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• Wednesday, 27 October, 2021
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Dolphin Docks Deep Sea FishingEarlier this month, a Texas angler reeled in a possible world and state-record marbled grouper during an offshore fishing trip in Port Arkansas. Dolphin Dock Deep Sea Fishing told mySA.com that Erik Peterson, of Pflugerville, made the catch while out on a 56-hour trip with Captain Timmy Ostrich.

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To make it official at the state level, Dolphin Dock Deep Sea Fishing said Tow needs to certify and approve the catch. MarbledGrouper (Dermatologist INERIS) are found in caves or deep crevices, in waters ranging from North Carolina to along the eastern coast of the United States and the Bahamas, as well as in the Gulf of Mexico.

Data shows the fish are rarely seen or caught due to their natural tendency to dart away when frightened or approached, according to a report from the American Fisheries Society. {{selectAgreementLabel(agreementOption)}}{{selectedOption.friendlyName}}How can I use this image? Premium Access is in overage.

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Content marked “Editorial use only” may not be used for any commercial or promotional purposes. Featured on BBC’s latest landmark underwater series “Blue Planet II,” the coral reefs of French Polynesia host one of the ocean’s rarest spectacles.

Up to 1,000 gray reef sharks fill the Jakarta channel, the second largest atoll in the Tuamotu archipelago in search of one thing: marbled grouper, who have come to spawn. Docile and shy during the day, the sharks’ behavior becomes unpredictable and erratic as darkness falls and the hunt begins, making for an extremely complex, yet rewarding, dive.

The northern pass is famed for its strong currents that rip into the channel, bringing nutrient-rich waters that attract numerous shark species including tiger, gray reef, hammerhead and silky to name a few. The more tranquil lagoon of Jakarta is a sensational area for all qualifications of divers, especially as the currents are calmer yet ocean life is still plentiful.

The marbled grouper (Dermatologist INERIS), donkey fish, mutton hamlet, rock hind and sickle fish grouper, is a species of marine ray-finned fish, a grouper from the subfamilyEpinephelinae which is part of the familySerranidae, which also includes the antics and sea basses. It is a predatory reef fish which is found in the Western Atlantic Ocean.

The marbled grouper has a body which is at least twice as deep as its standard length which is at its deepest at the origin of the dorsal fin and laterally compressed. It has a long snout and the dorsal profile of the head is steep.

grouper marbled
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The adults are yellowish brown marked with numerous small dark brown spots on the head, body and fins and pale blotches on the head and body. The juveniles are dark brown through to black, marked with an irregular scattering of white blotches on the head and body.

It attains a maximum recorded total length of 91 centimeters (36 in) and a maximum weight of 10 kilograms (22 lb), although 50 centimeters (20 in) is a more common length. It is a solitary species which is secretive, nervously darting off when it is approached or threatened.

Its biology is little known but it is assumed that it forms aggregations for spawning like other groupers. The juveniles have been observed hiding among the spines of sea urchins.

The IUCN classify it as Data Deficient due to a lack of information on its population. The population of this naturally rare and sparsely distributed species is, however, suspected to be decreasing.

Groupers of the world (family Serranidae, subfamily Epinephrine). Shore fishes of the Greater Caribbean online information system.

grouper brown marbled
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Its body has a stocky and robust aspect, is compressed laterally and has a sharp profile for the head. The mouth is big and has a superior position with many small teeth and canine in front.

The background coloration is pale yellowish-brown with many irregular and shape dark brown or Grey blotches. The brown- marbled grouper can be easily confused with its close relative Epimetheus polyphekadion.

The distinctive characters of the brown- marbled grouper are: a small black saddle on the top of caudal peduncle, when observed on the side a notch above the eyes and the front head is clearly visible, its body is quite thick from the front of the dorsal fin to the bottom of the fish below the pectoral fins. Like many of the groupers, the brown- marbled grouper lives in rich clear waters close to coral or rocky reefs, lagoons and external slopes from the surface until 60 meters (200 ft) depth.

This grouper is solitary, sedentary, it defends a well-defined territory, benthic and has a nocturnal which can be maximal at sunrise and/or at sunset. It has quite a long life span for a fish, it can expect to live until at least 40 years old.

Because of its size and hardiness, this species has a height commercial interest for the live food fish trade. Especially during mating periods at specific times and places, the brown- marbled grouper forms spawning aggregations which are easy and attractive targets for fishermen.

grouper marbled brown
(Source: www.istockphoto.com)

The quite long life span of this grouper and its poor population density in reefs in the wild result in a weak and slow population regeneration capacity. Furthermore, brown- marbled groupers are greatly threatened by the trend of fishermen to target large fish.

It will have the same result on over-fishing females breeders that are highly fertile and would not be able to actively contributing to maintain the proportion of young in the population. Brown- marbled groupers can be cultured by hatcheries but these installations are still getting fishes straight from the wild.

One fact helps to preserve a bit the brown- marbled groupers in some geographic areas and it is the ciguatera which affects its flesh. ^ Introduction to Monitoring and Management of Spawning Aggregations and Aggregation Sites for Three Indo-Pacific Grouper Species (Epimetheus fuscoguttatus, Epimetheus polyphekadion, and Plectropomus afflatus), THE NATURE CONSERVANCY, Indo-Pacific Draft Field Manual, June 2003, http://www.reefresilience.org/pdf/manual_field_practitioners.pdf ^ Like, E. and R. Myers, 1994.

Harper Collins Publishers, 400 p. ^ Like & Myers, Coral reef fishes,Princeton University Press, 2009, ISBN 9780691089959 ^ Brulé & Denied, ‘’ Expose synoptic DES données biologists SUR LE hero rouge Epimetheus Mario (valentines, 1828) Du Golf du Monique’’, F.A.O., 1994, ISBN 9252034633 ^ Pears, R.J., J.H. Demography of a large grouper, Epimetheus fuscoguttatus, from Australia's Great Barrier Reef: implications for fishery management.

Hatchery management of tiger grouper (Epimetheus fuscoguttatus): a best-practice manual. Amazon is massively boosting its presence in South Texas with plans to open three new facilities in San Antonio and create over 1,500 jobs.

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