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Struggling to cook healthy? We'll help you prep. Arctic char looks like salmon, but it's less oily, so there's less fishy taste.

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Bites Smoked Salmon Style Slices. Whether in a sandwich or a scoop atop a salad, tuna can get a bit boring after a while.

Not only does this fish taste quite different, but salmon also has many nutritional advantages over tuna. EPIC Way Beef Steak Strips.

The recipe is three tablespoons of the sauce with one tablespoon of water, which is enough for ¼ cup of soy sauce .6 of the Healthiest Fish to Eat Our warm water fish, be it Mali (dolphin, El Dorado), grouper, snapper, monkish, tile fish, or others are very mild white flaky fish with a softer taste than cod.

Good choices are safe to eat one serving a week. Fish to avoid shouldn't be eaten at all because they have the highest mercury levels.

They include King mackerel, marlin, shark, and swordfish. Mali is a low-calorie fish with plenty of health benefits, and contains a high amount of protein, vitamins and minerals.

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Selenium and potassium are both minerals found in this fish, which helps the body to fight disease and support the immune system. The best quality and most expensive varieties are caught by troll fishing in Hawaii.

It is sold filleted or in steaks, and the meat should be firm and pink to beige. The NHS currently recommends that pregnant women do not eat shark, swordfish and marlin because they contain high levels of mercury.

Pregnant women should also limit themselves to two portions of dogfish (or rock salmon), sea bass, sea bream, turbot, halibut and crab. Red snapper offers a mild and slightly sweet tasting meat.

Flavor/Texture : These oily fish have a reputation for tasting “fishy,” but high-quality anchovies have a meaty texture and a super umami-forward flavor. Flavor/Texture : This mild fish has a slightly sweet flavor and a medium-firm texture that eats juicy when cooked properly.

Some people soak catfish in milk or salt water to remove its somewhat muddy flavor. Substitutes : The best alternative for this one is black cod (also called sable fish), which is often touted as a more sustainable option.

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Flavor/Texture : Although cod has a delicate, flaky texture, it’s also resiliently meaty and can hold up to just about any cooking method. A lean fish in the sea bass family, typically found around coral reefs.

It’s prized for its meaty, sweet flavor and boasts an impressively firm texture with big flakes. Substitutes : Any fish with meaty texture works well here, like swordfish, marlin or shark.

Can be used to describe many kinds of saltwater fish, including striped bass, rock cod, redfish and ocean perch. Flavor/Texture : A mild fish with a slightly nutty flavor, a medium texture and a fine flake.

Substitutes : Swap in one of the many fish synonymous with rock fish, or look for red snapper, porgy or cod. Most people marinate shark meat to remove the naturally occurring ammonia flavor.

Flavor/Texture : Although it’s a lean fish, properly cooked snapper is moist with a mild, sweet flavor and a delicate but firm texture. Substitutes : Any whitefish with a delicate flavor will work here, like tile fish, flounder or grouper.

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When cooked, this fish flakes easily but sushi-grade tuna can be consumed raw and has a delicate, melt-in-your-mouth quality. Substitutes : Choose a whitefish with a flaky texture, like haddock, rock fish or snapper.

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