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Grouper is a system for creating and maintaining institutional groups in a central repository. Such groups may be used for many purposes e.g. for mailing lists, or for determining which set of people are allowed to access specific web applications, or for sharing resources.

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GrouperSysAdmin is also a special internal entity which has implicit admin privileges for folders and groups. A Sysadmin group, if defined, conveys implicit GrouperSysAdmin privileges to its members.

Members of this group, by default, act as themselves with privileges limited to those assigned to them. This UI allows Sysadmin group members to opt to Act as admin.

More information Links to this dictionary or to single translations are very welcome! The Nassau Grouper (Epimetheus stratus) is a large fish that inhabits our reefs and is especially common in the waters of Saga.

As is typical of groupers, it has a robust, elongated body, rounded fins and big lips. The Nassau grouper can be identified by three distinct features: 1) its body is covered in five olive-brown vertical bars, and a diagonal bar goes from its snout, across its eye and to the start of its dorsal fin; 2) the top of its head has a tuning-fork shaped marking; and 3) the base of its tail has a large black saddle spot.

The fact that the Dutch Caribbean has a healthy population of Nassau Grouper is an attestation to the health of our reefs and the success of our marine parks. One of the biggest threats to this fish species is habitat loss; Nassau groupers inhabit shallow to mid-range coral reefs (typically between 6 and 30 meters) and rocky areas where they can hide in crevices; juveniles are commonly found in seagrass beds.

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Both coral reefs and seagrass beds have suffered much degradation in parts of the Caribbean within the past few decades. From mammals to reptiles, from birds to insects, the following list includes names of animals that start with G. I can tell you that some of them are not so common like “goat” or “goose”.

Mammals that start with G Galloway: breed of hardy black chiefly beef cattle native to Scotland. Garner: slender East African antelope with a slim neck and backward-curving horns.

Gnu: large African antelope having a head with horns like an ox and a long tufted tail. Gecko: any of various small chiefly tropical and usually nocturnal insectivorous terrestrial lizards typically with immovable eyelids; completely harmless.

Glossing: bloodsucking African fly; transmits sleeping sickness etc. Grasshopper: terrestrial plant-eating insect with hind legs adapted for leaping.

My point is: why do humans engage in these acts of humorous, explicit and offensive displays of teasing? Not being an anthropologist, behavioral psychologist or neurologist, I felt I was perfectly qualified to pontificate on the subject, and so I shall climb aboard my soap box and set sail across the spouting mists of controversy.

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During the many displays of this phenomenon we colloquially call ‘banter’, I have noted a number of different symptoms, if you like. The people also partaking in the banter, or the banter age (as in entourage, I’m obviously just too witty for you all) are often making loud exclamations, such as the ones we say earlier, (OH Datum etc.).

Finally, those passively observing the banter, or the onlookers, they are either embarrassed or smirking, but not wanting to get involved for fear of the banter age turning on them. I am by no means condemning banter, to all those that believe this article is an attack on those who readily engage in the sport.

If you do take anything from this burbled fortification, I suggest when banter is exchanged, try to make it remotely witty, otherwise it is terribly boring for the onlookers… One Gulf fisherman thought he was in for a giant catch, reeling in a four-foot shark on his line off Florida's Bonita Springs north of Naples this week.

But no sooner than he had the black tip shark in his sights, a dark shadow appeared swimming up from the depths. A hungry grouper had other ideas about who was going to be sitting back with a full stomach Tuesday.

The video posted online (see below story) shows the grouper swallow the shark whole in one giant gulp and disappear back to the depths. 1of44The fisherman thought he had a big lunch coming but then the dark shadow of another giant fish appears.

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The grouper thought to be a Goliath grouper had other ideas about who was getting fed. Gimbb14/YouTube Show MoreS how Less 2of44The fisherman thought he had a big lunch coming but then the dark shadow of another giant fish appears. The grouper thought to be a Goliath grouper had other ideas about who was getting fed. Gimbb14/YouTube Show MoreS how Less 3of44The fisherman thought he had a big lunch coming but then the dark shadow of another giant fish appears.

Gimbb14/YouTube Show MoreS how Less 4of44The fisherman thought he had a big lunch coming but then the dark shadow of another giant fish appears. The grouper thought to be a Goliath grouper had other ideas about who was getting fed. Gimbb14/YouTube Show MoreS how Less 17of44Check out some of the biggest fish to be recently pulled out of Texas waters.TWD Show MoreS how Less 18of44Shannon Ellington caught this 15.18 pound bass as part of the Sharpener Program on March 7, 2015, in Lake Ray Roberts. Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Show MoreS how Less 19of44Wayne Trina caught this 13.05 pound bass as part of the Sharpener Program on March 7, 2015, in Sam Rayburn Reservoir. Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Show MoreS how Less 20of44Darrell Tompkins caught this 14.32 pound bass as part of the Sharpener Program on March 7, 2015, in Sam Rayburn Reservoir. Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Show MoreS how Less 21of44Aden and Chandler Elliott with their 45 pound catch hauled out of Galveston Bay on Thanksgiving Day 2013.

Heather immediately began a career with perhaps the world's most famous news organization, BBC News, initially covering the UK and Europe before moving to New York to take up the position of US reporter for BBC Radio. Heather went on to appear on prime time TV in the UK, the US and across the Globe interviewing the likes of former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, writer Maya Angelou and actor George Clooney.

Heather has reported live from the White House and the Oscars, as well as produced cutting edge series from sub-Saharan Africa. She joined the Chronicle team in December 2013 after moving to Houston to be near her oil industry-based family and lives happily in the Heights.

Mike Goodwin (aka Black neck Adventures), and he mentioned that we should continue doing these popular fishing lists… and more specifically, that the next “Must Know Fishing List” should be focused on female anglers as they don’t get enough credit in our industry. So here it is, the complete list of they must-know female anglers (aka Fisher women) here in the great state of Florida.

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We started by asking about a dozen well-known anglers and fishing guides around Florida to tell us what women they would have on the list. Moreover, we hope that you will encourage and support every single one of these women as they are the future of getting more girls outside fishing.

She is a full-time charter captain out of St. George Island, Florida, she has a photography company, and she even went to Law School (so don’t even try arguing with her about size limits on fish). From the feedback we’ve heard from her clients and fellow guides up in the panhandle, Capt.

Krista is one of the hardest working female guides on the West Coast of Florida… and she certainly knows how to catch some fish. It doesn’t hurt that she has landed more species of pelagic fish than many men.

Dada Bridger Johnson, aka “Dada Outdoors” first made her appearance all over the online fishing networks a few years ago when the video of her hand-lining a Goliath Grouper went viral (you can see that video here) You can usually find Dada fishing or hunting somewhere near the west coast of Florida.

Female angler Brandi Meets has caught just about every saltwater species in Florida! Keep an eye on Sydney as she will certainly be a force to be reckoned with in the freshwater fishing world.

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Known to her 20,000+ Instagram fans as “BreGoneFishing”, Brenna Williams lives to fish. Not to mention, this female angler can catch some serious redfish on both fly and conventional reels.

Every time we see her posts coming across our Instagram feed it’s Brenna holding another good-looking copper top redfish. BRE lives in Central Florida and you can check out her Instagram page here.

If you ask anyone in the Florida Keys to name you a “Must Know” female angler, there is a good chance you will hear the name Alysha Atari. She has been fishing since she was a young girl, and she now lives down in the Florida Keys full time when everyone knows her as a “fisher woman”.

This must know female angler travels the world in search of outdoor adventure from monster bull redfish in Louisiana to the blue fin Really up above in Panama, this gal can flat out catch fish! Brittney is from Melbourne, Florida where her dad was a commercial fisherman and clamber.

Quin Had don (aka “Quirky bear” on Instagram) was originally from Canada, but moved to the St. Pete area to pursue fishing. She travels all over the place to catch big fish, while spending much of her time in between Florida and Mexico.

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She also makes quite a few appearances on the popular fishing TV show called “Silver Kings” Sara Maria (or known to her Instagram fans as “Saras_au”) is the kayak/paddleboard/beach fishing queen of the Florida panhandle.

We’ve been following Sara for some time now and this girl has caught more species of saltwater fish from her kayak than many people do from a boat. If you could only pick one woman to guide you on both the water and the land for a full weekend of fishing and hunting anywhere in Florida, it would have to be Capt.

Whether it be a tarpon, redfish, or an Osceola Wild Turkey, Lacey knows where to find them. With so much love and respect from the entire outdoors community in Florida, it is no surprise that Lacey Kelly is on this list.

She has appeared in numerous popular fishing videos, and the girl certainly knows her way around the boat. Check her out on Instagram here and expect some big things from Jackie in the future.

Krista having a blast while catching fish, traveling, and growing her brand. She is an inshore fishing phenom and pretty darn good with a fly rod from what we’ve been told.

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Check out Alissa’s Instagram page here (Tampa Fly Girl) along with her blog on Facebook here. Christina “Tina” Corrode is another South Florida native (from Lighthouse Point area) to make the list, and she spends most of her time fishing Hillsborough Inlet or shooting over to the Bahamas in search of pelagic.

Female angler Alex Wood sum has been fly-fishing since she was 8 years old! She is the Development and Communications Director for Bone fish & Tarpon Trust, the Project Lead for Project Healing Waters in Miami (a group that teaches wounded veterans how to fly fish), and she’s also part of the Anglers Circle for the American Museum of Fly Fishing.

Captain Lava Fitzgerald is certainly a “Must Know” and her list of fishing accomplishments and tournament placings wouldn’t fit in this small section. Brooke Thomas (known by her ginormous Instagram following of 77,000+ as “The Booster”) was mentioned by numerous people to be on this list.

Probably because she has one of the bigger social media followings for a female angler out there in terms of Instagram. And don’t let her petite size fool you, this girl can land a monster fish and go bow-fishing with the best of them.

Miami native Emily Raider has one of the largest Instagram followings (at over 40,000 fans) for any female angler. This fun-loving gal travels all over the world for photo shoots, fun, and catching fish.

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This must-know Florida female angler has been blowing up over the past year or so as she can now be seen all over TV with her hit show “Lays Unleashed”. Known to her followers as “The OFishalInsider”, Brie Gabrielle is the well-known co-host of the Chevy Insider Report with Captain Rick Murphy.

And she became famous all throughout the country last year as she was crowned Miss Florida USA 2016! Monique Richter is not only a top-notch sport fishing captain, but she is also one heck of a marine artist (this is one of her many pieces of art above).

And not only can this gal catch some monster fish, she was also a professional wakeboarder where she traveled the world for many years. She has a very large Instagram following (over 17,000 strong), and you can see her catching everything from cobra to bass.

Lauren is out on the water whenever she can, and has placed in numerous pelagic fishing tournaments over the past couple of years. Her husband is a commercial swordfish fisherman, so the two of them are out on the water pretty much every week.

Female angler Cheyenne Lee out of Stuart, Florida isn’t even 21 years old, yet she already a holder of multiple World records for women’s spearfishing. Cheyenne can often be found in the Florida Keys, the Bahamas, or spearfishing tournaments, and she is certainly one to keep your eye on into the future.

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