply beam up and start over. While we’re on the topic of these officers you might notice their sweet uniforms with helmets.

Play through all the missions until you get to the Kuvah Magh mission, then sell everything in your inventory to a Ferengi at a bar . Then, deposit your EC into the bank and delete your character. Do this for a week and you will have enough EC to buy anything you need. As for the material, well by the time he gets to lvl 15 he’s going to have the EC regardless to buy the stuff up front. After about 10 to 15 STU he’s make his ec back and be in the black within a few hours.

Borg Salvage can be exchanged for very rare gear, ranging from Mk. XII gear only obtainable via the prototype salvages garnered from STF runs on Elite Difficulty. Encrypted Data Chips are perhaps the most versatile currency, and the only one which you are guaranteed to receive after completing an STF (you also get double the EDC for running the featured STF every Wednesday!).

Players will first need to acquire upgrades for their ship by buying them at the store or building them. Buying them is as easy as going to a store at a space station or speaking to another pilot to trade with them. This salvaged technology contains the secrets of another civilization’s advancements.

While at the moment the NX and especially the JHSS are my favorite escorts for general PvE there a close 3rd would be the Icarus pilot escort. If you like to give cannons a first shot or anything the Icarus would be a very powerful craft to do so. I flew it quite some time b4 I got my hand on the NX.

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Rare Borg Salvage is available from the normal and elite Special Task Force missions “Infected”, “The Cure”, and “Khitomer Accord”. This article contains information that no longer applies to the current version of Star Trek Online. It is provided only for historical purposes.With Season 7, all Borg drops from STFs were replaced by Omega Marks for the personal where to find calipers in 7 days to die Reputation System. Lobi Crystals can be obtained by opening certain Lock Boxes or Infinity Promotion Research & Development and Duty Officer Packs. They may also be available as rewards from special events such as Event Campaigns, or bought directly via specific Zen Store bundles. The Fleet embassy is a Romulan themed Fleet Holding located on New Romulus.

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