Kayak Fishing For Grouper

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It’s a bit extreme, but that type of trip still doesn’t seem as crazy as fishing the middle of Tampa Bay for gag grouper and sharks in a kayak. Erik Stevens, who guides anglers from a Hobin PA17T 17-foot catamaran style kayak.

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The system is mimicked to how a penguin moves through the water, and two people doing it together is easy, smooth, steady and comfortable.” Stevens’ gag grouper trips range from eight get of water on flats edges all the way to the middle of the bay.

If the wind is going predominately one direction, he’ll arrange a start and pickup going all the way across the bay. During the trip he’s fishing channel edges and hard bottom with heavy tackle.

Heavy spinning gear is Stevens’ preferred grouper tackle, with 40-60 pound rated rods and 8500 or bigger series reels that he trolls big lipped diving plugs on with heavy braided line. These fish are big and mean and pull hard so you better hold on tight.

This past week Stevens was able to put fellow kayak enthusiast Pamela With on four gag grouper, including one keeper sized fish, in just 45 minutes of fishing. The biggest fish we hooked was eaten to his head by a shark.

Only the lights secured to our foreheads and kayaks showed the way as we pedaled toward the shadow lines spanning the DuPont Bridge. It was approaching midnight, and our five-man procession powered toward the deep-water pilings that cross East Bay near Panama City Beach, Florida.

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“Just wait until they start blowing up on top.” Nate wears a baseball cap and a scruffy beard like a uniform, and he’s been fishing the bridge since he was a kid. That grabbed everyone’s attention, even with reverb from the jets taking off at nearby Tyndall Air Force Base. Jeffrey Bruce Fortuna.

But you can’t target them like you can here, at the bridge lights and shadow edges.” _ (Pictured here is Nate Chennai releasing a red drum. Morgan Profit, a blonde-haired Californian with a South African accent, is the Fishing Product Manager at Hobin Cat Company.

Torpedo-sized red drum hunt at night near the surface for eels and crabs that are sucked out of the bay into the Gulf of Mexico, says Chennai. Here, water depths range anywhere from 30 to 50 feet, plus the current rips hard underneath the bridge. Jeffrey Bruce Fortuna.

Anchoring in deep water with a kayak can be restrictive and dangerous, so it wasn’t an option. And if we had traditional sit-on-top fishing kayaks, we would have needed four arms to paddle and cast at the same time.

Flat-Out Functional Earlier in the day, our group of anglers fished St. Joe Bay in Gulf County, to target sea trout, redfish, flounder and Spanish mackerel. Anglers Jeff Dennis, from South Carolina, and Dustin Barrett, of Orlando, Florida, drifted the flats, casting 10- to 15-pound spinning and bait casting tackle rigged with soft-plastics or plugs.

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Chennai, SAS Field Editor Dave Lear and I hopped out and waded near the mouth of the Intracoastal Waterway (Ice). Jeff Dennis had no problem leaning over the side in the Hobin Mirage Pro Angler to release his redfish--these kayaks are stable platforms for those who like to stand.

“With the popularity of kayak fishing increasing every day,” says Bob Cox, President of the Mara, “more emphasis is being put on the inshore reef sites for kayaks.” Back at Panama City, local kayaks Hannes Center (pictured) and John Richey lead us to some bottom fishing areas.

But we knew that afternoon sea breezes across the open waters of the Gulf would increase swells, chop and surf. Bring me the Horizon The plan was to head west and let the current sweep us east, back to our launch area.

In this part of the state, currents and wind change frequently enough that it can be hard to predict exactly which way the drift will occur. Fish finders are a basic necessity off the beaches, and companies such as Lawrence and Hummingbird market specialized units specifically for kayak anglers.

(Pictured is fish finder unit marking a school of bull redfish holding away from the bottom.) The drag soon sizzled, and I stopped pedaling twice to land a false albacore and a king fish.

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At the end of the day, John almost always has a king fish in his fish bag to take home for dinner. “It’s a great way to catch king fish while heading from one bottom spot top the next.” He uses a basic wire rig, with a skirt and two trebles, though he admits any number of duster-rig variations will likely work.

Various other fish attacked the metal jigs including trigger fish, grunts, grouper (pictured) and flounder. It didn’t take long for Jerry McBride’s rod to bend arch-shaped as he set the hook on a hefty bottom-dweller.

The longtime South Florida kayak angler fought hard and finally saw red struggling midway in the water column. Earlier in the day, he remarked how he wanted to land a red grouper to take home for dinner.

But this fish was the wrong kind of red, and when he pulled up a monster redfish close to 40 pounds, he actually looked disappointed. Jeffrey Bruce Fortuna. **Pedal Proves Mettle ** The amount of fish we totaled was proof to how lively the fishery is in Florida’s northern Gulf, both inshore and offshore.

Over dinner, our collection of kayak anglers from across the country chatted about the day's events. Wind Mark is a beautiful mix of homes, condos, nature, and even a village center with shopping and restaurants.

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But we hear your ideas loudly and clearly, and I can only say there’s plenty more to come.” I can only imagine what’s next in the world of kayak fishing Jeffrey Bruce Fortuna. I have teamed up with my fiancé', Natalie M. and opened our shop based in Wesley Chapel, Fl.

The website is still under construction but Feel Free to browse, pun intended and see what we have to offer! It is fed by a hundred freshwater tributaries and has a direct feed from the Gulf of Mexico.

Shook Tarpon Redfish Sea Trout Black Drum Flounder Sleepyhead Permit Pompano Snapper Grouper Sharks It is home to massive bait fish populations, and is a dream location for sight and fly fisherman.

Did something a little different for today's’ charter with Matt R. He had mentioned to me that he had heard about certain salt water species being … > read more Took a little scouting trip for juvenile Tarpon out in the back waters of the Lower Tampa Bay region yesterday.

A Florida fisherman caught a whopping 552-pound Goliath grouper from a kayak and a video of the catch has drawn more than a million views on YouTube. Jon Black, from Cape Coral's Crazy Lure Bait & Tackle Shop, according to the YouTube caption, fought to stay in his kayak and the fishing pole dipped into the water as he tried to pull in the big fish near Daniel. “After the fishing rod broke, Black still managed to get the Goliath grouper to the boat and eventually led it to shore where it was measured and then released, as is required by law since they are protected,” wrote David Stage of Grind TV.

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“Only unofficial world records exist for kayak fishing, and there are two sites that we're familiar with that keep them,” said Stage. “But to give an idea about the size of this Goliath grouper, the all-tackle world record is 680 pounds caught off Florida in May 1961, before they became protected in 1990.

Some people prioritize speed over stability, some are looking for more storage options, and others need a boat that is light enough to carton by themselves. They offer more deck space as well as more stability in larger waves in comparison to shorter 10-foot kayaks.

The Frontier 12 from Canoe provides exceptional stability and a completely customizable wide, open deck, allowing you to truly fish without limits. Other features include a stable Double hull, 500 pounds of capacity, thoughtful on-board tackle and rod storage, and an easy-to-use universal transducer mount.

The elevated Vantage ST seat makes it easy to move around the boat. Now includes a retractable skew for improved course-keeping, as well as innovative H-Rail for superior flexibility in accessory rigging.

Now with the Guardian Retractable Transducer Shield and the reversing MirageDrive 180 with Turbo Kick-Up Fins. It’s packed full of fishy features with the tracking and stability discerning anglers have come to expect from today’s fishing kayaks.

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While heavier than the 10-foot version, the Picador Pro 120 is still lightweight compared to other kayaks of the same length. It also retains the maneuverability of the Picador Pro 10.0, while adding cargo space, speed and stability.

The stable, no-flex deck provides superior stability, comfort and maneuverability, and its lightweight means it’s easy to carry and get out on the water. For those chasing down their next catch, it’s packed with features, including five gear tracks, multiple paddle parks, and front and rear bungee tie-down systems.

Features include a customizable Pun go dashboard, a stern hatch, rod holders, a roomy cockpit, Phase 3 Airport outfitting and more. The unique Gull Wing hull configuration retains efficiency and tracking while maximizing stability and maneuverability.

Easily removable, you can also use this seat on the beach as you take a quick break to snack or relax. The Slayer 12 Pro from Native Watercraft features high/low seating positions for out-of-the-wind paddling and comfortable ergonomic fishing.

A clean, open cockpit makes it perfect for stripping line while fly-fishing, and allows bait casters freedom of movement when snatching that big bass. The company’s advanced tunnel design has a wide transom and flared bow sections, making this boat stable enough to stand up and cast from.

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The Eagle Talon Kayak from Field & Stream is an ideal companion on your next relaxing day of fishing on the lake. This sit-on-top kayak features an adjustable padded seat, a molded-in well to hold your tackle box, two flush mount rod holders with leashes, a stern tank well, a 1.5-pound folding anchor, two paddle parks and more.

A versatile inshore/lake kayak fishing platform, the Lisa uses the same Hi-Lo Trimble seating as the Cuba HD and Mayfly. Track systems on the gunwales and a large stern storage area add the functionality lacking in the original Judas.

Fishing is ingrained in the very fabric of this seaside paradise, and it dates all the way back to 800 AD when it was populated by the Cause people. The first records of hooking Tarpon in the area date back to the late 1700s and the first British settlers.

It’s located on Sarsaparilla Island, in the way of migratory fish species, so it can be said this is what Coca Grande owes its reputation to. And with Charlotte Harbor on its doorstep, it’s easy to see why fishing in Coca Grande Pass is a unique experience.

Since strong currents drive the fish’s behavior, dipping a rod in these waters is sure to pay off. With endless possibilities, this is a place that will surely leave you breathless with the abundance of fish you’ll be able to reel in.

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Read on to see the top catches, starting with inshore and working towards offshore species. These migratory beasts are known to congregate and spawn out of passes along the rim of the Gulf of Mexico.

Trying out your luck in the flats and marshes around Sarsaparilla Island is a real angling feat. With Shook coming at around 15 pounds on average, you can use your time in Coca Grande to fill the freezer with some delicious table fare.

This is why every year anglers from all over line up in their efforts to fill the freezer and treat their family to a yummy dinner option. The list goes on and on, with Sleepyhead, Speckled Trout, Pompano, Jacks, Cobra, Goliath Grouper, and a variety of Shark species all possible targets.

Well, with the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the fish-rich reefs and wrecks, you’ll have no issue reeling in some monsters. A charter captain will make sure to take you to the best spots, maximizing your chances of catching trophy fish.

Visiting the beaches in Coca Grande and casting a line makes for great fun in the sun. Visit the beach by the historic Sarsaparilla Island lighthouse and explore this fishery for a variety of species.

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The waters here get pretty deep close to the shore, so you’ll find that decent-sized King and Spanish Mackerel is a common catch, as well as Shook, Jacks, and even some Sharks. If you want some more variety, you can go around to the east side and cast from the Coca Grande Fishing Pier.

Renting a kayak and heading out to the beautiful waters around Coca Grande is a special experience. Paddling out at night and dropping your bait is an exciting way to get your reel screaming with a Shark at the end of the line.

Heading out in the early morning with daylight is another great way to hook some Shook and Trout. Coca Grande Pass : This is the place to visit for anyone who wants to cross Tarpon fishing off their bucket list.

Separating Coca Grande from the island of Mayo Costa, this pass sees thousands of these silver giants every year. However, this is also a perfect place for Shark fishing, as the world record for the biggest Hammerhead was achieved right here.

With some big Shook passing through on their way out to the Gulf for spawning, in May these waters turn into a real hot spot. When all the Tarpon addicts have left the Pass, experienced local anglers are once again able to fish “the hole” in peace.

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Visiting the Coca Grande Fishing Pier will surely yield some great results. Join a captain who knows how to navigate shallow waters, and you’ll have your hands full and your work cut out for you.

By now it’s pretty clear that Coca Grande is on the world map when it comes to fishing. The Coca Grande Area Chamber of Commerce hosts Tarpon tournaments every year.

It’s followed closely by the Coca Grande Fishing Classic organized by The Sarsaparilla Inn & Club. Join and you’ll be fishing for Tarpon, Redfish, Shook, and Trout in the waters of the Coca Grande Pass and the nearby back waterways.

The main event takes place in June, and it’s the biggest Tarpon fishing tournament. You can target different species, depending on the season, the fishing style, and the area you want to explore.

One of them is the limit of three lines per vessel for catching any species in Coca Grande, so this is why you should make sure to check the current regulations on the FCC website. As the top Tarpon fishery in the whole world, Coca Grande fishing is something you have to try out in your angling career.

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However, with such a diverse set of opportunities all around it, this little island town can deliver on all of your fishing dreams. Captain Jason Stock has been fishing his entire life, with 15 years full-time professional experience.

For many years, Captain Jason Stock specialized in teaching people to target Shook, Redfish, Trout, and Tarpon while using artificial lures fishing out of a kayak. Since, due to demand, Captain Jason Stock has focused on charters run from his new 26 Yellow fin.

He offers primarily offshore trips targeting a wide variety of species, including Permit, Snapper, Grouper, Tuna, Redfish, and King fish. Captain Jason Stock also offers Bucket list Charters for those who want to target a species that they have never had the opportunity to catch, such as Tarpon, Goliath Grouper, Dogfish, Tuna, Amber jack, and African Pompano.

Whether you’re an experienced angler or new to fishing, Captain Jason Stock can accommodate all skill levels. With an adaptable layout, the 26 Yellow fin is ideal for fishing the reefs and trolling for Tuna offshore.

This is a great hull for exploring the bay and inshore flats on days the weather isn’t cooperating for going offshore. It’s wide, open platform gives plenty of room and stability, while being able to get in some fairly skinny water.

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Launching from Anna Maria Island, we can fish for a variety of species, including: Snapper, Grouper, King fish, Bonita, Permit, Shook, Redfish, and Trout. This is where we load kayaks into the boat, allowing us to access fishing spots that either vessel on their own couldn’t reach.

In Anna Maria Island, we can catch fish every day of the year depending on where and what the weather conditions are! Captain Jason Stock launches from a quiet marina based in Bradenton, conveniently located with easy access to a variety of waterways, such as the Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay, including the Skyway Bridge.

With an adaptable layout, the 26 Yellow fin is ideal for fishing the reefs and trolling for Tuna offshore. We will help determine the best times of year and type of charter would be appropriate for pursuing that target species.

While not every charter may be a complete success, Captain Jason Stock will be sure to provide a memorable day on the water, and do his best to get you on the bite. **Note that for the fairness of all parties involved, we require a deposit of half down when booking any charter.

Any cancellations within 72 hours of a booked trip are at the sole discretion of Captain Jason Stock. We can take full advantage of the speed and range of the 26 Yellow fin to cover multiple spots, or get out to spots that are out of range for the standard charter, and target some bucket list species, such as African Pompano, Yahoo, Large Gag Grouper, and Queen Snapper.

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This type of charter can be a memorable, unique team-building experience for company trips out of the office, and business retreats. Inshore Flats and Bay : With the addition of the Partial Send, a 24 Carolina, Captain Jason Stock is offering inshore fishing charters, a great option for those days when the winds are not allowing for safe trips offshore.

Any cancellations within 72 hours of a booked trip are at the sole discretion of Captain Jason Stock. Captain Jason Stock offers a great way to get on the water and pursue a wide variety of fish species, both inshore and offshore.

He offers many ways to book a fishing charter, whether you are looking for a one-on-one trip, a group trip, a business retreat to release some stress from the day-to-day grind, or planning a fun local activity on your family vacation, Captain Jason Stock can get you on the water and on the fish, with over 15 years full-time professional experience. Some of many species caught on charters include: Permit, Tarpon, Dogfish, Goliath's, Redfish, Grouper, Amber jack, King fish, Snapper, Shook, Triple tail, Sharks, Cobra, and Tuna.

Some additional points which make Captain Jason Stock a great option for your guide needs: With the booking of your charter, all fishing licenses, gear, tackle, ice, and filleting will be covered through the course of the trip.

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