What Are Florida Fishing Gloves

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• Wednesday, 22 September, 2021
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You can use it to remove fish from live wells, to land and unhook toothy monsters, to handle braid and wire lines, and even to fillet your catch at the end of the day. This means that gas and oil slide straight off and fish odor takes longer to permeate; when the glove finally starts to smell, simply throw it in the washing machine.

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The gloves also afford good protection from hooks, spines, and abrasive lines, and when they get dirty, they're easily washable. Inevitably with a product that’s so much cheaper than its competitors, there are some downsides: the gloves coating can affect its flexibility and the one-size-fits-all design can be problematic if your hands are tiny or large.

The neoprene gives you a good grip for removing fishhooks and releasing your catch back into the river. Although the gloves aren’t waterproof, the neoprene construction means that trapped water is soon warmed by your body heat.

This means that if your hands get splashed with water, it beads and slides off before it has time to soak in (although they won’t keep you dry if you immerse them completely). The extended wrist gives you added protection when retrieving and releasing your catch, or when posing with a trophy fish for photos.

The micro-fleece lining feels cozy when you slip them on and also wicks moisture if you work up a sweat reeling in the big one. Use the palm’s rubberized honeycomb grip to get a firm hold on hooks, bait, and struggling fish.

Open fingertips give you the dexterity you need to tie traces and set up intricate bait systems. Instead, they’re designed with tropical blue water destinations in mind, boasting lightweight material, moisture-wicking properties, and a performance sweatband.

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Made from an ultra-light blend of Lycra and spandex, they offer 50+ UV protection and will stop you from getting burned even if you fish from dawn to dusk. Gloves like these are a great alternative to sunscreen, which has to be reapplied throughout the day to be effective and may affect the scent of your bait.

Made of trademarked Tuff-Knit yarn, it blends natural and synthetic fibers with stainless steel to deliver just the right combination of comfort and protection. Note that the glove is exclusively meant for filleting; it won't save you from puncturing hooks nor will it protect you from the cold.

Although it’s not a true glove, the Finger Protector from respected hook manufacturer Gamakatsu is a lifesaver for anyone casting with braid. It’s also handy for fly fishermen as a defense against the friction burns caused by stripping line all day long.

Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best products and services; you can learn more about our review process here. First on our list is a simple yet functional pair: the Ice Bay FishingGloves by Glacier Glove.

This model features a 100% waterproof 2MM neoprene construction, offering amazing durability and protection. High stress points like the thumb tip and index finger also have a Kevlar finishing that helps avoid rips, tears, and snags.

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These gloves repel not just water but all liquids while still providing a strong grip in both wet and dry conditions. Air capsules also provide a nice vibration absorption feature for extra comfort.

A 15-gauge nylon exterior shell and the 7-gauge brushed acrylic lining help provide warmth during cold days. Thanks to the double layer insulation, this model offers dexterity and flexibility while also providing warmth.

The gloves are even treated in Actress to help fight bacteria and unwanted smells so your hands stay fresh and clean. The Ninja Ice Fishing gloves are available in black and sizes ranging from medium to XX large.

Like the Ice Bay fishing gloves, the Pro Angler is made with a 2MM Fleece-Lined Tech line Neoprene material that contributes both durability and warmth. These tactical gloves are not only durable and lightweight but also come with unique, handy, ultra-bright LED light beads.

The LED lights are powered by 2x 2016 button batteries and can provide a maximum brightness output of up to 30 lumens. This provides a multipurpose application not just for fishing but also for boating, camping, hunting and other activities or emergency situations.

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This model is suitable for both saltwater and freshwater fishing situations although it is not meant to be used as a fillet glove. To clean them, simply wash them in a machine and drip-dry to extend their years of service.

Get the ultimate grip and durability with the extensive non-slip reinforcement on the saddle, fingers, and palms as well as double-stitched seams. The cuffs are made with breathable and supportive Neoprene material with an adjustable Velcro closure to ensure a secure and restrictive fit.

These gloves feature touchscreen-friendly fingertips that allow you to scroll through your feed or answer calls without risking the cold from entering your hands! They also keep the hands dry even with close contact with ice, snow, and freezing water.

A Cordoba nylon shell offers durability and rip-resistance while a hora liner (a material similar to Gore-Tex) provides effective yet breathable waterproofing. A 70g 3M Th insulate and foam insulation keep the hands and fingers warm and toasty inside while a soft inner fleece liner keeps them comfy.

These pockets also feature water-resistant zippers so you can stay confident that your essentials won’t get wet either. The Black Diamond Mercury Mitts are cold-weather mittens that feature a fully waterproof shell and a Prim aloft Gold premium insulation.

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They also have a large gauntlet that wicks moisture in case things get too hot and sweaty inside. Removable split-finger liners with a high-loft fleece lining improve comfort levels and warmth while a dry insert offers moisture control.

Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages so one of your tasks when buying fishing gloves is to weight these benefits and drawbacks depending on your taste and needs. You should also keep in mind that the main purpose of a pair of waterproof fishing gloves is not just to protect your hands from water and the elements but the dangers of handling fish as well.

Rubber is an inexpensive and waterproof material although it can be very slippery, can cut easily, and offers no breathability. However, if you plan to fillet your fish as soon as you catch it, I’d recommend neoprene gloves because they offer better dexterity.

Leather is tough and stylish but may not always be fit for fishing and constant exposure to water. For cold weather, choose gloves with proper insulation to keep your hands warm.

You probably also don’t want the fingerless kind or the ones that leave your fingertips exposed, especially if you will be ice fishing. Most veteran anglers will recommend a lined or insulated a pair of neoprene gloves at least 5 mm to 7 mm thick to provide protection from ice, snow, freezing water, and wind.

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However, while you need warmth to stay comfortable and safe, make sure your gloves are not too thick and bulky that they restrict the movement of your fingers. For warmer climates or for those living in the tropical regions, it will be wiser to choose breathable, lightweight, and thin gloves.

A good pair of gloves will last for at least a few years and will help you save more money in the long run as it stands the test of time. Most of the time, the grip pattern and position is a matter of personal preference so be careful in choosing the one that works best for you.

Having waterproof gloves means that you can submerge your hands into the water at a given time period without soaking them. Before making a purchase or decision, look for product and customer reviews so you know what other people have to say about the gloves.

The best waterproof gloves for fishing must offer so much more than just protection from water but also has several important features.

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