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• Friday, 23 October, 2020
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Mono filament line comparisons use a collection of specifications to separate one from the other, including breaking strength, stretch factor, diameter, clarity and base material. In the past, these metrics were sufficient to select and justify, or defend a particular line choice for any specific application.

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However, the comparison among braided fishing lines requires serious caution, and nowhere is this more evident than in the precise measurement of high performance braided fibers. In combination with additional factors, ultra-thin braid has allowed anglers to explore new depths and improve bait presentation, while also leading to new techniques never before possible.

Sadly, the lack of industry standards for the precise measurement of braid makes comparisons relatively inaccurate and confusing to the public. In the absence of uniform measurement standards, stated diameters can vary wildly when comparing one brand of braided line to the next.

Submit your comment, question or concern to If we use your submission, you will receive a Leader Helm Pad. Premium Super lines woven with high molecular weight polyethylene fibers revolutionized the industry by influencing the way anglers approach unique fisheries and also how manufacturers design the latest rods, reels and lures.

Thanks to ultra-thin diameter braid, anglers have pushed tackle and technique to the extremes and continue to excel in the development of new angling methodology once unfathomable. The benefits of fishing with braid are numerous and include reduced diameters at any given strength, low memory, greater line capacity and heightened sensitivity.

When it comes to manufacturing technique-specific braid, the quality of chosen fibers and filaments, number of carriers, picks per inch, coatings, color, softness, shape and end price must all be considered. Like many aspects of sport fishing there’s not always a single best choice to suit every scenario, with educated anglers entrusting several strategy specific lines.

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The newest braided lines are woven with a select number of threads, called carriers, to achieve the manufacturer’s desired properties. Whatever is most important, you can count on remarkable abrasion resistance, incredible sensitivity and overall excellent fish ability as technology continues to evolve.

The comparison among braided fishing lines requires serious caution and the lack of industry standards for the precise measurement of braid makes evaluations relatively inaccurate and confusing. This often consists of lily pads, reeds, cattails, drill, bulrush, hyacinth and many other forms of matted grass and vegetation.

The resulting architecture improves accuracy, decreases wind knots and tip wraps, and reduces vibration and noise with a line that is supple and silky smooth. Photography: doughertyphotos.coming general, the more carriers, the rounder and smoother the resulting weave, which is ideal for long casts and finesse presentations.

Similarly, Fins 40G (finsfishing.com) is a 9-carrier braid with construction featuring a center of high tenacity yarn over braided with eight strands of tightly woven raw white spectra. Diamond Fishing (diamondfishing.com) recently introduced a super soft 9-carrier braid that packs evenly on the spool, rockets through guides and provides outstanding knot strength for how slick the line is.

If environmental conditions demand a line with superior abrasion resistance that’s both dependable and affordable, then widely accessible 4-carrier braids will provide excellent results. There are a few different types of fibers used to make braided lines including Spectra, Dacron, Aura, and micro-Dyneema.

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This includes far casting with spinning reels, easy casting with bait casting reels, high line capacity, low stretch, high sensitivity, floating, abrasion resistant, UV resistant, long storage life, and it typically lasts for multiple seasons. When in the water for a long time a standard monofilament line will absorb water which results in a decreased line strength.

Braided line strength is maintained in the water. Disadvantages of braided lines include high visibility to the fish, the small diameter can cut hands when leading fish, and low shock absorbance.

If it is a smooth spool, a monofilament line can be added first as backing. Braided line works as a good backing for large convention reels.

The spool can be topped off with monofilament to allow for a low visible line near the hook and acts to absorb shock from fast aggressive fish. A braided line has such a small diameter it is common to spool spinning tackle with a 50 plus pound test.

This can make the line hard to break when getting snagged and can be dangerous if it gets raped around and the angler. Power Pro Maxcuatro is a top-quality braided fishing line.

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It is made with Honeywell Spectra HT fiber that has high tenacity 4-carrier construction. Compared to an average braided line it is 25 percent thinner.

It is labeled as maximum strength, minimum diameter, and ultimate casting distance. I would recommend this for spinning reels where a small light line will increase the casting distance.

A braided line gets sweptback less by currents when fishing deep. It is made with Honeywell Spectra which is treated with Enhanced Body Technology.

A white braided line is typically the least visible underwater for clear water on bright days and when fishing near the surface. I use some type of leader 90 percent of the time when fishing braid so the line visibility above water is actually more important than underwater.

The video below shows how visible braid is above and below water in different conditions. Color: Marine Blue, Hives Yellow, AAU Green, Timber Brown.

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PowerPC Super 8 Slick V2 is made with 100 percent spectra fibers. The diameter, strength, and price are similar to standard power pro.

This 8-end braided line also offers more abrasion resistance. Braided line will get frayed when it rubs against a fishes mouth or rough surface before breaking.

Under normal fishing conditions, this line should last several seasons. It has a line diameter slightly larger than standard Power Pro.

When bass fishing braided line is used when jigging to help cut through the weeds. Also, a 20-pound test setup is typically strong enough to break lily pads off if the line gets snagged on them.

Spider Wire Stealth is made from Cinema PE microfibers. This line is smooth, round, and quiet which is makes it great for casting.

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The line comes in unique color patterns including a translucent braid. Berkley Airline is made from micro-fused Cinema PE fibers.

The different colors allow line depth to be estimated when dropping baits deep. There is also a smoke flame green tracer that has alternating colors in 5-foot sections.

Berkley X9 Braid Tress is made with 100 percent Poly-Ethylene fibers. A metered line can be very helpful when jigging and deep dropping.

The line also has a black mark every 5 feet to estimate distances between color changes. This Power Pro Depth Hunter is made in the USA with 100 percent Spectra.

This line also works great for deep dropping with electric fishing reels. This line is popular for deep drop electric reels.

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It is a tightly woven fiber that results in line diameters similar to that of standard Power Pro. Color: Gray, Yellow, White, Moss Green, Multi, Ocean Blue.

Asking superpower braided line is popular because of its low price point. Asking Castro is a different braided fishing line that is made in the USA.

This line is expensive per foot but comes in 50-yard spools since small reels are typically used for ice fishing. Flourcaboin is also a good line to use when ice- fishing as it sinks which helps get light baits deep in the water.

This is way more color options than most braided line companies offer. The braid is said to be a diamond weave for a round and smooth line.

Hercules braid is a static fishing line with a very little stretch. Color options are green, black, blue camouflage, yellow, red, orange, pink, white, and multi-color.

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Color: Ocean Blue, Black, Green, White, Yellow, Multi-Color. It has a NATO resin coating that makes it have a higher abrasion resistance.

Heavier line strengths from 65-150 pounds are made with 9-strand PE fibers. This is not a fly-fishing mainline which is thicker and floats on the water.

The purpose of the backing is extra line capacity on the spool in case a large fish takes a long run. This line is also smooth to not damage fly rod guides.

A 20-pound test backing is good for trout, graying, bass, and crappie. When flying fishing for salmon, bone fish, striped bass, and tarpon a 30-pound backing is better.

It uses high-quality Dacron fibers to make the fishing line. This type of line is commonly used as a backing material on large conventional fishing reels.

This is because a Dacron braided line can last for many years. Braid vs Mono filament Line Diameter Chart The chart below compares the diameter of Power Pro braided line to Berkley Trident Big Game monofilament.

This chart is helpful to determine how much of a braided fishing line the reel can hold. The line is made with fibers that are hydrophobic and repel water.

This helps the line not freeze as much in very cold temperatures. The braid is also abrasion resistance which can be important if the line rubs along the side of the ice.

Some ice braid in light blue to offer low visibility. Also, the braid is typically in 50-yard spools as the fish do not fight as hard in cold water requiring less line on the reels.

When a color repeats than a certain amount of line has bet set out. Knowing the amount of line out is a good way to estimate the depth of a bait.

Also, the metered line can help determine the distance a lure is behind the boat. When using diving plugs when trolling the amount of line let out determines the depth of the lure.

The color of a braided line is not very important because a leader is almost always used. It is important to know good fishing knots when tying braided line.

Ball-bearing snap swivels can also be used to attach a braided fishing line to a leader. In the video below I show how to tie the 7 most important fishing knots.

This is why both types of line are widely used by recreational and commercial anglers. Braided line floats, has high sensitivity, is lightweight for far casting, has minimal stretch, and is thin which allows for increased line capacity.

The main reason I like a braided line is that it allows for light lures to be cast far. When bass fishing I use a spinning reel with a 20-pound braid and a 20-pound fluorocarbon leader.

This allows me to quickly reel in large bass but also be able to cast soft plastics a respectable distance. I also like braided because it allows for high line capacity on smaller reels.

A white braided line also blends in well on bright days in clear water. There is also several types of camo braided lines that change color periodically to help blend in.

Moss green is a good color for stained water and low light conditions. Thinner lies are less visible so if a fish is being leader shy going to a smaller diameter line is an option.

A braid ready spool has a high friction knurled area or rubber gasket section. Braid touching smooth metal has low friction and the line can spin on the spool making it very difficult to reel in a fish.

If the spool is super smooth a monofilament line should be placed on as backing. The video below shows a great way to connect a braided line onto a spinning reel spool.

Conventional and electric reels may have a knob to initially tie the braided line to on the bottom of the spool. More often though the line visibility makes the bait or lure presentation look unnatural and can cause the fish not to bite.

The main way to not spook a fish with braided line is to use a monofilament or fluorocarbon leader. Some fish like bass, trout, tarpon, snapper, and tuna are leader shy, others like catfish, pickerel, and halibut are not leader shy.

Exceptions to this are mutton snapper and tuna which require longer leaders. Also, how much a line spooks a fish varies depends on the condition.

Sometimes tuna with their large eyes and great eyesight will even bite a thick multi-strand cable rig made for Yahoo. Yes, a braided line works best on spinning reels in most cases.

The braided line offers three main advantages. First, it is light for a given strength witch allows it to be cast further than monofilament.

Second, the spool can hold more lines which means smaller reels can be used to target bigger fish. Finally, the line is sensitive and had low stretch allowing quick hook sets.

When fighting fast aggressive fish like tarpon, Yahoo, king fish, and sailfish a monofilament line can be the better choice because the stretch in the line can be used to absorb shock from a thrashing fast-moving fish. I have caught plenty of tarpon on both 50-pound braid and 30-pound monofilament so sometimes it comes down to angler preference.

Yes, using a leader with a braided line is almost always a good idea. First, a fluorocarbon or mono leader reduces line visibility near the lure or bait.

These steel leader can be single strand wire or multi-strand cable. Finally, a 20-50 foot monofilament leader can be used to add stretch to the setup.

This leader acts as a shock absorber when fighting fast strong fish like swordfish and Yahoo. A braided line should not damage a fishing rod.

However, a braided line with a high test value can be used on small reels and fishing rods. This means that a max drag value and rod line weight can likely exceed the recommended values when using a braided fishing line.

Anglers should be careful not to exceed the max force specification of the gear being used. Ultimately a quality reel should control the drag regardless of line type and not damage the rod.

When fishing with a 65 plus pound line a big game rod should have roller guides to ensure the eyes are not broken. The best size braided line depends on the fish being targeted.

For smaller fish like crappie and trout, an 8-pound braided line is a good option. With a 20 pound braided line, I like to use a 20-pound fluorocarbon leader.

For saltwater fishing 50-pound braided line is perfect for spinning reels and an 80-pound braided line is great for conventional fishing reels. Realize that this line is strong and will be difficult to break if snagged.

Be careful when leading fish as a braided line can cut into the skin. Once on a reel braid can last anywhere from one day to 5 years depending on how it is used.

Typically, the max drag on the fish is nowhere near the break strength of the braided line being used. Every time a fishing not is tied the line should be pulled hard to ensure the line and knot strength is not weak.

Also, when trolling offshore a 60-pound monofilament is a good line for dragging surface lures for big game fish like marlin, tuna, and mahi-mahi. Braided line is better when using diving plugs and planers as less line drag allows the lures to dive deeper into the water.

The color of the braid can be picked based on what looks the most visually appealing. This is when alternating colored sections of braid are made at specific lengths.

This allows anglers to determine the length of line set out which helps estimate the depth of the bait. It will have a knurled section or rubber gasket which adds grip to the line so it does not spin.

On some electric reels that have a smooth spool, there is a knob where the beginning of the line should be tied. Most conventional reel spools are designed to take a braided fishing line.

First, the braided line comes off the fishing reels with ease and is much less likely to get a birds nest and backlash. Professional anglers even say not to learn a bait casting reel with a braided line because it is too easy.

Second, a strong thin braid is perfect for jigging in thick weeds and lily pads. A braided line is also very sensitive which is great for feeling the smallest bites.

Finally, the braided line is stiff and allows for quick hook set when a fish bites. This is because the leader is more likely to get damaged and would than be the weak spot in the fishing setup.

It is nice to know what the weakest link of the fishing setup is so that if the line breaks it happens as expected. When bottom fishing I typically try and tie the weight with a low strength knot so that it is less strong than the mainline.

This is so that the weight will break off and the rest of the rig can be saved and not leave as much debris on the bottom of the ocean. Captain Cody has worked on charter fishing boats in the Florida Keys, Virgin Islands, and Alaska.

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