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Sign Up for free (or Log In if you already have an account) to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. Pretty sure the quest was activated, but the blue exclamation mark is behind the fisherman that give me the quest for some reason(to the right of my assumed fishing spot).

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With lv10 fishing skill I still don't see the yellow dot in the sea, does it only come out during certain time of day? Well I caught mine during the day and it's easy to get but a 6minute fight with you will know when you get it as it puts up a battle and I just read the sticky guide for lure. It appears during the day, but it won't appear on the map.

Cast a couple lines out till you see it under the water it's huge The best reel from totomostro helps a lot Cast a couple lines out till you see it under the water it's huge The best reel from totomostro helps a lot It's possible to catch it with default gear, it just takes a long time to do it.

Dragon's beard and the rod/reel combo from Vesper pool is enough to trivialize the fight. For TC : Murk comes out in daytime, yellow dot with circle.

Murk has a lighter underside(yellow) so it's pretty easy to tell them apart. Have the quest active, skill level 10, have tried during both day and night, and can't find it, either in the water or on the map.

This happened to me too, but I still found one without the blue mark present (and I'm level 10). MurkGrouper is an Item in Final Fantasy XV.

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Furthermore, you should play this quest, after you get the recommended gear, because the Devil of the Chillán or the MurkGrouper is a large fish that will fight you for its life. So, here is how to complete Angler’s Nightmare and how to catch the Devil of the Chillán in Final Fantasy XV.

Once you reach Alissa, visit Arena Galvani and start waging medals at the Totomostro mini-game. After you get the Lyman reel, return to Lucas and check the store on the eastern shore of the Vesper pool lake.

Buy the Dragon’s Beard line, the Burrower: Abyss Worm lure, and the Death Spin rod. Once you have all of these, assuming you leveled up Notes’s fishing skill to maximum (10), go back to Gal din Quay.

After you land the Devil of the Chillán, show it to Navy nearby and in return you will receive the Tranquility Rod. Description: “In the Chillán Ocean swims a fish that has escaped all attempts to land it.

He sets out in hopes of bringing back the legendary giant they call “the Devil of the Chillán.” You're browsing the Game FAQs Message Boards as a guest.

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Sign Up for free (or Log In if you already have an account) to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. For TC : Murk comes out in daytime, yellow dot with circle.

Murk has a lighter underside(yellow) so it's pretty easy to tell them apart. Didn't have the best gears, but having done fishing quests in near, this is pretty reasonable in comparison.

It will include a complete list of fish found in the game, where they can be caught, what they drop, and the best type of rod and lure to use for catching them. The Pink Jade Gar is the hardest fish to catch in Final Fantasy XV.

Catching the MurkGrouper in Gal din Quay will award you with the best Fishing Rod in the game (Tranquility) It is bigger than the King Catfish and the Pink Jade Gar (both of which are thin and long, rather than big).

LocationLevelReward Gal din Quay (Chapter 7) 33 5,000 EXP, Tranquility Talk to Navy the fisherman by the Hannah Coast Fishing Spot in Gal din Quay. For the lure, we recommend Burrower: Abyss Worm, as it's suited for the MurkGrouper, which is the fish you're after this time.

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These are short windows of time, but if you confine your reeling to these moments, you should be able to gradually bring the fish in. We've found the best approach when reeling is to tap the R2 button repeatedly, rather than holding it down.

After you catch it, talk to Navy to complete this mission and receive the best rod in the game: Tranquility. In this guide, we’re going to help you complete Final Fantasy XV Fishing quests.

Fishing buddies quest is located next to the marshy waters north from the Wiz Chicago Post, south from the Cervix Station. To catch the Crag Barracuda, take a look at the mini map, in the upper right corner.

I managed to catch it while it was day (1pm) with a Sweet Jamming lure. As for the reward, you’ll get 1 500 EXP, a Knife T. Ton berry lure and the Grilled Wild Barracuda recipe (+80 attack and magic, +500 health). Follow the road to the west, until you cross the river, in the vicinity of the Minimum Haven Campground.

Navy will wait for you next to the Vesper pool, located in the northwestern part of the map. Once you throw in the lure, pay attention to the fish below the surface and search for the one that looks like the Vesper Gar.

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You’ll get 5000 EXP when you finally catch it, along with the Tranquility rod (290 defense). Lakes still remembers Purr, the cat from Ion, and how finding her and helping other players by spreading the information made him feel proud.

A month has already passed since Square Unix officially released the awaited “Final Fantasy XV role-playing video game and avid gamers all over the world are still hooked, scurrying to explore every corner of the video game and carrying out the countless side quests. These quests, which may be played during or after completing the video game’s main story, involve diverse activities such as hunting monsters, tracking down Royal Arms, taking memorable photos, and even catching different species of fish.

The Angler’s Nightmare side quest is one of the fishing challenges the wandering fisherman named Navy will give Notes, which takes the latter back to the waters of Gal din Quay. Navy will be waiting for Notes on the fishing spot situated in Gal din Quay, which is one of the first places the party gets to visit at the beginning of the game.

Look for the pit stop that specializes in weapons and items made from bones, which is located literally in what can be either be a cave or a tunnel. Once Notes is ready, head on the beach in Hannah Coast where Gal din Quay is located, most likely at early morning, and Navy will be there waiting.

Once the giant MurkGrouper bites the bait, go on with the usual routine on how to fish but keeping in mind that it is better to tap the reel button instead of holding it against a catch that is trying to get loose since this will easily deflate the strength of the line. Final Fantasy XV offers different trophies depending on missions that players have been completed or skills that they have mastered.

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According to digital Times, fishing is considered to be one of the achievements in the game that the player needs to be successful on. First, in Gondola Marina, the players can catch different fishes there such as Gillian Sea Bass and Tide Grouper.

Fishes such as Chipped Bluegill, Crag Barracuda and King Catfish are there. Reichstag Bridge will give players fishes such as Zipper Barracuda and Nebula Salmon.

Came Shore offers new varieties of Striped Barracuda, Tide Grouper and Dark Plural Sea Bass. The Vesper pool at East Bank has Glimmering Bluegill, Crag Barracuda, Sapphire Snake head and Noble Alabama.

The Vesper pool at West Bank has Fan Bluegill and Vesper Gar. As per RPG Site, there are certain bonuses for Notes once he starts fishing depending on his level.

When he reaches level 7, the player's fishing rod will wear down slowly. At level 10, the player can catch the biggest fish in Final Fantasy XV.

grouper murk
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