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Prefer water temperatures between 66 and 77 degrees F. Like many other grouper, red grouper undergo a sex reversal, young individual females becoming males as they age. John Batson, out of Carolina Beach, on that fateful day when a hungry red grouper bit twice within 15 minutes.

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The second time, Dean bested the fat grouper and fought it to the surface. It took a while for all the paperwork to be submitted and approved, but Dean’s 35 pound and 11 ounce catches was officially recognized as the new N.C. record on February 2, 2018.

There is not a time limit for applying for N.C. state salt water fishing records. “Once I saw where the concentration of fish was, I swung back and anchored to set us up over them.

“They specialize in bottom fishing and I’ve been booking the second week of June for more than 10 years. The state record was truly the icing on the cake, but we also caught several hog snappers and a lobster.

Dean said all agreed this was an exceptionally large red grouper and that it should be weighed on official scales once back at the dock. He wasn’t thinking state record, but he had caught a 31 founder several years earlier and thought this one was a little heavier.

In addition to the new state record, the catch on this trip included several more grouper, plus several hog snapper, a spiny lobster and an assortment of other offshore bottom fish. Dean’s red grouper weighed 35 pounds and 11 ounces on the certified scales at Island Tackle and Hardware in Carolina Beach.

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The world all-tackle record for red grouper is a 42 pounds and 4 ounces fish caught off St. Augustine Florida in 1997. Dean was using a mixed bait of squid and a cigar minnow when the big grouper hit.

He said he likes to put several pieces of squid on the hooks as it lasts better when the overly abundant bait thieves are pecking at it. Dean was fishing a combination of a JB Custom Rod, built to Batson’s specs, and a PENN 3/0 Senator reel.

The reel was filled with Mo moi 80 pound test mono line in the smoke gray color and the bait was pinned on a Mustard circle hook. His writing features this area prominently, but he has fished and written about the East Coast from Virginia to Florida, the Gulf Coast, California, Alaska and several of the Great Lakes in the U.S., plus several countries in Central America and several Caribbean Islands.

Scientific classification Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Actinopterygii Order: Performed Family: Serranidae Subfamily: Epinephrine Genus: Epimetheus Species: Binomial name Epimetheus Mario Synonyms Serra nus Mario Valentines, 1828 Serra nus erythrogaster Delay, 1842 Serra nus lurid us Tanzania, 1842 Serra nus remotes Play, 1860 Serra nus angustifrons Standalone, 1864 The red grouper has a body with a standard length which is 2.6 to 3 times as long as it is deep.

The properly is subangular with the serrations at its angle being slightly enlarged and the upper edge of the gill cover is straight. The They are dark reddish brown on the upper part of the head and body, shading to paler pink on the underparts, they are marked with lighter spots and blotches across their body and there are darker margins to the fins.

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This species has a maximum published total length of 125 centimeters (49 in), although they a more commonly found at lengths around 50 centimeters (20 in), and a maximum published weight of 23 kilograms (51 lb). The redgrouper's typical range is coastal areas in the western Atlantic, stretching from southern Brazil to North Carolina in the US and including the Gulf of Mexico and Bermuda.

Spawning occurs offshore between January and June, peaking in May. While primarily eating benthic invertebrates, the red grouper is an opportunistic feeder in the reef community.

The diet commonly includes mantid and portend crabs, juvenile spiny lobster, and snapping shrimp, with the occasional fish. The red grouper is of moderate size, about 125 cm and weighs 23 kg or more.

When aggravated (they are highly territorial) or involved in spawning activities, these fish can very rapidly change coloration patterns, with the head or other parts of the body turning completely white, and the white spots appearing more intense. Red grouper (Epimetheus Mario) on an excavated site on Pulley Ridges on the West Florida Shelf Red grouper actively excavate pits in the seafloor.

They start digging in the sediment from the time they settle out of the plankton and continue throughout their lifetime. They use their caudal fin and their mouths to remove debris and sediment from rocks, creating exposed surfaces on which sessile organisms actively settle (e.g., sponges, soft corals, algae).

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The exposure of structure also attracts a myriad of other species, including mobile invertebrates and a remarkable diversity of other fishes, from bodies and butterfly fish to grunts and snapper. The lionfish Steroid Holsteins started invading red grouper habitat by 2008, from Florida Bay to the Florida Keys and offshore to Pulley Ridge, a despotic coral reef on the West Florida Shelf west of the Dry Tortugas.

Known for being extremely capable predators on small reef fish, scientists are very interested in determining the extent to which their invasion changes the functional dynamics of associated communities. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Epimetheus Mario.

“Helming parasites of Epimetheus Mario (Pisces: Serranidae) of the Yucatán Peninsula, southeastern Mexico” (PDF). From monster Goliath's to delicious Scamps, these big bottom-dwellers are a favorite on most Floridian fishing trips.

In this article, you can learn all about the different types of Grouper in Florida. The average catch in Florida is around half that length, weighing between 5 and 20 pounds.

Black Grouper live around rocky bottoms and reefs on both sides of the Sunshine State. They spend their summers spawning in much shallower seas, though, as little as 30 feet deep.

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Juveniles stick to these inshore spots until they’re big enough to fend for themselves. Commonly known as “Grey Grouper,” these guys are a staple of reef fishing trips around the Gulf and up the Atlantic.

They don’t grow as big as Black Grouper, usually maxing out somewhere around 50 pounds. Even so, the average catch is in the same 5–20 lb bracket as Black Grouper.

However, younger Gags can be found in estuaries and even seagrass beds, so don’t be surprised if you hook one while you’re on the hunt for Redfish and other inshore species. Bigger fish hunt around muddy and rocky coastal waters.

Young Goliath's will head right into estuaries and look for food around oyster bars. Their huge size and fearless curiosity made them an easy target, and they were overfished almost to extinction in the late 20th century.

Luckily, Goliath Grouper are strictly protected these days, and you can only fish for them on a catch-and-release basis. From teaming up with other predators to catch their dinner to reportedly fanning bait out of traps for an easy snack, they’re far brighter than most people give them credit for.

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Sadly, this intelligence comes with the same natural curiosity that put Goliath Grouper in hot water. If you come across one, count yourself lucky for the chance to meet it and make sure it swims off unharmed.

Nothing says “reef fishing in Florida” like a boastful of big, tasty Regrouped. These deep-water hunters are the reason people bother to go offshore when there are so many fish in the shallows.

The average Regrouped weighs somewhere in the 5–10 lb range, and anything over 2 feet long is a rare catch. Your average fish will be well under 2 feet and anything over 5 pounds is a good catch.

You won’t come across them in much less than 100 feet of water, and you can easily find them in three or four times that depth. They also grow much bigger than Scamp, meaning you’re in for a real feast if you catch one.

They’re one of the easiest deep-water fish to identify, even though catching one is pretty rare. NOAA has declared Speckled Hind a Species of Concern, mainly because they have so little data on them.

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If Goliath Grouper are the kings of the shallows, these guys dominate the deep. Add in the fact that they live several hundred feet down, where all fish taste great, and they become the dream catch of many deep dropping enthusiasts.

Their dappled, red body and bright yellow fins provide camouflage around the deep, rocky structure that they hunt around. Yellow fin’s scientific name, Mycteroperca Vanessa, roughly translates to “Poisonous Grouper.” This is because they tend to have very high levels of ciguatoxin.

They’re slightly smaller than Scamp on average, but many anglers say that they taste just as good. Yellow mouth Grouper are uncommon in the Gulf of Mexico, but you can bag yourself a colorful feast all along Florida’s Atlantic Coast.

Overall light or rusty red with whitish spots and large blotches. No black mark on caudal peduncle fleshy area between tail and posterior dorsal fin.

Although Reds will “hole up” like other Groupers, many are hooked on light and fairly light tackle in areas where cover is well scattered, and this gives them the chance to demonstrate their toughness to best advantage. TACKLE AND BAITS: The standard tackle is a boat outfit with 40-pound line or more, but heavy spinning and bait casting tackle with 15- or 20-pound line can easily do the job in water less than 100 feet deep.

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Reds will hit all the baits and lures recommended for Gag and other Groupers, but they are also very fond of crustacean baits, particularly shrimp and crab. They are ready strikers on Deadhead jigs, fished with light tackle.

HABITAT: Widely distributed from close inshore in many areas of Florida to ledges and wrecks in up to 300 or so feet of water. Great majority of sport catches are made in 10-100 feet.

Cedar Key Red Grouper

They're naturally strong fish, but often it's their pure size and weight that makes them difficult to land.

This species of grouper can weight hundreds of pounds, and they're often responsible for broken lines and lost tackle. On Dec. 29, 1998, Ernesto Join landed the biggest broom tail grouper ever caught and certified as an IFA all-tackle record.

Alberto Penalty boated a giant mottled grouper on Aug. 13, 1996, off the east side of Gibraltar (a small country located between Spain and Morocco). William Laser landed the all-tackle record gulf grouper off Lore to in Baja California Sur, Mexico.

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Fishing in the Gulf of Mexico off Texas, Tim Ostrich II reeled in a 124-pound black grouper. KOI Yeshiva caught the all-tackle record convict grouper off YAGNI Island in Okinawa, Japan, on April 25, 2011.

This particular species of grouper is considered endangered today and protected in the United States and Caribbean. Courtesy IFA / IFA.org. The nearly world record gag grouper was caught by the fishing team Hauling’ Grass.

Photo provided On June 1, American red snapper weren’t the only fish to have their season opened. Flying a bit under the radar for offshore anglers has been the simultaneous opening of gag grouper.

With the opening of red snapper, many anglers running deep have run into big gags, and none were bigger than the beast that Brian Turner and crew of team Hauling’ Grass caught 80 miles offshore in 200 feet of water. The world record gag grouper of 80 pounds, 6 ounces was caught in Destiny in 1993.

Turner would find his a few pounds behind, somewhere in the mid-70-pound range, one of the biggest gags I’ve ever heard being caught from Bradenton. Joining him aboard Turner’s 42-foot Yellow fin will be fellow local marlin expert Scott Cricket to fish the 66th Ernest Hemingway International Billfish Tournament.

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I can say that as our four-man crew limited on American red snapper in 30-minutes during the short two-day extension. We also came across a few tuna, yellowtail snapper and big red grouper as well before heading in to beat the storms.

If that’s any indication of the bite in deeper water, I expect to see some awesome fish weighed in. Newman reeled in a 124.18-pound black grouper that measured 57 inches long.

Blake Schneider and her 2-year-old son Entry snagged a 160-pound doe in Simmesport, La. Calcasieu’s flounder run peaks in November, Hack Attack spinner bait is big-bass bait in November, Thunder jig helps Port Allen pro match the hatch.

The IFA maintains the World Records for all species of game fish. Florida Youth Conservation Centers Network, See a full list of our Social Media accounts, Color olive or gray with rectangular black blotches and brassy spots, Bottom of properly (cheek) is gently-rounded, Second dorsal, anal and caudal fins black on outer third part of fin, Pale yellow or white margin on pectoral fins.

Speckled Hind, Gag, and Snowy Grouper all outgrow Red Snapper. With the help of our friends at IFA, we've compiled this list of Florida Fishing Records.

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Just this last weekend, Ft Myers based Alex Newman was fishing the Ronald McDonald House Offshore Rodeo and Reggae Party, a charity fundraiser tournament that Alex has fished and placed in before. , Brent London of Port Allen relies on Delta Lures Thunder Jig, bladed bait, when November passing arrives.

Left to Right: Beau Hammond, Jim Lasher, Ben Floyd, and Tim Kent. Grouper boast the reputation of being the most big-shouldered battling' bottom fish in the South Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico.

Groupies, behold: This man's grouper catch is one for the record books. According to the International Game Fish Association, which collects and verifies world records worldwide, the current record for a black grouper is 124 pounds caught Jan. 11, 2003, in the Gulf of Mexico off Texas.

5 years ago; News; 1:16; Florida man reels in 56-kilogram black grouper, a possible world record Young black grouper feed on crustaceans, mostly shrimp. In this episode, we recall the Top Five Biggest Goliath Groupers ever caught on Blackish.

Florida Saltwater Fishing Records Written by Noah Chain. The International Game Fish Association says the current world record for a black grouper is 124 pounds.

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The average catch in Florida is around half that length, weighing between 5 and 20 pounds. (Credit: International Game Fish Association) 2 of … The world record for Warsaw Grouper is a staggering 436 pounds 12 ounces.

Adults are associated with rocky bottoms, reef, and drop off walls in water over 60 feet deep. According to the International Game Fish Association, the current black grouper world record is … Copyright 1999 – 2020 Louisiana Sportsman, Inc. All rights reserved.

Young black grouper may occur inshore in shallow water. The International Game Fish Association says the current world record for a black grouper is 124 pounds.

State Record : 113 lb 6 oz, caught near the Dry Tortugas. Goliath Grouper 680lbs caught in Ferdinand Beach in 1961 by Lynn Joyner.

Grouper boast the reputation of being the most big-shouldered battling' bottom fish in the South Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico. Adults are associated with rocky bottoms, reef, and drop off walls in water over 60 feet deep.

The Black Grouper is one of the most popular Key West game fish because it gives a hard fight and is delicious. While on a holiday trip to the Key West from her home in New Jersey, angler Braille Bennett landed a 7.25 kg (16 pound) black grouper (Mycteroperca Monaco) on November 24, 2013, that could potentially earn her the new female Junior record.

Florida Saltwater Fishing Records Written by Noah Chain. They are protogynous hermaphrodites, meaning that young predominantly female who transform into males as they grow larger.

With the help of our friends at IFA, we've compiled this list of Florida Fishing Records. 620 South Meridian Street Fishing Hall of Fame & Museum.

“All of a sudden, that rod just doubles over, and I knew right from the moment I set the hook it was something huge,” Thurman said, adding he initially suspected the catch was a shark or amber jack. With an official weight of 106.3 pounds, the black grouper Thurman hauled in was 56 inches long.

Potential World Record Black Grouper Caught in Florida Outdoor Reporters 06.09.15 What started off as an uneventful fishing trip for one Bonita Springs man ended in … According to the International Game Fish Association, which collects and verifies world records worldwide, the current record for a black grouper is 124 pounds caught Jan. 11, 2003, in the Gulf of Mexico off Texas. State Record : 113 lb 6 oz, caught near the Dry Tortugas.

Check some of these hot categories: dogfish, black grouper, cobra, mutton, cuber & mangrove snapper. Goliath Grouper aside, there are several species which blow the biggest Snappers right out of the water.

For the sake of comparison, the world record gag grouper is listed at 80 pounds, 6 ounces. Alex Newman and his crew were dropping lines in the Gulf of Mexico for the 3rd Annual Offshore Rodeo Fishing Tournament, when Newman got slobber knocked by a behemoth black grouper.

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