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He genuinely respects the Guppies' intelligence, encourages their curiosities, and nurtures their imaginations. Grouper sees every day as an opportunity for discovery.

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Grouper always ends the school day with an awesome field trip and a celebration of the episode's topic. He has dark orange eyebrows, large white eyes with black pupils, and several yellow stripes on his side.

Grouper genuinely respects the Guppies' intelligence, encourages their curiosities, and nurtures their imaginations. He sees every day as an opportunity for discovery.

He genuinely respects the Guppies' intelligence, encourages their curiosities, and nurtures their imaginations. Grouper sees every day as an opportunity for discovery.

Grouper always ends the school day with an awesome field trip and a celebration of the episode's topic. He sang in The Farmer's Song from the episode Have A Cow! Grouper is mostly orange, but it has been shown he can change colors.

Grouper's voice actor, Tin Insane, is well known for playing Dr. Reginald Bush root in Dark wing Duck, Uncle Ted in Bobby's World and Pig in Back at the Barnyard. Grouper is the only main character who is not introduced in the Bubble Guppies Theme Song.

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He is a miserable grouper who taught shop class and lost both of his fin tips, and sustained a few other irreversible injuries during his career. Grouper's voice actor, Tin Insane, is well known for playing Dr. Reginald Bush root in Dark wing Duck, Uncle Ted in Bobby's World and Pig in Back at the Barnyard.

He sounds similar to the late John Candy. Grouper's singing voice, Chris Phillips, plays various background characters within the show.

He was the original voice of Face, one of Nick Jr.'s previous mascots. Grouper is the only main character who is not introduced in the Bubble Guppies Theme Song.

Grouper's name is “Professor Cooper” in the European French Dub. His name is “Signor Hernia” in the Italian Dub, which translates to Mr.

On March 1st, 2013, the Bubble Guppies Facebook page asked the fans to vote on their favorite character, and Mr. Grouper's lines were overdubbed by Fred Tatasciore since Tin Insane passed away on May 31st, 2017.

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Manufacture a frozen Crabby Patty product that's made out of sand, so he can rob Bikini Bottom for their money (failed). His “sharp mind and devastating charm make him an irresistible force.

When Don's in the room, everyone laps up his words like overpriced organic honey,” Nickelodeon says. Arabs showed him a “commercial” of Frozen Crabby Patties he made by himself.

Arabs into changing the Crabby Patty formula, so he can become rich faster, to which a gullible Mr. However, during the tour, SpongeBob discovers that his workers are suspiciously filling a funnel with sand.

Krab tells SpongeBob it's an imported spelled “sand”, but pronounced “filler”. Arabs got a check that holds a huge amount of money, Mr.

Arabs, and Patrick became so popular that everyone in Bikini Bottom kept buying more Frozen Crabby Patties, which completely disheartened SpongeBob. After Plankton leaves with one, SpongeBob learns that the Frozen Crabby Patties that Don had been manufacturing are made out of sand and decides to expose him for the fraud that he is.

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SpongeBob gives Patrick a Crabby Patty made with the original recipe, and their friendship has been restored. Patrick begins his speech and with SpongeBob's guidance reveals to the audience that the frozen patties are made out of sand.

Arabs are shocked at this sudden realization and learn that Don and his executives are frauds. With his secret exposed, Don walks off the stage while the audience vomits out sand.

Arabs, encouraging him to listen to his advertising scheme“ Whoa, hey, this little yellow box sure is full of questions. “ ~ Don Grouper, interrupting SpongeBob's question in order to introduce Mr.

Arabs to the new frozen Crabby Patty factory There are some more possibilities of evil acts in Grouper that could easily be overlooked. If Grouper had been con-artistic ever since his career began, he could have tried to keep advertisement celebrities (like Patrick) from spending time with friends, so they could endlessly make commercials.

This is possible, hence the 400th frozen Crabby Patty commercial aired shortly after the product's creation. The sand in the frozen Crabby Patties made the eater's glutes expand.

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Arabs into using sand to make Crabby Patties by sparing expenses on ingredients. Bubble GuppiesGenre EducationalMusicalSketch comedy (Seasons 1-4) Fantasy (Season 5-present)Created bonny Belt Robert Sculleries of Brianna GentilellaTaylor Kaplan Zachary Gordon Jacob Bertrand Quinn BreslinJelani Manically Clarke Angelina WahlerSelena Ann Gonzalez Grace Kaufman Reyna ShaskanEamon Petruccelli Jet Jurgensmeyer AJ Kane Hayden HunterAbriella BiererLauren ReichwaldLewis Dillon Harriet PerringWill Matthews Andy TurveyEmma Tate John CampbellAmba BiererEdward Cross Megan North Sam Brown Frank Walker Tin Insane Fred Tatasciore Chris PhillipsTheme music composer Terry Reopening theme”Bubble Guppies Theme Song”Ending theme various ending themesComposersNick Balkan (Season 1) Michael Rubin John Anger (additional)Country of originCanadaUnited StatesOriginal language English No.

Of episodes93 (list of episodes)ProductionExecutive producersJonny Belt Robert ScullRunning time22–23 minutesProduction companies Wild Brain Entertainment (Season 1) Nevada (Seasons 2–4) Jam Filled Toronto (Season 5–present) Nickelodeon Animation Studio Distributor Viacom CBS Domestic Media Networks ReleaseOriginal network Nickelodeon Nick Jr. Picture format HDTV (season 1) HDTV (1080i) (season 2–present)Audio format Dolby Digital 5.1 (NTSC)Original release January 24, 2011 (2011-01-24) –present (present)External links Website The series was renewed for a fifth season on June 4, 2019, almost three years after the last episode of the fourth season had aired. On February 19, 2020, the show was renewed for a sixth season.

The episode starts with the show logo in a room and it is filling with water. Then the Little Fish breaks the fourth wall by saying the title of the show to the audience.

A song follows, focusing on the episode's main theme. Usually, Molly or Gil sing this song, but there are episodes where Deem or Mr.

One of the guppies may go to a shop that mostly focuses on the theme (example: a doctor's office in “Call a Cl ambulance!”). The owner of the shop (usually played by Deem) will ask questions about what they need.

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In a call-and-response pattern, with the guppies responding, “It's time for lunch!” At lunch, three of the characters make a food pun about the subject of the episode; usually done by Sonny.

After lunch, another Gil and Molly sketch is shown. After the sketch, some classroom activity is shown further reinforcing that episode's topic, or Mr.

Outside the classroom, the guppies act out a story about the theme, interfused with Adobe Flash -animated graphics. Once back inside, a second song is typically performed.

The guppies may then go on a field trip that focuses on the theme. This may focus on a problem shown earlier and involves the key characters.

The episode concludes with a final sketch by Gil and Molly, followed by a shorter version of the theme song. The credits then roll which include a song played earlier in that episode.

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Season 5 introduced a new series format which has the story segment take up the majority of the episode, and incorporates the shop and lunch segments into the narrative. Gil and Molly simply introduce themselves before the theme song with no opening gag, the show cuts right to school after the theme, and the dance songs and field trips were removed.

Gil and Molly's sketches were removed as well, instead having Mr. Grouper wave goodbye to the viewer as the guppies go back inside.

A significant contribution to the show's popularity is its two-level humor track. Heavy metal singer Ozzy Osbourne guest starred as Sid Fishy in the 2015 episode Super Guppies, while actor George Take guest starred in a tour de force sci-fi mashup which pitted him as a Darth Vader -like armored villain against starship captain Gil and his first officer, Mr.

Any grownup who has ever seen Monty Python's Meaning of Life will instantly recognize recurring character Mr. Grump fish, while the episode The Puppy & The Ring makes in-jokes ranging from Jr Tolkien to L Frank Baum.

Gil is a human guppy boy with a silly personality. Gil gets scared easily, and appears alongside Molly in the transitional segments.

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His singing voice is provided by Teddy Walsh in seasons 1-4. Toby is a human guppy boy with an imaginative personality.

Deem is a human guppy girl has a wild imagination and often plays the role of shopkeeper in the “store” segments. Her singing voice is provided by Selena Gonzalez in seasons 1-2.

Despite not smiling a lot, he is the most polite and mature member of the group. His singing voice is provided by Season Ratter in seasons 3-4.

Built is a human guppy girl introduced in Season 5. He has orange and white fur and a green collar with a yellow fish license.

Grouper respects the kids' imaginations, ideas, and suggestions. He is voiced by Tin Insane in 2011-2016 and Fred Tatasciore since 2014.

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The Little Fish are a group of small goldfish who appear throughout each episode as guides for the viewers. They announce the episode's name and shout out the answers to viewer-response questions, as well as provide commentary in some scenes.

1, 3–4 4 May 14, 2019 105 (“We Totally Rock!”), 110 (“Super Shrimptennial Celebration!”), 313 (“Party at Sea!”), & 404/405 (“Guppy Style!) “Splash Splash: Fantastical Fish Tales”.

^ “Nickelodeon's Hit Preschool Series “Bubble Guppies” Makes a Splash with Season Premiere's Brand-New Guppy, Friday, Sept. 27, at 12 P.M. (ET/PT)” (Press release). New York, NY: Viacom International Inc. September 17, 2019.

Samuel Grubber is the Hungarian elderly owner of an antique shop on Portabello Road and Paddington's best friend, whom he calls Mr. He usually takes Paddington and the Browns to outings.

He has taken Paddington to places such as the Tour de France and Japan. He is currently writing a book called “The World and its Wonders” which explains why he takes Paddington around the world.

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Paddington helped him by finding interesting things in France. Grubber usually has a bun and a cup of cocoa in the morning for what he calls his 'elevenses', during which he enjoys chatting with Paddington.

Brown', which makes Paddington feel very important. Grubber runs an antique store, he is good at acquiring, pricing and selling antiques.

Grouper Malabar grouper, Epimetheus malarious Scientific classification Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Actinopterygii Order: Performed Family: Serranidae Subfamily: EpinephelinaeBleeker, 1874 Tribes and genera Not all errands are called 'groupers'; the family also includes the sea basses. The common name grouper is usually given to fish in one of two large genera : Epimetheus and Mycteroperca.

In addition, the species classified in the small genera Hyperion, Completes, Dermatologist, Graciela, Scotia, and Trio are also called 'groupers'. However, some hamlets (genus Affected), the hinds (genus Cephalopods), the lyre tails (genus Various) and some other small genera (Gonioplectrus, Nippon, Paranoia) are also in this subfamily, and occasional species in other serrated genera have common names involving the word grouper “.

Nonetheless, the word grouper on its own is usually taken as meaning the subfamily Epinephrine. Groupers are Telecasts, typically having a stout body and a large mouth.

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They can be quite large, and lengths over a meter and the largest is the Atlantic Goliath grouper (Epimetheus Tamara) which has been weighed at 399 kilograms (880 pounds) and a length of 2.43 m (7 ft 11 1 2 in), though in such a large group, species vary considerably. They do not have many teeth on the edges of their jaws, but they have heavy crushing tooth plates inside the pharynx.

They habitually eat fish, octopuses, and crustaceans. Reports of fatal attacks on humans by the largest species, such as the giant grouper (Epimetheus lanceolatus) are unconfirmed.

They also use their mouths to dig into sand to form their shelters under big rocks, jetting it out through their gills. The word grouper is from the Portuguese name, group, which has been speculated to come from an indigenous South American language.

In New Zealand, “groper” refers to a type of wreck fish, Poly prion oxygenate, which goes by the Mori name haiku. In the Middle East, the fish is known as hammer ', and is widely eaten, especially in the Persian Gulf region.

The species in the tribes Grammistini and Diploprionini secrete a mucus like toxin in their skin called Rammstein and when they are confined in a restricted space and subjected to stress the mucus produces a foam which is toxic to nearby fish, these fishes are often called soap fishes. Jordan, 1923 Tribe Epinephrine Sleeker, 1874 Aethaloperca Fowler, 1904 Affected Bloch & Schneider, 1801 Anyperodon Gunther, 1859 Cephalopods Bloch & Schneider, 1801 Chromites Swanson, 1839 Dermatologist Gill, 1861 Epimetheus Bloch, 1793 Gonioplectrus Gill, 1862 Graciela Randall, 1964 Hyporthodus Gill, 1861 Mycteroperca Gill, 1862 Paranoia Guillemot, 1868 Plectropomus Pen, 1817 Scotia J.L.B.

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Smith, 1964 Trio Randall, Johnson & Lowe, 1989 Various Swanson, 1839 The largest males often control harems containing three to 15 females.

Groupers often pair spawn, which enables large males to competitively exclude smaller males from reproducing. As such, if a small female grouper were to change sex before it could control a harem as a male, its fitness would decrease.

If no male is available, the largest female that can increase fitness by changing sex will do so. Gonochorism, or a reproductive strategy with two distinct sexes, has evolved independently in groupers at least five times.

The evolution of gonochorism is linked to group spawning high amounts of habitat cover. Both group spawning and habitat cover increase the likelihood of a smaller male to reproduce in the presence of large males.

Fitness of male groupers in environments where competitive exclusion of smaller males is not possible is correlated with sperm production and thus testicle size. Gonochoristic groupers have larger testes than protogynous groupers (10% of body mass compared to 1% of body mass), indicating the evolution of gonochorism increased male grouper fitness in environments where large males were unable to competitively exclude small males from reproducing.

Many groupers are important food fish, and some of them are now farmed. Unlike most other fish species which are chilled or frozen, groupers are usually sold live in markets.

Groupers are commonly reported as a source of Ciguatera fish poisoning. DNA barcoding of grouper species might help in controlling Ciguatera fish poisoning since fish are easily identified, even from meal remnants, with molecular tools.

In September 2010, a Costa Rican newspaper reported a 2.3 m (7 ft 7 in) grouper in Cieneguita, Limón. The weight of the fish was 250 kg (550 lb) and it was lured using one kilogram of bait.

In November 2013, a 310 kg (680 lb) grouper had been caught and sold to a hotel in Dong yuan, China. ^ a b c d e Richard van der Loan; William N. Scholar & Ronald Cricket (2014).

^ Share, Redoubt; Honer, Andrea; Ait-El-Djoudi, Karim; Cricket, Hans (2006). “Interspecific Communicative and Coordinated Hunting between Groupers and Giant Moray Eels in the Red Sea”.

“Rammstein, the skin toxin of soap fishes, and it significance in the classification of the Grammistidae” (PDF). Publications of the Set Marine Biological Laboratory.

^ Scholar, W. N.; R. Cricket & R. van der Loan (eds.). A phylogenetic test of the size-advantage model: Evolutionary changes in mating behavior influence the loss of sex change in a fish lineage.

Estimates of body sizes at maturation and at sex change, and the spawning seasonality and sex ratio of the endemic Hawaiian grouper (Hyporthodus Quercus, f. Epinephelidae). Constant relative age and size at sex change for sequentially hermaphroditic fish.

A new version of the size-advantage hypothesis for sex change: Incorporating sperm competition and size-fecundity skew. Sex change in fishes: Its process and evolutionary mechanism.

Evidence of gonochorism in a grouper, Mycteroperca rosacea, from the Gulf of California, Mexico. ^ Molly, P. P., N. B. Goodwin, I. M. Cote, J. D. Reynolds and M. J. G. Gage.

Sperm competition and sex change: A comparative analysis across fishes. ^ Crib, T. H., Bray, R. A., Wright, T. & Michelin, S. 2002: The trematodes of groupers (Serranidae: Epinephrine): knowledge, nature and evolution.

^ Justine, J.-L., Beveridge, I., Box shall, G. A., Bray, R. A., Morale, F., Triples, J.-P. & Whittington, I. D. 2010: An annotated list of parasites (Isopod, Coppola, Monotone, Diogenes, Custody and Nematode) collected in groupers (Serranidae, Epinephrine) in New Caledonia emphasizes parasite biodiversity in coral reef fish. Folio Parasitologica, 57, 237-262. Doi : 10.14411/fp.2010.032 PDF ^ “Most consumers prefer to purchase live groupers in fish markets”.

^ Schooling, C., Kissinger, D. D., Detail, A., Fraud, C. & Justine, J.-L. 2014: A phylogenetic re-analysis of groupers with applications for ciguatera fish poisoning. ^ ^ “Photos: Fishermen catch wildly huge 686-pound fish, sell it to hotel”.

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