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Scientific classification Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Actinopterygii Order: Performed Family: Serranidae Subfamily: Epinephrine Genus: Epimetheus Species: Binomial name Epimetheus lanceolatus Synonyms Holocentrus lanceolatus Bloch, 1790 Promiscuous lanceolatus (Bloch, 1790) Serra nus lanceolatus (Bloch, 1790) Serra nus geographic us Valentines, 1828 Serra nus abdominal is Peters, 1855 Barracks gigs Gunther, 1869 Rigorous Goliath DE Vi's, 1882 Serra nus phaeostigmaeus Fowler, 1907 Stereolepoides Thompson Fowler, 1923 The giant grouper has a robust body which has a standard length equivalent to 2.4 to 3.4 times its depth.

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The dorsal profile of the head and the intraorbital area are convex, The properly has a rounded corner and a finely serrated margin. The gill cover has a convex upper margin.

The adults are greyish-brown in color overlain with a mottled pattern and with darker fins. The giant grouper can grow to huge size with the maximum recorded standard length being 270 centimeters (110 in), although they are more common around 180 centimeters (71 in).

And a maximum published weight of 400 kilograms (880 lb). The giant grouper is a species of shallow water and can be found at depths of 1 to 100 meters (3.3 to 328.1 ft).

Large specimens have been caught from shore and in harbors. They are found in caves and in wrecks while the secretive juveniles occur in reefs and are infrequently observed.

The adults are mainly solitary and hold territories on the outer reef and in lagoons. They have also been caught in turbid water over silt or mud sea beds by prawn fishermen.

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The giant grouper is an opportunistic ambush predator which feeds on a variety of fishes, as well as small sharks, juvenile sea turtles, crustaceans and mollusks which are all swallowed whole. Fish which inhabit coral reefs and rocky areas favor spiny lobsters as prey and 177 centimeters (70 in) specimen taken of Maui in Hawaii had a stomach contents of two spiny lobsters and a number of crabs.

Fish living in estuaries environments in South Africa were found to be feeding almost exclusively on the crab Scylla errata. They are, however, curious and frequently approach divers closely.

They are not generally considered dangerous to humans but divers are advised to treat large specimens with caution and not to hand feed them. They are aggregate broadcast spawners, usually with several females per male.

Studies in captive populations suggest that the dominant male and female begin the spawning event as nearly the only spawners for the first day or two, but other members of the aggregation fertilize more eggs as the event progresses, with even the most recently turned males fathering offspring. Giant groupers are diabetic protogynous hermaphrodites, meaning that although some males develop from reproductively functional females other males start to produce sperm without ever having gone through a phase as a reproductive female.

The giant grouper is a highly valued food fish and is taken by both commercial and recreational fisheries. As well as the consumption of its flesh its skin, gall bladder and stomach are used in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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It is valued in Hong Kong as a live fish for the live reef food fish trade, especially smaller specimens. This species is cultured in agriculture and this practice is widespread but there is a restricted supply of juveniles, although hatcheries in Taiwan have produced captive bred juveniles, exporting some for to be grown on in other parts of South-East Asia.

Many of the fish produced in aquaculture are hybrids between this species and E. fuscoguttatus. IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

“A study into parental assignment of the communal spawning protogynous hermaphrodite, giant grouper (Epimetheus lanceolatus)”. ^ Peter Palma; Akihito Nakamura; Garden XYZ Libunaoa; et al. (2019).

A bold engineered stripe with a printed textural effect makes a dramatic statement. Engineered shams are a variation on the same theme, creating a dramatic focal point at the head of the bed.

Layer in navy top stitched shams as well as some of their signature accent pillows to complete the look. For those wondering it is a dark navy, light gray, charcoal gray comforter with black trim and a black back covering on the quilt.

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There is a bit more black on the comforter and shams than I originally expected. Jennifer. Give your master suite bedroom a fresh new look with this classic comforter set.

Inspired by traditional aesthetics, it showcases a charming and eye-catching textured geometric pattern, with an ivory, and gray color palette. This set includes one comforter and two shams, so you can refresh your bedroom or guest room.

Made from a polyester and cotton blend with a 144 thread count, this set features a floral design with a medallion motif that switches to solid colors on the other side for a traditional touch. A handy zipper closure on the pillows helps remove the cover for easy cleaning.

Our bedroom is a soft aqua (Woodlawn blue) from Benjamin Moore and this comforter set is perfect!. Slip into the soft and cozy waffle comforter set.

It features a 100% cotton, waffle woven fabric with a solid plain-woven reverse to match. With the waffle woven fabric, this comforter has a textured front and smooth reverse.

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Bring a coastal charm to your bedroom with the Madison Park Bahá'í 3 Piece Tufted Cotton Chenille Palm Comforter Set. The 100% cotton chenille comforter features tufted tropical palm leaves on the face for a casual coastal allure.

Machine washable for easy care, this tufted cotton chenille comforter set serves as the perfect complement to a beach style bedroom decor. I didn’t bother ironing or washing it but I’m sure that would’ve fixed it.

Timeless tartan plaid in a rugged palette of Dusted Indigo, Saddle and Putty neutrals, and an accent of Scarlet creates a classic tailored look for your bedroom. The comforter reverses to a handsome neutral check-in Saddle, another men's wear-inspired element adding a note of tailored elegance.

Transform your bedroom with the charming Shabby Elegance allure of the Cotton Printed Comforter Set with Tufted Chenille. The cotton comforter flaunts an updated navy botanic print, on a natural white ground, with tufted white chenille, in a chevron design, to create a charming farmhouse look.

The Madison Park Kennesaw Chenille Comforter Set offers the perfect cottage touch to your bedroom decor. A tufted chenille damask design is beautifully displayed on the 100% cotton comforter and matching shams, for a soft Shabby Elegance look.

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Machine washable for easy care, this bedding set is OEKO-TEX certified, meaning it does not contain any harmful substances or chemicals to ensure quality comfort and wellness. Mix a tasteful touch of texture into your space with this comforter set.

Neutral ivory and charcoal hues help this set blend with any color palette you dream up, while woven details, fringe accents, and stripes dress up the design with a dash of distinction. Made from 100% cotton with polyfill, this hypoallergenic set is safe to toss in the washing machine and dryer (on a tumble setting) for easy upkeep.

Material: 100% Cotton Thread Count: 300 Construction: Ring Stitch A basic can still be stylish and Kingston has top-stitch detailing that makes all the difference as well as a cozy cotton plaid reverse that adds versatility and extra warmth.

The cinder coloration with plaid reverse has modern minimalist appeal, but you can choose to push the look to a more traditional casual mode by adding plaid European shams and novelty... Jade green is a serenely beautiful color and it brings lovely tranquility to this classic floral tile on a cream cotton ground.

Coordinated with a crisp shirting stripe on the comforter and European shams, this timeless classic 100% cotton comforter set fits easily into a modern bedroom. A floral embroidered accent pillow repeats the comforter design and lends a unique, customized detail to the ensemble.

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Give your bedroom a simple and clean look with the comforter set. The 100% cotton comforter and shams feature a waffle weave that creates a soft textured look and feel.

Decorative wood button details add a charming and functional accent. With a fresh contemporary style, this comforter set pairs perfectly with any bedroom decor.

This bedding set is also OEKO-TEX certified, meaning it does not contain any harmful substances or chemicals to ensure quality comfort and wellness. Hopefully you guys have a clear photo I have a canopy bed but the comforter is soft and it looks just like the picture if not better.

Showcasing a classic paisley pattern in cool blue hues, this dynamic comforter set is perfect for breathing new life into your bedroom without a complete design overhaul. Made from 100% cotton with a 230-thread count, this set is safe to toss in the washing machine for easy upkeep.

Offering all the staples, this set includes one comforter, two shams, and a bed skirt. Stripes outfit the skirt and one side of the shams for another pop of pattern.

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Beautify your bedroom with the Madison Park Coyle Cotton Printed Reversible Comforter Set. This cotton percale comforter flaunts a dusty rose and white floral print on the dark blue face that flips to a striped print on the reverse, for a Shabby Elegance look.

Two matching shams and two solid Euro shams with ruffle edges coordinate perfectly with the top of the bed, completing the cotton comforter set. A solid dark blue bed skirt, a square decorative pillow with ruffle edges, and an oblong...

Material: 100% Cotton Reverse Side Color: White The Calliope Reversible Comforter Set will instantly give your bedroom a cozy new feel and will feel great as you snuggle up at night with this comforter's soft and cozy touch.

Material: 100% Cotton Material Composition: 100% Cotton Thread Count: 280 Construction: Baffle-Box Reverse Side Color: Light Gray I ordered the king-sized comforter, and it does not fit into my washer.

(I do have a smaller washer though) I ordered white and cream pillows from Wayfair to pair with the comforter. Classic watercolor brush stroke comforter sets and accessories that take inspiration from current fashion large panel prints.

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The detailed print is on a 200 thread count 100% cotton base cloth. I have gotten many compliments from friends and family on the look, feel and quality of this comforter.

The 3 piece cotton comforter set offers a shabby elegance update to your bedroom. This 100% cotton comforter features a yellow and gray geometric print with twisted yarn embroidery, for a modern take on a southwestern design.

Coordinating tassels at the end corners of the comforter adds an elegant touch. A solid yellow reverse complements the top of the bed, while hidden bar tacks make the comforter have a clean, duvet-like finish.

Matching shams with tassels in the corners and overlap openings... The 5 piece cotton clip jacquard comforter set offers a chic casual update to your bedroom.

This rewashed and pre-shrunk cotton comforter features unique gray clip jacquard and woven stripe pattern that contrasts with the white base fabric. Two matching shams coordinate perfectly with the cozy comforter, while two decorative pillows add the finishing touches to this modern comforter set.

goliath grouper cuba gardens reef coral queen fish swimming
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This contemporary bedding set is also Oeko-tex certified, meaning it does not contain any harmful... The Madison Park Bolton Reversible Comforter Set offers a cozy cottage update to your bedroom.

This cotton twill comforter features a floral motif in a classic color scheme that flips to a complimentary striped pattern on the reverse. Three decorative pillows with embroidery and fabric manipulation and a solid bed skirt complete this country comforter set.

Lighting isn't great but it's prettier in person....cat on the right loves it too! Picked up 4 semi linen panels, a throw and long pillow at a different store....cheaper (sorry Wayfair) Enjoying my new set very much and highly recommend.

The cotton comforter set brings a smart combination of texture and style to your bedroom. This 100% cotton comforter features a striped print with pompom and trims details for a casual, yet sophisticated look.

Hidden bar tacks, on top of the comforter, create a clean, duvet-like finish and the solid reverse complements the bold design. Matching shams with overlap openings, on the back, coordinate perfectly with the comforter to complete this casual bedding set.

grouper goliath cuba fish reef coral swimming gardens queen
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Whether in her best-selling cookbook or on her social media platforms followed by millions of fans, Ayesha curry embraces each moment with effortless authenticity. The Ayesha curry bedding collection is designed to help give your family a beautiful and comfortable home.

From the fabrics to the textures and colors, the entire collection represents Ayesha's idea of a relaxed but Luke lifestyle for the home. Ornamental design elements intersect and merge in a monochromatic mix of pattern and texture to create this lovely 100% Cotton 3-Piece Comforter Set.

This exuberant flow of pattern is muted and calmed by a minimal palette of mossy greens on a warm white cotton background. The overall textural effect is both serene and visually interesting and will add a unique, sophisticated look to your bedroom.

Jade, from Latitude Run is a stunning contemporary textured geometric 8-pc ensemble. This beautiful white bedding set is perfectly simple or can be the starting place to add your own unique personal touches.

This 5 piece cotton comforter set offers a simple and warm update to your bedroom decor. This taupe comforter is made from 100% cotton and features a tufted geometric chenille design that adds dimension to the top of the bed.

grouper goliath fish cuba barrel sponge purple coral reef beside swimming gardens queen
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The 2 matching shams also flaunt tufted chenille patterns that mirror the comforter. Also included are 2 decorative pillows that provide the finishing touches to this farmhouse bedding set.

Machine washable for easy care, this cotton comforter set creates a warm and... A playful pale blue and white painterly dot gains a lived-in patina on a distressed gray background for this Soledad Reversible Set.

The artisan vibe is echoed in the European shams and accent pillow embroidered with rippling lifework forming stripes and textures on a solid gray cotton ground. Watercolor dots cotton sheet set in gray on white is the perfect complement to complete the look.

The Marmot solid cotton gauze quilt makes an excellent layering piece for additional warmth and comfort. The fabric is super nice and although its light weight, it's very warm.

Create a casual and relaxing farmhouse atmosphere in your bedroom with this comforter set. This reversible comforter features a gray and white plaid print on the face with a complementary checkered pattern on the reverse for a charming farmhouse look.

cuba fish grouper queen gardens coral reef patterning nearly solid dark hiding amongst
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Incredibly soft washed cotton comes together in this set to add everyday comfort to your bedroom. The Washed Cotton Reversible Comforter Set features a solid design that will bring an understated modern style to any home.

With its pale pastel gray face and solid khaki reverse, this set offers many versatile bedrooms looks. Pair this set with additional euro shams and decorative pillows for a more complete bedroom look.

Material: 100% Cotton Thread Count: 144 Reverse Side Color: Khaki This comforter set offers a beautiful update to your bedroom.

This comforter features a large floral print in soft blush hues creating a gorgeous look. With a soft and romantic color combination, this comforter set softens the look of your bedroom.

This print help place a splash of color which I was seeking. Your bed should be a haven of comfort and cool style from Breakwater Bay this designer bedding will provide a luxuriously thick 280 GSM fill while also adding to your bedroom decor.

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With a super soft exterior of 100% yarn dyed cotton, this machine-washable bedspread with oversized dimensions and matching pillow shams will wrap you in comfort every night. Speedy delivery, very comfortable and nice colors depicted accurately in the photos. Kelly.

No matter the season, you can always wake up to Spring with this Nora Reversible Comforter Set. A garden fresh palette of cornflower blues and sunny yellow on a crisp white cotton ground reverses to a classic blue and white ticking stripe that also appears on the European shams and a coordinating shirred accent pillow.

An additional accent pillow made of white cotton eyelet embroidery adds a signature heirloom touch to this updated cottage style. This sweet cotton clip jacquard comforter set will update the look of your bedroom with its unique design instantly.

Featuring herringbone, waffle, and exquisite clip details for lovely texture, this delightful set will bring glamorous aesthetic in your bedroom and create an unmatchable allure for your home decor. Create a rich farmhouse inspired look in your bedroom with this Reversible Cotton Comforter Set.

The top of the reversible comforter features white cotton clipped jacquard in the center with a printed Aztec-inspired border, for a stunning Shabby Elegance look. On the reverse, a gray Aztec print coordinates with the one shown on top of the bed, while hidden barracking ensures a clean finish with no visible lines on the comforter.

grouper cuba goliath fish barrel purple coral reef sponge swimming gardens queen above
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The Tammi Reversible Comforter Set will instantly give your bedroom a cozy new feel and will feel great as you snuggle up at night with this comforter's soft and cozy touch. In warm tones, a woven design accented with chenille transforms your space into a comfy lodge escape.

This lovely set includes 2 shams & a comforter to create a stylish, coordinated look. The exquisite oven bedding showcases a soft textured surface that is beautifully contrasted with the chenille motif in different colors.

Light weight but comfortable for Canadian winters. Patricia. Crafted from cotton, each item showcases a stone gray hue accented by a series of curling vine accents for a dash of natural appeal.

Polyester fill in the comforter helps this piece keep you warm during the hotter months and cool during warmer times. Delight in the artistic design of the 3-Piece Comforter Set that feels as good as it looks.

A whimsical 200 thread-count cotton sateen medallion design on the comforter face reverses to a classic 190 thread-count cotton percale stripe print which brings a bold, modern design into your bedroom or any room of the house. Inspired by the Rosa roses in the designer’s front garden, this painterly floral captures the poetic moment of the fullest bloom when petals are just starting to fall as autumn winds begin.

snapper queen ocean grouper puerto rico okeanos exploration seamount seafloor resting caribbean dog noaa background seamounts troughs trenches exploring geological
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Combine casual style with classic elegance with this 100% Cotton 3 Piece Reversible Comforter Set. This updated traditional comforter is inspired by the world traveler and features a bold Jacobean silhouette.

Contrasting ground adds the perfect amount of style and sophistication. The reverse features face pattern with inverse coloring.

Material: 100% Cotton Thread Count: 140 Construction: Channel Reverse Side Color: Gray Bring new life to your bedding ensemble with the comforter set.

A classic nautical stripe is soft and tranquil in a neutral palette inspired by the colors of a sandbar. A sturdy cotton twill weave ensures durability, as well as comfort, and the yarn dye palette of warm ivory and beige with an accent of mocha is both serene and stylish.

...it has a cheap insert, the corners are collapsed because the fill is missing there! The large plaid features small textured print highlights to provide a more casual, classic look.

grouper cuba goliath fish purple barrel reef coral swimming gardens queen above sponge
(Source: matthewmeierphoto.photoshelter.com)

Face cloth is 100% cotton fabric with a reverse in 100% microfiber polyester. The velvet face cloth reverses to a luxurious Sherpa plush fabric in designer solid colors.

The fabric provides the ultimate in softness and is great for cold nights. The polyester velvet face cloth is durable and able to handle high traffic areas.

I ordered it for our spare sleeper sofa for my son when he comes home on leave from the Navy and I think he will actually love how cost it is and not thick like a comforter. Constructed with soft material for extra comfort, this set is medium weight and perfect for year-round use.

Material: 100% Cotton Thread Count: 180 Reverse Side Color: Blue Fill your bedroom with the sweet and whimsical charm of this Trina Cotton Comforter Set.

Completing this 100% cotton comforter set, two decorative pillows with embroidered details are included for a magical finishing touch. Combine casual style with classic elegance with this Cotton 3 Piece Reversible Comforter Set.

grouper goliath reyna cuba atlantic jardines gardens queen shutterstock
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This updated traditional comforter is inspired by the contemporary world traveler and features pineapple and arabesque motifs growing from a distressed damask in a timeless palette, creating the perfect amount of style and sophistication. The horizontal stripes on this ensemble will perfectly update any dorm room or apartment.

Create a relaxing atmosphere and your own rural retreat with this Cotton Comforter Set. Refreshed and updated with a serene floral design in a beautiful palette of duck egg blues on cool white ground, this ensemble will add beauty and serenity to any bedding ensemble.

This gorgeous cotton set features a solid ruffled bed skirt, which adds the finishing touch to your bedroom. The comforter features a polyester fill and the set is machine washable for easy care.

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