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Maria Garcia
• Saturday, 07 November, 2020
• 4 min read

Santa Claus is bringing some of the coldest weather the Space Coast has felt on Christmas Day this millennium. They will also push bluefish and Spanish mackerel south, as well as sailfish, dolphin, black fin tuna, pompano and whiting, too.

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The resident fish should bite pretty well, but expect the ones in shallow water to behave a little differently. Bass and trout will be sluggish, so slow down one's presentation and use live bait if possible.

Redfish, black drum and sleepyhead should bite pretty good. Top water plugs will catch trout and redfish, but work them slowly.

There has been good fishing on the rip for dolphin, black fin tuna and sailfish in 100-200 feet of water trolling. Spanish mackerel, bluefish, jacks and blue runners are in schools moving south in 20-30 feet of water.

Spoons will catch bluefish, Spanish mackerel, jacks and blue runners. Shook fishing is going to slow down a little when the cold temperatures arrive.

Shook fishing may slow down Friday and Saturday as water temperatures drop into the 60s in the Indian River Lagoon. Being tropical, they will seek deep spots in the lagoon near docks, channels and cuts.

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He has been using cut mullet since pinkish have been scarce, and it's working fine for the drum. In some cases, schools of black drum can be found and sight cast to.

Sea conditions may be a little sporty until Sunday, so use caution and check the latest weather advisories before leaving port. Grouper season will close Jan. 1, but snapper fishing should be steady in 70-90 feet of water.

Porgies and trigger fish, sharp nose sharks and occasional cobra should also make trips to the reefs worthwhile. Croaked, whiting, bluefish and Spanish mackerel are other catches anglers can expect at the beach right now.

The flounder are inside along the sides of the inlet, and they are taking live mud minnows and mullet on sliding sinker rigs. In other areas, such as the western shoreline of the lagoon, and spots around the causeways, fishing is steady.

Sleepyhead are biting around bridge pilings and docks, seawalls and rocky shorelines. Bass fishing has been pretty solid with big fish being caught in the Indian River County lakes, Lake Washington and some parts of the St. Johns River.

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Use lidless crank baits, spinner baits or shiners during the warming periods to get bites. The only thing that exceeds his love for frog catching is bone fishing.

Baby Yoda ’s abilities with the force translate into tight loops and perfect presentations. “Baby Yoda and the Bone fish” was hand-drawn by renowned marine artist and avid fly fisherman Jorge Martinez on a Cliff Outdoors Bugger Beast fly box.

The illustration is protected with a coating of UV resistant, non-yellowing clear gloss. Raffle entries are given when promo code Babylon is entered with a qualifying order.

The email address used for the order will serve as the raffle ticket. Mention the Baby Yoda promotion at the register and provide the email address you’d like to use as your entry.

Florida ’s rules and regulations are designed to help ensure the safety of all the people in Florida, visitors and residents alike, and to help make sure that one of the state’s most important economic engines is protected and maintained for future generations. Not knowing the rules puts people at risk of seriously damaging everyone’s current and future fishing opportunities.

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Not knowing the rules also puts people in the position of breaking them, and that can mean incurring a fine or, in extreme cases, imprisonment. All anglers are legally required to be familiar with the rules and regulations governing the type of fishing they are doing.

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