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The shore fishing site is located on the west side of the outlet dike area (DNR owned). Residential development (220 homes and 1 resort) has occurred throughout the shoreline area with exception to a portion of the south side owned by the Prairie Woods Environmental Learning Center.

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The immediate shoreline area is mostly residential development with lesser amounts of wetlands and hardwoods. The outlet is a fixed concrete sill which flows into the shallow wetland/creek complex known as the Florida Sloughs near the southwest corner of the lake.

Florida is connected to several periodic winter kill and non-winterkill lakes (Norway, Games, Andrew) via Shape Creek. Submerged vegetation densities within the lake are moderately abundant within the shallow (<15 feet deep) areas.

Currently, Eurasian watermill stands are moderately abundant within the shallow areas. DNR personnel will continue follow-up sampling for veliger and adult zebra mussels in Florida.

Shoal water substrates are primarily sand, gravel and rubble along with a few areas with silt, muck, and clay. Florida has been managed for Walleye, Large mouth Bass, Northern Pike, Bluegill and Black Crappie.

The nearby connected Florida Sloughs often act as an excellent spawning/nursery area for various fish species such as Northern Pike, Large mouth Bass, Yellow Perch, Common Carp, and Black Bullhead. High spring flows can also reduce the effectiveness of the barrier by allowing adults passage in or out of the Florida Sloughs.

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Northern Pike numbers were overly abundant in 2015 (25.67 fish/gill net) as compared to the normal range and Florida historical average (7.08 fish/gill net). Yellow Perch numbers were low in 2015 (0.67 fish/gill net) compared to the normal range and Florida historical average (32.95 fish/gill net).

Walleye numbers were moderate in 2015 (5.67 fish/gill net) compared to the normal range, but below the Florida historical average (10.82 fish/gill net). In recent years, larger sized Walleye fingerlings, yearlings and adults have been stocked to increase survivability in lakes with higher Northern Pike and Large mouth Bass populations like Florida.

Abundant offshore stands of Eurasian milfoil provide favorable habitat and cover for various fish species such as Bluegill, Black Crappie, Northern Pike and Large mouth Bass in Florida. The Florida fishery will be surveyed in the 2019 spring for Large mouth Bass and 2019 summer for all fish species.

Many species can survive in bilge water, ballast tanks, and motors or may hide in dirt or sand that clings to nets, buckets, anchors, and waders. Fortunately, completing simple steps can prevent the transport of aquatic invasive species.

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Florida is a 674 acre lake with a maximum depth of 40 feet that is a low to moderately productive lake located in Kandiyohi County. Lake Florida has two public accesses, one located on the north side (DNR owned) and one on the east side (township access)....

Details: Northern Pike with a plain hook 2 minnows The shoreline is highly developed (690 homes) and the lake is moderately productive.

Follow Willie gab bard Minneapolis, MN Enjoy some great spring and early summer walleye, northern pike, and small mouth bass fishing action on Birch Lake and the South Kawishiwi River in northern Minnesota.

Can you believe that Birch Lake and River Point Resort were featured in Outdoor News? Here’s some of what Outdoor News has to say: “Birch is full of walleyes that have continued to build in numbers through natural reproductions.

The lake hasn’t been stocked with walleyes since 2002, but it doesn’t need to be”, according to JEF Either, DNR assistant fisheries' supervisor in Tower. Either says the most recent assessment of Birch lake, conducted in 2015, produced more than 13 walleyes per net, which was up from the previous survey in 2012.

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The lake has a reputation for producing eating-size walleyes, as well as trophy-caliber fish.” River Point Resort is certainly an MN fishing resort to consider! And, River Point Resort since 1944 has been “top-notch” of the choices for Minnesota walleye fishing resorts.

Realize the sensation of boating on a lake with 90% of the shoreline being federally owned. No other lake in the Fly area, outside the Boundary Waters, has this amount of true wilderness shoreline without motor restrictions.

Noteworthy, is the influence of the fresh spring water flowing southward directly from the Boundary Waters Canoe Area via the South Kawishiwi River (River Point’s east shoreline) into Birch Lake. Some of the best fishing lies right by River Point’s strategic location where the two bodies of water join.

Minnesota walleye fishing resorts superior choice is River Point Resort. Available May 15 through June 5, 2021 and based on a minimum 3 night rental for 2 persons.

Designed for Minnesota walleye fishing trips that are shorter than a week…most often a 3-night or 3-night rental. Available June 6 through July 3, 2020and based upon a minimum 3 night rental for 2 persons.

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*Villa or Chalet lodging choice dependent upon availability best suited to fulfill occupancy capacity. Weekly Package designed for more serious fisher people with extra inclusions.

However, you can customize your arrival/departure week stay in either a Villa or Chalet Lodging at this fishing resorts MN property. *Lodging choice dependent upon availability best suited to fulfill weekly occupancy capacity.

In Fly Minnesota your best pick is River Point Resort on Birch Lake! Discover more> River Point Resort & Outfitting Co. is a Pet Free Facility.

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