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Carole Stephens
• Wednesday, 27 October, 2021
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KeywordGrouper is a Microsoft Windows-based keyword grouping software tool that Sees and Paid Search marketers use to group small to medium-sized lists of keywords automatically. KeywordGrouper allows you balance getting too general or granular with your keyword groups by giving you several manual settings and options.

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KeywordGrouper Software beats the competition hands-down on affordability, flexibility, usability and overall value. I am a Paid Search expert, Python programmer, and Data Scientist.

I worked 9+ years behind-the-scenes as the backbone of paid search for a +50 person digital marketing agencies. Every day I was deep in-the-weeds solving problems, optimizing client accounts, mentoring and testing new marketing features and strategies.

At one point, the agency had onboarded far too many clients for one person to handle. Learning Python has allowed me to scale my work efficiency to completely new levels.

Mundane, boring tasks can be done in minutes instead of hours or even days. Once I had Python skills under my belt, that opened up the world of data science and machine learning.

There hasn’t been enough demand to justify the creation of a Mac version of KeywordGrouper. You can however run a virtual environment within a Mac machine using software such as VMware Fusion, Parallels, or VirtualBox.

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I've heard of people grouping hundreds of thousands of keywords but this tool is not equipped for it (it takes a long time). A good amount of keywords to group at a time is in the 10,000 range or less. It can group more but the results probably won't be what you're hoping for, and it will take a long time.

Program looks like it dies after clicking the “Generate Common Themes” button. When KeywordGrouper goes into this state, it doesn’t mean the program has died or stopped working (even though every indication says it has).

After pressing “Generate Common Themes” button, the program throws an error KeywordGrouper is not “smart” enough to know how to handle certain characters such as open and closed parenthesis.

The options are to summarize the rows/columns by Sum, Count, Average, Max, Min, Product. To hide/inside parts or all of the grouped data table, select the range of cells as required, and then select Hide Detail / Show Detail from the Outline options.

Many times, a keyword may seem to naturally fall into multiple ad groups. The engines tell us the best practice is to not have the same keyword in different groups, because then the platform determines when each should run so you lose that control.

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Control is key to great paid search management because if there are too many unknown variables, the data might be unclear and your optimizations may not yield the expected results. Thus, proper keyword grouping is an integral part to paid search success.

One of the main reasons why grouping upwards of hundreds of thousands of keywords for an account (sometimes millions) is so difficult is because there are many schools of thought on which direction to guide segmentation. So, if you find a keyword you’re questioning in a group, the most effective tip I usually recommend is to try to get into the mind of the user.

Having too many campaigns and ad groups can really make the reporting, managing, and optimization of an account a weighty task. With your keyword landscape constantly changing, you have to be flexible when it comes to targeting, pacing, and bidding, but you can’t let this completely dictate your grouping strategy.

We generally take out poor QS performers and move them to their own campaigns so that they don’t negatively affect the others in their group. Downstream (which I wrote about in a previous column) is a tool specifically designed to help search marketers segment their keywords.

I spoke with Downstream’s founder and VP of Product, Larry Kim, the likable, humble brainier behind the scenes about these new tools and to pick his brain on keyword grouping; something he is very passionate about. Larry: Google says that click-through rate is the biggest component of Quality Score.

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With higher CTR and Quality Scores, you’ll realize better ad positioning, a reduction in actual cost per click, and even better conversion rates (by sending specific searches to specific landing pages, your potential customers are more likely to find what they’re looking for.) Furthermore, when you bucket similar keywords together into themed groups, routine tasks like bidding and reporting become easier and more effective.

For example, if you decide to stop selling a particular product line, just turn off those ad groups rather than hunting for individual keywords. My view is that keyword organization is a central point of leverage that affects everything in your PPC account.

So if you sell baked goods, top-level groups might include “cake,” “pie,” and “cookies.” Create smaller subgroups. Pay particular attention to verbs and modifiers within a search query, which can reveal different layers of intent on the part of the searcher.

These clusters make great, highly targeted ad groups. Using these tools instead of or in addition to standard keyword suggestion tools makes your keyword research much more actionable, by giving you tightly related groups that are ready to become PPC ad groups or themed content ideas for your website.

My recommendation is to analyze the search query in question and try to infer the intent of the searcher. Larry: Match types can kill all of your campaign organization efforts, because a non-specific keyword set on broad match can soak up millions of different search queries, even if you’ve gone through the effort of properly segmenting your keywords and creating targeted ads and landing pages.

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What we need is a keyword strategy for grouping and bidding so that Google Ads will actually display the ads that we want to show. I tend to group and subgroup keywords by intent, starting with non-specific categories and going towards more specific stuff, as described earlier.

We recently published a few case studies that show how much improvement is possible, including 1-800-Bakery and 1-800-Mattress. Simply look at the keyword groups that are driving the most traffic and conversions and direct your optimization efforts there.

This is one of the biggest mistakes I see people make (and a lot of the impetus behind our Keyword Management solutions.) Lots of people use Excel or Google Ads Editor and build groups that are short-sighted and aren’t designed to scale with new keyword ideas, new products, etc.

I’m sure this all sounds like a lot of work (and believe me, it is) but if you care about profits, these are the tasks that will actually improve your ROI and give you a competitive edge in search in the long term. Opinions expressed in this article are those of the guest author and not necessarily Search Engine Land.

Josh Dweller has been a search marketer since 2003 with a focus on SEM technology. As a media technologist fluent in the use of leading industry systems, Josh stays abreast of cutting edge digital marketing and measurement tools to maximize the effect of digital media on business goals.

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He has a deep passion to monitor the constantly evolving intersection between marketing and technology. There is a full video training playlist available upon download that will walk you through how to group keywords, how to use KeywordGrouper Pro to perform market research and find profitable niche markets.

KeywordGrouper Pro can also be used as a negative keyword tool to help you find terms in your keyword list that you want to exclude from your pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns and paid advertising campaigns. By inputting a list of questions that the market is asking about your products and services, and then grouping those questions around the most common words and phrases, you can instantly see which topics are the most important to your market.

You can export the terms to a .csv file to open in Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice as well. This provides you with new marketing opportunities to reach your target audience and put your products and services in front of them.

KeywordGrouper Pro is completely free to use and works directly in either Chrome or Firefox. It works on both Windows and PC and there is no installation, just unzip the file and begin grouping your keywords.

The complete solution for the background control and logging the users' activity. Zeus is an easy to use Intelligent, Internet Robot, that creates traffic to your website, in numbers beyond your wildest dreams.

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The rss2html template directory will help webmasters control the appearance of the webpages that result when they use the free rss2html PHP script. Hello everyone, I'm reposting this question because the earlier thread did not solve my question, and I think it's because I failed to adequately explain my problem.

It's my job to turn each of those cells into a headline for an ad. So, I used a KeywordGrouper to find all the similarities in the cells.

So, in Column B I wrote next to each cell what I want the headline for the corresponding ad to read. Note: 1) Column A & B have direct side-by-side correlation.

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4) I need the function to search the entire column for multiple matches, and make multiple replacements at a time; not one-by-one 5) The replacements need to be in order from top to bottom. One thing that has been the real game-changer for my business is the understanding and effective use of content SEO.

These combinations are then used to optimize database content in place of a single word. To water it down for everyone, the only place where you’ll appreciate heavy traffic is when it’s to leverage it for better search engines.

The process consists of compiling multiple keywords per page, rather than just a few, targeted at optimizing search algorithms. This is a fully automated process with the potential to transform the digital marketing industry.

Organizing your content competently ensures that you are producing data compatible with the search engine, and keyword clustering allows you to do just that. It enables you to create content that is based on what you consider to be your target audience’s interests.

By broadening the search key, you’re guaranteed to have more people encountering your page, and so your traffic will increase. Instead of sticking to a specific word to source your website, you have the opportunity to expand your reach.

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This is achieved by allowing a search made with similar names to link your work still. Google utilizes its search engine feature to thematically group content.

Relationships between keywords are traced, and you have the autonomy to control how the groups are made based on clustering type: This is termed “soft clustering.” The alternative is that the cluster formed will consist of only keywords that all have a URL in common.

The division of levels occurs according to the total number of URLs that are requisite to form a cluster. Weak clustering requires a minimum of at least three URLs in common among the top thirty search results.

The general formula for keyword clustering can be broken down into four steps that summarize how the words are grouped. The least possible number of searches that tally is referred to as a clustering level.

The flip side spawns a smaller number of groups with a more extensive range of keywords. The step that precedes creating clusters includes compiling a dataset of keywords.

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Depending on the software chosen, you’ll have a set of steps to follow when using the keyword clustering engine. Virtually, it compels you to incorporate more concepts and address more questions on a single page.

This is measured in terms of making it more beneficial, increased authenticity, and comprehensible. Its frequency enables us to accurately assume that it will be crucial to our grouping process.

Even before formally compiling your data, the clustered keywords provide a frame of reference for the broad theme. As a content creator, in order to succeed, it is your responsibility to incorporate alternative terms to better present what you offer.

Striking a balance between what consumers search for, and the product in the form of the content is essential. Most people remain unaware of the impact this tool could potentially have on their website traffic compared to traditional advertising.

For your services or products to reach a larger crowd, you have to ensure you’re really putting yourself out there. Now that we’ve run you through why keyword clustering is essential, we need to talk about the potential missteps.

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The ease that comes with access to posting things online creates yet another problem. While doing this, you grant Google permission to parallel your pages, meaning you’re competing against yourself.

Google May Overlook the Most Significant: If your content all looks the same, in an attempt to get the most appropriate, it may mix things up. With more pages dedicated to the same keywords, excessive crawling and additional indexing occur.

You lose possible leads when users end up on less significant pages. The combined force of your less official pages may help increase your total traffic once merged.

If you’re assured that thin content isn’t your problem, then substituting new keywords to diversify may be your answer. The extent to which you’ll be able to intercept keyword searches and make accurate speculations influences how impactful your website will be.

Configuring your content to enhance user experience makes keyword clustering wholly necessary. In a nutshell, the work input is keyword management, married with consistent monitoring of consumer behavior.

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On the other end, the output is mastering your niche and thus maximizing the impact of your search algorithms. Keyword Grouper Tool for SEO and PPC Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

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KeywordGrouper Tool for SEO and PPC Upcoming Slideshare The KeywordGrouper Tool from Downstream is intelligent, actionable and built for keyword grouping.

To do this effectively, you need to group and organize your keywords into closely knit segmentations that are semantically related. Once you have achieved tight, relevant Google Ads keyword groups, you can craft original ad copy and generate landing page text that is more in sync with the keywords in your niche groups.
Here we see that broader groups like dog” and pet” have been effectively segmented into more specific keyword segmentations that can easily have very effective ad text written for them.
By creating these related keyword groups, you will:
Drive Quality Score UP: relevant ad text coupled with keyword -frequent landing page copy has a dramatic influence on your Google Ads Quality Score.
Drive Ad Costs DOWN: the better your Quality Score, the less you have to spend on your pay-per-click ad bids to maintain the same ad position.
Quality Score can make or break your search engine marketing campaigns and has a big impact on search-driven revenue.

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