Is It Florida Fishing Addiction

Elaine Sutton
• Sunday, 15 November, 2020
• 5 min read

We are conveniently located in Ocala Florida, but we operate throughout the state in cities such as Tampa, Titusville, Crystal River and others. A non- stop action packed adventure that will keep you on your toes the entire duration of your bow fishing trip.

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Our professional guides will take the time to teach you how to be successful during your charter with us. It's a perfect trip for families, bachelor parties, and even corporate retreats.

If you have more than 6 passengers; don't worry, we have access to multiple boats for larger parties. Don't hesitate to reach out to us with as many questions as you want on the differences in these available bow fishing options.

All guides at Florida Bow fishing Addiction are USCG certified Captains, ensuring that your safety is our number one priority. You can be sure that you are reserving your bow fishing experience with a qualified professional and legally licensed company that has you and your families best interest at heart.

Permit fishing might just lead to a distorted view of all other species and a total collapse of your personal well-being. Most of what I have learned about permit comes from careful observation of the species and free flowing drinks with other skinny water guides.

…there is no place on the globe where these great gamesters grow larger than the shallow flats of the fertile Lower Keys. When it comes to permit fishing there is no place on the globe where these great gamesters grow larger than the shallow flats of the fertile Lower Keys.

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Second are floaters, these fish are found bobbing around in the sun as they hover near coral heads and channels. You should now permit are available year-round in the Florida Keys with spring being prime season for sight- fishing the flats.

Unlike less tolerable bone fish, permit don’t mind cold weather and will also stick it out during the hottest summer heat waves. These fish have pushed off the flats when low water levels hinder their crustacean search, and will appear to be bobbing around soaking up the sun as they digest their most recent meal.

If you want to throw a fly at these fish, lightly weighted crab patterns will offer your best chance for success. Often times they will wait for your fly to float right in front of their face before deliberately moving away in the opposite direction.

It is extremely challenging to make a cruising permit stop dead in its tracks to eat your fly, so it is better to search for fish that are actively feeding. Many consistently successful Lower Keys guides head west and work the incoming tide as it makes its way up the island chain.

If the tide doesn’t allow you to jump ahead of the fish then it’s time to pinpoint and work a handful of local spots. The main problem with permit is that as the tide floods they fan out on the interior flats and disperse into punishable groups.

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Ideally, try and pick your spots and setup on the flat before the fish move up and start foraging. Under this scenario I suggest you work the edges of a flat and try to pick off fish as they head back into deeper water.

This often means fewer shots, but these fish are usually anxious to pick off one last critter before retreating to deeper water. On cooler days, target your efforts along dark bottom flats, which warm quickly under the tropical sun.

On blistering hot summer days locate light bottom flats with deep water in the vicinity. Permit will often move up to feed for only a short time before retreating to deeper, cooler water.

If I had to pick one outfit I would go with a trusty 9-weight which provides the ability to toss a heavy, wind resistant fly, yet still offer a delicate presentation. If you stop by the docks during a permit tournament you will find that most guides remove or cover their flies before getting within sight of the competition.

If you fish with a local guide there is no doubt that whatever pattern you have selected he will cut it off in favor of his secret weapon. Even if you have your own skiff and plan on a week of permit exploration in the Keys, do yourself a huge favor and spend at least one day with a local who knows these fish and these waters.

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For those of you that haven’t had the privilege of battling with one of these elusive creatures, it’s hard to rationalize the adrenaline filled rush. If you’ve been graced by the presence of one of these sickle-tailed demons, you probably lick your lips in desire at the slightest suggestion of a tail piercing the surface.

I’ve caught and guided many clients to quality permit, and I can proudly say that I remain more addicted than ever! Targeted species on a saltwater bow fishing trip will include sleepyhead, sting ray, black drum, mullet, long nose gar, flounder, snapper, cobra, and several other non-game species.

This bow fishing trip provides opportunities on some pretty big fish that at times can take multiple shots in order to land. Saltwater bow fishing will surely bring those memories of chasing big game fish in Florida to life.

For saltwater charters we recommend lodging at The Plantation Inn located in Crystal River. You will find many activities aside from your bow fishing charter such as snorkeling with manatees, kayaking, golf, any many offshore fishing guide opportunities.

That's why at Florida Bow fishing Addiction we pride our company on providing the absolute best quality boats and equipment available. Time and time again we have heard horror stories from clients who have experienced some pretty tuff fishing excursions with guides that just simply fell short.

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Be sure to purchase your license before your scheduled bow fishing charter date. The state of Florida allows USCG certified Captains to hold the saltwater fishing license for our clients.

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