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Florida ’s central east coast offers several easily accessed fishing piers and jetties that bring anglers close to the deeper and more productive coastal waters along beaches and inlets. Add to that the briny breezes, melodic wave action and frequent dolphin sightings, and these scenic angling venues deliver a bounty of ambient appeal with a comfortable convenience that allows you to come and go as you please and learn how to pier fish in Florida.

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First, incoming tides signal increasing action as roaming predators such as mackerel, king fish, tarpon, cobra, bluefish and sharks follow the bait fish schools that ride the rising water closer to these structures. 2 hooks and a 2- to 6-ounce pyramid weight at the bottom will yield a mixed bag of pompano, whiting, redfish, black drum, flounder, bluefish and trout.

Available in most tackle shops, double droppers are easy to tie and customizable with various colored beads and floats to hold the baited hooks above the bottom. Common baits for the smaller species include live shrimp, squid, sand fleas and clam strips (brined for toughness).

When you’re ready for a stronger challenge, fish cut sardines, whiting or mullet, or live bait fish (pinkish, pilchards) on a fish-finder rig (available at bait shops). Designs range from grocery baskets fitted with PVC rod holders to fully customized wheeled platforms with bait tank, cooler and gear racks.

If you cast a line or catch and release, you need a fishing license. Someone who is passively participating (setting decoys, calling birds or baiting hooks), whether actively fishing or hunting or not, must have a license and appropriate permits.

Pursuant to Florida Statute 379.354, the following individuals are EXEMPT from recreational hunting, freshwater fishing or saltwater fishing licenses as well as Florida waterfowl, migratory bird, deer, turkey, shook, spiny lobster, archery, crossbow, muzzle loading and management area permit requirements (unless noted, these exemptions do not apply to federal duck stamp requirements): Youth under 16 years of age (also exempt from federal duck stamp requirements).

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Disabled veterans or active or reserve duty military service members and their immediate family members and assistants, who are participating in a permitted outdoor recreational event, for which the Commission has issued a Military/Disabled Veteran Event License Exemption Permit to the event organizer. A fishpond is a man-made pond constructed for the primary purpose of fishing, entirely within the property lines of the owner and with no surface water connection to public waters.

Individuals who possess a Resident Freshwater Commercial Fishing License. Florida's residents who are fishing for mullet in fresh water who hold valid Florida resident freshwater fishing license.

Florida's residents saltwater fishing from land or a structure fixed to land who have been determined eligible for the food stamp, temporary cash assistance, or Medicaid Program by the Department of Children and Families (DCF). Proof of identification and a benefit issuance or program identification card issued by DCF or the Agency for Health Care Administration must be in possession when fishing.

If your program is approved, you will receive one rod and reel per participant, up to 400, as long as we have that equipment in inventory. If you have over 400 participants, or we are unable to give you the full number of rods and reels needed, we can provide sources for purchasing additional fishing equipment.

Contact Fish Florida if you are uncertain whether your event qualifies, if you have questions about the program or if you have problems completing the application form. After receiving your application, we will review it for completeness, the Fish Florida Board of Directors will vote on it, and we will notify you as outlined below.

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“A COPY OF THE OFFICIAL REGISTRATION AND FINANCIAL INFORMATION MAY BE OBTAINED FROM THE DIVISION OF CONSUMER SERVICES BY CALLING TOLL-FREE (800-435-7352) WITHIN THE STATE. Before presenting the products, however, we will go through the factors that will help you identify the best beginner fishing rods based on your needs below the reviews.

The fishing rod and reel combos that we recommend above all have different uses that they are relatively easy for beginners to get into. Fishing with these new techniques will require a more advanced reel and rod combo.

If fishing is something that you can see yourself doing fairly regularly get a decent set up like the Pisicifun Carbon X Serpent Spinning Rod Combo that you can grow into and have as part of your arsenal for a long time. If you were fishing for heavier lake-dwelling species like Muskie, Pike you would use a medium action rod with a bait casting reel.

This would be coupled with a spinning reel that has a front drag system for those bigger fish. While these are the most inexpensive reels out there, they will also be replaced relatively quickly as you increase your fishing skill.

These can be found on many fishing charter boats as their use is dependent on being above deeper water. While fishing rods were initially made of bamboo, today’s manufacturers have upgraded to the use of fiberglass and graphite.

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Carbon fiberglass rods are more reliable as compared to the graphite types since they are not only highly flexible but also cheap, tough, and durable. On the other hand, graphite fishing rods are more weightless sensitive, and stiffer, but are also much easier to break.

For beginners typically you are going for smaller fish so a cheaper graphite rod would do just fine. Moreover, such actions allow you to fight the fish easily that mostly feature a stiff backbone.

Medium action fishing rods allow the bending of the top half and are mostly a favorite of the beginners. A slow action fishing pole is perfect for catching small fish since it will be from the lower third.

This refers to the level of pressure needed to bend the fishing rod while in action. A fishing rod is often described as ultra-light, light, medium-light, medium, medium-heavy, heavy, and extra-heavy with respect to its power.

While these companies mean well these fishing rods will not be good for much, hence their rather cheap price tag. The most important things to keep in mind is the capabilities of the rod, especially if you are looking for a certain type of fish.

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An Ultra Light Rod will most likely snap if you are trying to reel in that 15 pound pike. While a heavy action rod will not have as much sensitivity if you are targeting smaller dish species like blue gill.

Larger Fish (Bigger Bass, Salmon, Pike, Muskie) When looking to acquire the best fishing rod for beginners, you have to decide the type that you need.

Such types are the standard rods for fishing bass, trout and pike. Such rods provide maximum versatility and flexibility to catch fish easily.

As such, be sure to check the local fishing rules and regulations to be on the safe side of the law. This is because as you gain more experience you may like a certain brand of rod paired with a certain type of reel.

The Penn Fierce III Live Liner Spinning Combo is a rod-reel combination that is a bit more price but a rod that will last you for a long time. The Penn Fierce III is also a great rod and reel combo that can be used in variety of different environments like lakes, bays and ocean fishing.

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This light 1 piece-spinning rod and reel combo will simply up your fishing game. The Ugly Stick construction features a machined double anodized aluminum spool that further comes with an oversized bail wire to increase its durability.

The main complaints about this combo is that it is not packed very well for shipping but few are actually directed towards the performance of this product. This Ugly Stick GX2 rod is highly durable and sturdy, which means that you will enjoy its services for a long time.

It is highly sensitive, implying that it can offer all-round use despite the type of fish being caught. The Penn Battle II is a great rod and reel combo to do some offshore fishing with if you live by the ocean.

Many people including the gentleman in the above video have stated positive experiences catching various offshore species such as rays, sharks and striped bass. Some of the more negative qualities about this combo were the fact that more than a few reviewers stated that it was not packaged very well and in some instances some pieces broke on delivery.

Have you been looking for a fishing rod and reel that can be comfortably used in both salty water and freshwater? If you have, this might be the best brand in the market since it even comes with a fishing carrier bag for convenient travels.

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The hooded reel seats are made of stainless steel so the rod is always bright and resistant to corrosion in seawater. This strong pole is widely considered to be the best fishing rod and reel combo for beginners because of the accessories included and it’s versatility.

This seems to be a somewhat common theme with telescopic fishing rods where most of them hold up well but a few of them may be not up to manufacturing standards. If you are, you need search no further since Luciano Spinning Combos Full KIT is designed specifically for you.

Its construction features a mix of high-density carbon fiber and fiberglass that make it hard and durable for beginner fisherman. Its medium power allows you to catch fish species that are a bit bigger and give you more fight.

The spinning reel seats are hooded and made of stainless steel, which means that they are resistant to the corrosion caused by seawater. Most users love the fact that the telescopic fishing rod is made with a closed length design that makes it highly portable and convenient to use.

The extended handle works alongside the medium power to deliver a great action. Overall a lot of customers were delighted to see how this rod held up when fighting fish such as bass tagged the line.

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Some users are worried that the plastic body makes it a lower quality product. This is often attributable to the fact that you will be dealing with multiple brands of fishing gear and finding one that best meets your needs might be challenging.

It is available at a super friendly price considering its great status when compared to its competitors. It is also highly durable, lightweight, and flexible, which means that it will allow you to have a fantastic time catching fish.

They are also amazing choices that are worth considering since they have multiple unique features to offer. Saltwater fishing is an activity that is slowly gaining popularity among the old and young generation.

When fishing in saltwater, a lot of care has to be taken when selecting your gear, as the water is highly corrosive by nature. For this reason, we advise that you invest in a model that is made from corrosion resistant materials to ensure its durability.

Rest assured that our below selection of the best saltwater fishing rods will help ease the struggle. In this area where fishing is slowly gaining recognition, it has become necessary for us to make use of the highest quality products that will make the experience worthwhile, filled with memories and stories we can share for an extended period.

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The material used in its construction is mighty flexible, allowing users to fold and store their rod whenever they are going on a trip or changing fishing location. The Shaman Arévalo Spinning Rod comes your way in this article as an elegant creation that properly balances design with function.

This is a graphite jigging spinning rod designed and distributed by a leading manufacturer in the fishing gear industry. This saltwater fishing gear is highly innovative in design, and features many exciting elements such as high power fishing reels and a top carbon butt section.

The new blank design of this rod results in its lightweight structure, which ultimately increases its compatibility and portability. The rod is diamond polished and has a Fuji aluminum oxide reinforcement used for its guides; a feature meant to supplement the unit’s resistance to corrosion and heat dissipation.

The Shaman Arévalo spinning rod is well suited for both amateurs and professionals. We can never say this enough; having the EAT MY TACKLE Sabik Fishing Rod in your midst gears you up for greatness always.

Our team of explorers have tested this fishing rod to find out everything unique about it, and they came up with exciting results. It features a flexible system which allows you to hold your rod and keep it away in storage if you have to move or travel long distances to fish.

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The material used in constructing this model of a fishing rod is sturdy and robust enough to withstand any pressures; it is built from plastic fittings which work together with a durable fiberglass base to enhance the durability of your rod. A single purchase provides you with a lifetime warranty which signifies the strength and durability of this model.

We introduce to you the Died Titular Casting Rod, one of the best saltwater fishing gears in the market today. This model features the exclusive Died Super Volume Fiber graphite technology, which is known to increase durability and also promote ease of use.

It is designed from a bias graphite fiber construction which is known to deliver zero blank twist, ultimate strength and incredible flexibility, which makes using this rod a total joy. Other features of this superb fishing rod include its Fuji aconite ring guides, micro pitch clear finish, a machined aluminum reel clamp nut and a Died custom reel seat.

The art of fishing is one that helps you create fun and lasting memories, in addition to it being a healthy outdoor lifestyle. It features the perfect fishing pole size and weight for anyone starting in the fishing universe, and its lightweight design also makes it easy to store or travel with.

We love the Sougayilang saltwater fishing rods for many reasons, one of such being its durability. This unit is made from a mixture of carbon fiber and fiberglass, which makes it extra stable and extremely durable.

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If your fishing trip doesn’t include the Okay Composite Saltwater Roller Rod, you should consider making a change as soon as possible. It is considered the winner choice, which is why it has found a spot in our list of recommendations.

The Okay Composite saltwater fishing rods feature a high-quality industrial design that is made possible via the use of composite fiber for the main shaft to increase its sensitivity. CNC machined aircraft grade alloys increase the rod’s strength and durable hardware as well as smooth stainless rollers that enable you to use this fishing rod every year without worrying about corrosion of reduced performance.

Brand Okay Model 80-130lb Tuna Series Weight 2.2 pounds Amateur and professional fisher folk can attest to the quality of the Shaman Tier Saltwater Spinning Rod.

This is another one of the many saltwater fishing rods created and distributed by the Shaman brand, and it is regarded as the best saltwater fishing rod you will ever encounter in today’s market. It can do this via its medium to heavy power construction; a feature manufacturers love to boast about.

The unit itself is lightweight in structure and extremely durable even after it has d=gone through some rough handling. Its ability to avoid showing signs of wear and tear is impressive and also makes it a favorite among the fishing community.

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The Tier saltwater rod features cork-wrapped fore grips and a non-slip rear which makes it usable even in slippery and wet conditions. Give in to an occasional cast now and then and take great advantage of your Shaman Tier rod.

The Okay brand is one of the leading names in the fishing gear industry. It is set to be the most trusted brand around since every item they launch is high quality and exudes durability that cannot be competed with.

It features a classic design and is put together from composite fiber and machined aircraft grade alloys. The Blue line fishing rod from Okay has a slick butt handle made with EVA foam for maximum grip.

Its construction is done with only the most durable materials such as graphite and bronze, to make it both lightweight and sturdy enough to withstand any external pressures during your fishing expedition. The final product review on saltwater is the one and only Fib link Offshore Trolling Rod.

It features a robust construction which involves the use of reinforced material, carbon and glass fiber to improve the rods sensitivity and performance action. Experience the excellent functioning of the unit’s high-quality roller guides and use this model for years without experiencing any form of rust or heat dissipation.

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We love everything about this saltwater rod, from its construction to the finish choice and even the intense and comfortable grip. But a great fishing pole, pocket knife, and other useful accessories certainly add to your odds.

While some fishing rods will be well worth the money, some are just pricey sticks that will never see the light of day because they never feel right. And the Died Mini spin Ultralight Spinning Reel and Combo is perfect for just that.

This fishing rod and reel combo come in an ultra-compact hard case that fits right in under your car seat. The case features multiple compartments that you can use to store some lures, floats, hooks, weights, and baits.

The line weight is two to six pounds which makes this ideal for pan fish and trout, maybe some catfish and large mouth bass. But for those infrequent backpacking trips or rare moments when you come upon a prime fishing spot on your travels, this is just the thing.

Rod and reel combo Hard case comes with tackle compartments Very portable It features sensitive graphite blank construction, aluminum oxide guide inserts, stainless steel hooded real seats, and cork grips.

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The finish is beautiful, the cork handle feels great in your hand, and the guides are all properly placed. This has moderate action with very good sensitivity and can cast with great accuracy.

And there are a handful of reviews that talk about the rod breaking after a couple of uses or arriving broken. Quality issues aside, if you want an affordable spinning rod for impromptu trout fishing, the Obama Cello can’t be beaten.

Best Fishing Rod For Catfish Shakespeare Ugly Stick GX2 is perfect for anglers who want a rod built to last and don’t want to create a huge hole in their pocket. It is a composite of graphite and fiberglass which gives it that strong backbone necessary for handling big fish as well as the sensitivity needed to detect the subtlest of bites.

Basically, everything you’ll need to get started on your newest hobby. The telescopic rod is constructed from high-density carbon fiber and fiberglass, stainless steel hooded reel seats, aluminum oxide guide inserts, and an EVA Fore grip.

The rod is beautifully made; it has a stiff backbone, strong eyelets, and the reel seat is all metal. Also, some anglers have reported breaking their rod when hooking bigger fish.

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Two pieces may not fit snugly without sanding Few reports of rod breaking when hooking big fish The Shaman Stimuli is an ultralight 2-piece spinning rod that has medium fast action, perfect for bank fishing at your local pond and/or lake.

The rod also features an aluminum reel seat with double lock rings and a cork handle that will ensure your hands remain fatigue-free after more than a hundred casts. This is fast action fly rod so you can get a really long distance with more control.

The Best Lightweight Fishing Pole and Reel Compare you planning an off-road fishing trip anytime soon? What you need is a lightweight, portable fishing pole that can easily fit into a backpack, car, trunk or boat hatch.

It has an ABS collapsible which has been cut to precision using CNC machining to perfectly fit into your hands. You can use this fishing rod both on freshwater and saltwater without worrying about it getting corroded.

The guides are made of a mixture of stainless steel and ceramic to prevent the lines getting stuck as well as reduces friction which means smooth, long casts all the time, every time. The rod also features a non-slip rubber shrink tube handle and an extreme exposure reel seat.

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And the durability is amazing; you can hook 3-foot sharks and large rays with this thing and it won’t break. Fortunately, the company’s customer service is great and replaces them without any hassle.

Reports of the ceramic insert breaking Not for simple fishing needs Heavy The rod has a graphite composite construction with stainless steel guides, aluminum oxide inserts, and EVA grips.

The reel features a water seal design that makes it ideal for saltwater fishing. It has a full metal body as well as a sealed HT-100 slammer drag system which allows for a smooth as silk output.

Go in the shop, pick the longest one with the coolest color, and head out to the pier. To new anglers’ surprise, this simple rod has a load of specs and terms that you’ll need to be familiar with if you’re planning on taking up this sport/recreation.

What this means is that your dominant hand is the one holding the rod while your non-dominant one is handling the reel. This type of rod is best for new anglers because it’s easier to reel in the fish, much faster too.

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This means you can learn the technique faster and start having fun earlier. However, because of the orientation of the eyelet, there is a higher chance for the eyelets/guides to break because of the force of the pull.

As we’ve mentioned before, the fishing rods can also be divided based on the conditions in which they will be used. The length can range from short for boat use to very long for use on rocks or on the shore.

The heaviest you’ll find are designed for catching a shark. Depending on the size, fly rods can be used to catch many kinds of fish.

One distinctive feature of this type of rod is the lack of a butt below the reel which allows the fisherman to freely cast the line with speed. Fly rods also have specialized guides/eyelets, called snake eyes, to guide the heavy line and prevent it from getting tangled when you cast.

The Tailgater Outfitters Toccoa Fly Rod is one of the best we’ve seen that’s sold at an affordable price. This allows you to take the rod with you on foot, bike, car, or even in public transit.

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Considered the world’s smallest fishing rods, these can fit in your backpack or pocket. These are typically used to catch large game fish such as marlin or tuna.

Trolling rods are long, stiff, and heavy with a fast action. Bamboo is typically used to make fly rods because it has a smooth, fluid back cast.

While it is heavier than graphite, bamboo fishing rods provide a unique feel and experience. These are ideal when you require subtle and delicate presentation such as dry flies and unweighted small nymphs.

Composite is a combination of fiberglass and graphite, this provides the angler with better sensitivity, more durability, and greater flexibility. If you’re planning on fishing from a kayak or in wooded areas, you’ll want a shorter rod because of the lack of available space.

Those who wish to catch big, aggressive fish will need a strong but short rod. An action is an amount of “bend” your rod has when pressure is applied to the tip as well as how fast it returns to its neutral position.

Power also referred to as weight or taper, is how much it would take to bend the fishing rod. In the same way, light and ultralight fishing rods require less power to bend which is what makes them ideal for smaller species such as trout and pan fish.

The categories for power or weight are ultralight, light, medium, heavy and ultra-heavy. But if you want to match the fish you want to catch with the type of rod you need to buy, below are some general configurations.

Ultralight: bait fish, crappie Light: small fish such as bluegill Medium-Light: bass, trout Medium: bass, catfish, stripper Medium-Heavy: salmon, pike, shook Heavy: salmon, sturgeon, tuna, tarpon Extra-Heavy: sailfish, tuna, halibut Typically, lower-priced rods tend to have lower quality components such as guides made out of plastic that break down more quickly.

There’s a lot of knowledge that you’ll gain only by going out there and fishing and talking to those with more experience. Take the time to hang out at your local bait shop or sporting goods store.

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