Jigging For Grouper And Snapper In Key Largo

Paul Gonzalez
• Wednesday, 27 October, 2021
• 9 min read

Deep-water jigging for Gulf Coast snapper and grouper is on fire, but run-of-the-mill tactics won't help much when targeting trophies. We welcome anglers of all skill level to join us on a memorable fishing trip out in the deep waters of South Florida.

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Captain Brian Better will be leading the way on your Florida deep sea fishing adventure. He loves being able to take clients out on the water and show them just how exciting fishing this area can be.

Brian will begin in Cargo and depending on where the fish are at, you could end up exploring the nearby waters of Plantation Key, Ta vernier, Islamabad, Layton, Island, and many other wonderful locations in South Florida near the Florida Keys. Brian has a 31ft Blue water center console that is ideal for deep sea fishing in the Florida Keys.

She comes with all the proper safety and navigational features needed for a safe journey. On deck, you will find outriggers, a live well, and a cooler to keep your drinks and snacks fresh.

I wasn’t really interested in any yellowtail, Big Groupers or Buttons would be the intended target of the day. I attempted to invite a couple of Benny speculators in a thread I came across and thought maybe by offering to share with them some required info for finding and catching big fish on the bottom.

3 Groupers Yellow, Red and short Black released 4 Buttons 4 YT and several fish lost that cut the line. If this is your first or 50th charter fishing excursion, we want it to be one you’ll be talking about for years.

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We offer a fun and relaxed but professional atmosphere from the novice to experienced angler. We welcome children, families, small groups and business travelers alike.

We pride ourselves in delivering 100% satisfaction to our guests on every trip, and we’ve been doing that for over 20 years. Check out our Facebook, Google or Trip Advisor reviews to see what our guests are saying about us.

It’s a short drive for an amazing experience to the place considered the fishing capital of the world. Deep Sea and offshore we catch dolphin (mahi-mahi), tuna, Yahoo, sailfish, marlin and King fish.

Reef and wreck fishing we catch grouper, snapper, dogfish, amber jack, cobra, Sharks, mackerel and barracuda. Call or email us today to come aboard with one of our professional captains and enjoy a true Florida Keys fishing charter.

Let us be your guide to a day on the beautiful crystal blue waters of Cargo and experience the thrill of the catch. Meet our fleet of fishing boats in the Florida Keys; No Fear, Fin Chaser and The So.

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No Fear (44ft) and Fin Chaser (38ft) are our offshore, deep sea fishing charter boats. Available for our Bahamas deep sea fishing charter trips is our 51ft Sport fish.

All our boats are operated by very knowledgeable and professional crew with years of experience in Florida waters. All our charter boats are equipped and capable of fishing offshore, deep sea, nearshore, reefs and wrecks.

I have done lots of charters and rarely have I had a crew so knowledgeable and eager. Captain Jordan, and mate John put us on the fish, and we reeled them in.

When ever I come to the Keys I call and plan a trip with Captain Greg. If you are coming to the Keys to go fishing, give Captain Greg a call.

The crew worked hard to find us fish, and we were not disappointed. I want to thank Captain Greg for running a great fishing operation.

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Captain Bill and 1st Mate Ryan put us on a lot of fish. Plan to fish the wrecks, reefs and ledges from late spring through summer using squid for bait on Florida deep sea fishing trips when targeting grouper.

Reef fishing in Islamabad is a great way to spend a day on the water. It’s a brisk day in the Florida Keys as Captains Steve Rodger and Scott Walker exit the marina of the Ocean’s Edge Resort in Rodger’s 36 Yellow fin on this episode of Into the Blue. “It was cold as all get out,” reflects Rodger, “it was probably 64 degrees, which in the Keys is … ... I’m going to outline the techniques which I’ve found ... find the bridges an excellent alternative when winter winds whip up the seas over the reef.

Hundreds of fish species call our reefs home; including snapper, grouper, dogfish, porgies, mackerel and sharks, to name a few. Amber jack, Shark, Mali, Mutton Snapper, African Pompano, King Mackerel, Yellowtail snapper, Yahoo, Grouper, Dogfish, Swordfish, Mangrove Snapper, Tarpon, Sailfish and much, | SOMETHING CATCHY Florida Keys -Reef & Offshore By Sam Hudson.

This rig is a must if you’re dropping big live baits on wrecks or reefs. Nice sized snowy grouper pulled up from the depths while deep drop fishing in Marathon, Florida Keys.

Snowy Groupers are found from 1100-450 feet of water near or on rock, ledges, holes or humps. In this podcast I talk about how to fish the patch reefs in the Florida Keys.

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Also included in the show notes is a Strike Line Charts under 3-D sonar image of some good patch reef fishing spots off Cargo. If you would like your content to appear here on The Florida Keys Fishing Report please email us at info@fishingfloridakeys.com or Call our … We guarantee you exciting encounters with various unique marine creatures.

The only living coral reef in the Northern Hemisphere where abundant marine life mixed with some amazing natural structure makes for an incredible arena for sport fishing … Florida Keys Wreck Fishing Charters: Wreck Fishing Charters and Guides Of The Florida Keys. If you arrive in time for a cold front, you can expect the sailfish to bite.

We fish the reef year round in the Florida Keys, but the offshore charter boats primarily focus on it from October – April. This is without a doubt one of the most popular trips we do, and often yields the best variety of eating fish for the dinner table.

“My friends and I went down to Islamabad for the Annual Ladies Lets Go Fishing seminar, and caught beautiful Dolphin aka Mali, and Tuna, while fishing on the Blue Chip Too! Accessible from any marina location, the North American Coral Reef Tract runs northward along the entire length of the Florida Keys and beyond.

Sailfish and redfish take center stage this month in the Florida Keys. Our reef fishing charters are a great way to put some meat on the table here in Key West.

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The reef line runs parallel with the Phillip Keys patch reefs and wrecks produce a wide variety of species, including this big African pompano. As temperatures cool in the Florida Keys to a comfortable 75 degrees the fishing heats up big-time on the reef.

I have been running boats full time on the Florida Keys water since 1998. In the Florida Keys, it’s tough to find a time when you can’t catch fish.

The key to bottom fishing effectively is to utilize a rig that can get a bait to the bottom without tangling and survive the strain of an aggressive strike and fight to the surface. BY: www.bestbetsportfishing.com Conditions in the Middle Florida Keys were quite windy over the past few days, but that didn't stop us from getting on the water and catching quality fish.

That means the fish are doing their part making sure survival of the species by spawning. Located in Marathon Florida, Captain Jeff can often have you on the reef in 20 minutes or less.

The vast majority of these bridges offer the angler-on-foot a good opportunity to catch many of the game fish we have in the Florida Keys. If this is your first time visiting the Florida Keys, you will quickly notice stretches of inaccessible bridge close by.

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Live bait, like shrimp, will definitely catch the picky snappers at the bridges. Anglers also use jigs, fresh and frozen bait with good success.

The chances of landing one of the 100+ pound tarpon that live there might be slim, but is certainly a challenge. Local tackle shops can give you advice on tides, weather, and which bridge might be a good bet for fishing when visiting the Keys.

In order to do this, anglers need a measuring device, a good understanding, and published regulations with them at all times. Lots of experienced bridge anglers have carts that make it easier to transport rods, bait, coolers and some drinks.

Wear sunscreen and stay covered with sun protective products like Buff Headwear to keep from getting badly burned. Key Largo Yahoo, Snapper, and Grouper Bite Like in the Gordon Light foot song, “The Edmond Fitzgerald”, (which an old fishing buddy used to play on repeat), the “Winds of November” came early.

Fishing between the fronts and being a “sailor” can bring some great catches in the month of November. We did some Yahoo fishing off Cargo and some good catches over the past couple weeks.

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Pilchards and live ballyhoo bring some good bites of nice Mutton Snappers on windy days when it's too dangerous to get out beyond the reef. We had a opportunity to sight fish a few big schools of Yellowtail Snapper chasing bait last week, which was a first for me.

Late November and December are great months to target Yellowtail Snapper on half day charters. Also saw a few Dolphin, a good number of wahoos, handful of sailfish and football size Black fin Tunas caught on the troll.

A couple boats found a few Yellow fin Tunas, which is very rare for the Upper Florida Keys. Last week we watched all the other big 34ft plus boats rocking and rolling while we chilled out and dialed in.

Ta vernier and Cargo Fishing charters aboard Good Karma with Capt. We offer offshore and reef fishing charters(1-3 persons) Cargo and Ta vernier.

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