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In Britain all three sports were associated in the past with the upper classes, although today they all, especially fishing, attract a much wider group of people. A pack of trained dogs (called foxhounds) chased after and killed a fox while a group of people followed on horseback, wearing pink (= red jackets) and blowing horns.

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Fox-hunting, together with stag -hunting (= the hunting of male deer with dogs), hare coursing, in which greyhounds chase after a hare are now illegal, as are other blood sports such as badger baiting and cockfighting. Riding with hounds is still legal, using an artificial scent (= smell) for the dogs to follow.

Organizations opposed to hunting with dogs include the and the ASPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). Shooting game birds, such as pheasant and grouse, is a sport mainly of the upper and middle classes.

Grouse shooting begins each year on 12 August, the , and takes place mainly in Scotland. On the coast people may fish with a rod and line from a boat or from the beach.

The first Europeans who settled America hunted deer, bears, foxes, turkeys and ducks to survive, and many Americans still eat what they shoot. Instead, they say outdoor sports or, because that can include camping, walking and boating, simply hunting and fishing.

Conservation organizations sometimes also use their influence to protect the rights of people to hunt and fish. Rather than foxes, Americans generally hunt deer, elk (= a type of deer), bear, antelope, mountain lion, raccoon and wild birds.

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River fish caught in the US include trout, bass and salmon. Saltwater (= sea) fish include flounder, mackerel, shark, snapper and tuna.

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Choose the subject in the following sentence: After my final exam, I can forget about school for a week. Choose the subject in the following sentence: A solution to the problem suddenly popped into my head.

Choose the subject in the following sentence: During the long bus trip from Baltimore to Florida, many passengers slept. Choose the verb in the following sentence: For his birthday dinner, Will had pizza with pepperoni.

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Choose the verb in the following sentence: People struggle with learning disabilities. Read the sentence and choose the correct form of the verb : When I ________ my leg, my friends scribbled cheerful messages on the cast.

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Read the sentence and choose the correct form of the verb : My counselor and my English instructor ____ agreed to write recommendations for me. Read the sentence and choose the correct form of the verb : Most people in this neighborhood ____ Italian.

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First recorded in 1300–50; Middle English fishing; see origin at fish, King 1 Like his old man, he keeps it reined in, but when talking about fishing, a true regret seeps out.

But fishing for rationale in harassment is almost always a waste of time. Sargent said they went skiing in View and fishing in Cab but also talked business.

Many of their bodies get caught up in fishing nets or disappear forever. What most attracted my attention was the captain's private collection of fishing tackle and his armory.

Skittering is a favorite method of fishing for the pickerel in weedy ponds. On Lakes, fishing from a boat, you may have six or eight, or even more flies upon a stretcher.

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We have seen that vessels engaged in fishing were exempted from the harbor duty. When we were making up our crew, Frank caught the fishing fever and wanted to go, and his father decided to go along with him.

SEE MORE Examples FEWER EXAMPLES What Does “AFLD Lang Sine” Actually Mean? He said he was just asking about Dean's return trip, but he was fishing for details on why the FBI was so unexpectedly interested in Billie Wassermann.

Anchovy and sardine fishing (the products of which are reckoned among the general total) are also of considerable importance, especially along the Ligurian and Tuscan coasts. Sometimes I had a companion in my fishing, who came through the village to my house from the other side of the town, and the catching of the dinner was as much a social exercise as the eating of it.

The fishing is largely carried on by boats from Tone del GREC, in the Gulf of Naples, where the best coral beds are now exhausted. When the work was finished, the old fishing boat looked rather odd, with a paddle wheel on each side which dipped just a few inches into the water.

There was a lot about some guy from here who turned up missing fishing over on the Unison River, but they just stopped mentioning it after a few weeks. The best testimony for the behavior of Orleans during this summer is the testimony of an English lady, Mrs Grace Dalrymple Elliott, who shared his heart with the Corteses DE Buffoon, and from which it is absolutely certain that at the time of the riot of the 12th of July he was on a fishing excursion, and was rudely treated by the king on the next day when going to offer him his services.

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The nucleus of the township lies on high ground to the east of the Edward road, which crosses the Welsh Harp reservoir of Regent's Canal, a favorite fishing and skating resort. The lakes, ponds and streams afford some of the best trout fishing in the country, and many of them also abound in pickerel, pike, perch, black bass and land-locked salmon.

The Senate refused to ratify it; but a protocol provided for a modus vivendi pending ratification, giving American fishing vessels similar advantages to those contemplated in the treaty; and on the whole Mr Chamberlain's mission to America was accepted as a successful one in maintaining satisfactory relations with the United States. The city has lumber and fishing interests (perch, whitefish, sturgeon, pickerel, bass, BC. Being caught in Saginaw Bay), large machine shops and foundries (value of products in 1905, $1, 743, 1 55, or 31% of the total of the city's factory products), and various manufactures, including ships (wooden and steel), woodenware, woodpile, veneer, railroad machinery, cement, alkali and chicory.

One hundred and fifteen acres of hiking and cycling trails, along with fishing and kayaking opportunities are available at this outdoor attraction year-round. The natural beauty of this area is perfect for many outdoor activities, including hiking, biking, boating, fishing and skiing.

Sometimes, after staying in a village parlor till the family had all retired, I have returned to the woods, and, partly with a view to the next day's dinner, spent the hours of midnight fishing from a boat by moonlight, serenaded by owls and foxes, and hearing, from time to time, the creaking note of some unknowns bird close at hand. Almost every New England boy among my contemporaries shouldered a fowling-piece between the ages of ten and fourteen; and his hunting and fishing grounds were not limited, like the preserves of an English nobleman, but were more boundless even than those of a savage.

The Congested Districts Board made many efforts to improve the condition of the inhabitants, especially by introducing better methods of fishing. The river Awe, issuing from the north-western horn of the lock, affords excellent trout and salmon fishing.

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Taking the Lake Aral and Siberian river fisheries into account, it is estimated that altogether the fishing industries yield a revenue to the state of £330,000 annually.' Here, about 1590, was founded an independent military colony called the Sketch, the members of which, recognizing no authority but that of their own elected officers, lived by fishing, hunting and making raids on the Tatars, and were always ready to assist their less fortunate countrymen in resisting Polish aggression.

The town is the chief center of business in East Galloway, and it is also resorted to in midsummer for its beautiful scenery and excellent fishing. Pine stumps and waste limbs are utilized, notably at Hattiesburg, for the manufacture of charcoal, tar, creosote, turpentine, BC. Fisheries Fishing is a minor industry, confined for the most part to the Mississippi Sound and neighboring waters and to the Mississippi and Yahoo rivers.

Owing to the long line of coast and the numerous lakes, fishing forms an important industry, and large quantities of herrings, eels and lampreys are sent from Pomerania to other parts of Germany. Two of the docks are for the accommodation of the fishing fleet, which, consisting principally of steam trawlers, numbers upwards of 500 vessels.

David Thomson with a small company from Plymouth, England, in the spring or early summer of 1623 built and fortified a house at Little Harbor (now Osborne's Point in the township of Rye) as a fishing and trading station. Rivalry in fishing and in trading, coupled with ancient antipathies inherited from the various mainland cities of origin, were no doubt the cause of these internecine feuds.

Margate (Margate, Margate), formerly a small fishing village, was an ancient and senior non-corporate member of Dover. The security of the Guider ZEE for trade and fishing purposes was the first factor in the commercial development of North Holland, and the cities of Medemblik, Huizen, Horn, Edam and Monnikendam, though now little more than market centers for the surrounding district, possessed a large foreign commerce in the 16th and 17th centuries.

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In the sounds along the coast, in the lower courses of the rivers that flow into them, and along the outer shores fishing is an important industry. It has a royal arms factory established by Charles IV., and other ironwork, considerable manufacture of macaroni, paper, breeding of silkworms, and some fishing and shipping.

If the fishing operation is unsuccessful the well has to be abandoned, often after months of labor, unless it is found possible to drill past the tools which have been lost. Penance (Pen sans) was not recognized as a port until the days of the Tudors, but its importance as a fishing village dates from the 14th century.

The Piraeus, which had never revived since its destruction by the Romans in 86 s.c., was at the beginning of the 19th century a small fishing village known as Porto Leon. Fishing for herring and mackerel is carried on and the town equips a large fleet for the cod banks of Newfoundland and Iceland.

Lowness lies at the head of a small bay, is served by the lake-steamers of the Fitness Railway Company, and is a favorite yachting, boating, fishing and tourist center. But somewhat later they have probably met with the Eskimo farther north on the west coast in the neighborhood of Disco Bay, where the Norsemen went to catch seals, walrus, BC. The Norse colonists penetrated on these fishing expeditions at least to 73° N., where a small runic stone from the 14th century has been found.

The Cambodians show skill in working gold and silver; earthenware, bricks, mats, fans and silk and cotton fabrics, are also produced to some small extent, but fishing and the cultivation of rice and in a minor degree of tobacco, coffee, cotton, pepper, indigo, maize, tea and sugar are the only industries worthy of the name. The manufacture of overshoes and fishing boots is an analogous process, only the canvas base is more thickly coated with a highly pigmented rubber of low quality.

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Industry consists chiefly in fishing (sardines, BC., and coral), the manufacture of tobacco, oil-distilling, tanning, and the preparation of preserved citron and of macaroni and similar provisions. There is excellent fishing for salmon and trout, and in summer coaches leave their daily loads of tourists here.

Desolate bogs, incapable of cultivation, alternate with the mountains; and the inhabitants earn a scanty subsistence by fishing and tillage, or by seeking employment in England and Scotland during the harvesting. Market gardening, the rearing of cattle, for which the district is widely famed, and fishing, form the chief occupations of the rural population.

Adapt while fishing had broken the wings of the south wind, and was accordingly summoned before the tribunal of And in heaven. The principal industries are the manufacture of paper, leather, chemicals and tobacco, sugar refining, shipbuilding and salmon fishing.

The inhabitants grow hemp, Indian corn, coffee, silica, cacao, coconuts (for copra) and sugar, weave rough fabrics and manufacture tuba (a kind of wine used as a stimulant), clay pots and jars, salt and soap. The fishing village of Arnemuiden flourished as a harbor in the 16th century, but decayed owing to the silting up of the sand.

A few small fishing villages or ports are scattered along the coast, but except Luella and Shirr none is of any importance. The fishing center at Shnen was important as a market, though, like Novgorod, its trade was seasonal, but it did not acquire the position of a regularly organized counter, reserved alone, in the North, for Bergen.

He studied surveying and navigation, and joined his father in his ship-building, fishing and general trading business, quickly becoming one of the wealthiest and most influential men in the province. In the first half of the 18th century, when Bushier was an unimportant fishing village, it was selected by Nadir Shah as the southern port of Persia and dockyard of the navy which he aspired to create in the Persian Gulf, and the British commercial factory of the East India Company, established at Govern, the modern Banner Abbas, was transferred to it in 1759.

Among swimming birds the most numerous are the gull (keynote), of which many varieties are found; the cormorant (u)which is trained by the Japanese for fishing purpose sand multitudinous flocks of wild-geese (an) and wild-ducks (banjo), from the beautiful mandarin duck (oshi-dori), emblem of conjugal fidelity, to teal (yoga, no) and wigeon (hidori-ganto) of several species. It also explains how many once flourishing commercial towns, such as Savored, Medemblik, Huizen, Horn, Monnikendam, declined to the rank of provincial trading and fishing ports.

Except Friend and Scotland, the islands of the Guider ZEE are inhabited by small fishing communities, who retain some archaic customs and a picturesque dress. About the beginning of the 16th century, Belfast is described as a town and fortress, but it was in reality a mere fishing village in the hands of the house of O'Neill.

Gestapo (10,833) is the only other town of more than Io,000 inhabitants; the port of Termed (9061) is the chief fishing station; Durango (4319), on the river of the same name, was founded by the early kings of Navarre in the 10th century, obtained the rank of a courtship in 1153, and contains. The chief industries of the town proper are fishing, saw-milling, tanning, leather dressing, ship-building, iron and copper-founding, rope-making and the manufacture of agricultural implements.

Protests follow against hunting and fishing rights, restrictions on wood-cutting, and excessive demands made on peasants. Gloucester has the largest fishery interests of any place in the country, and is one of the chief fishing ports of the world.

The religious concept ions of the fishing tribes on the Pacific coast between Mount St Elias and the Columbia River are worked out by Boas; the transformation from the hunting to the agricultural mode of life was accompanied by changes in belief and worship quite as radical. He published Presidential Problems (New York, 1904), made up in part of lectures at Princeton University, and Fishing and Hunting Sketches (1906).

Some fishing is carried on: but the staple trade is the export of sand, which, being highly charged with carbonate of lime, is much used for manure. Fishing in Lake Papas gives occupation to nearly 100,000 persons, and is also carried on in the Gulf of Riga and in the rivers.

The breeding of livestock, fishing, and some domestic trades, chiefly carried on by the women, are the principal sources of maintenance. Owing to the varied and beautiful scenery, this is a favorite summer resort; the game of the forests and the fishing in the streams and in the multitude of lakes serve as further attractions.

The natives cultivate maize, plantains, bananas, pineapples, limes, pepper, cotton, BC., and live easily on the products of their gardens, with occasional help from fishing and hunting. Among the wooden objects recovered from the relic beds were tubs, plates, ladles and spoons, a flail for threshing corn, a last for stretching shoes of hide, Celt handles, clubs, long-bows of yew, floats and implements of fishing and a dug-out canoe 12 ft.

From the English Channel at the confluence of two streams that form the Regular river; it carries on fishing and a coasting and small foreign trade. The bay, which is crossed by a fine bridge at its narrow landward extremity, is the headquarters of a fishing fleet, and a port of call for many coasting vessels.

The zodiac of labors was replaced in French castles and hotels by a zodiac of pleasures,” in which hunting, hawking, fishing and dancing were substituted for hoeing, planting, reaping and sloughing.8 It is curious to find the same sequence of symbols employed for the same decorative purposes in India as in Europe. Christian sand is an important fishing center (salmon, mackerel, lobsters), and sawmills, wood-pulp factories, shipbuilding yards and mechanical workshops are the principal industrial works.

It rose into importance as a fishing harbor towards the end of the 16th century, and its prosperity rapidly increased after the opening of the New Waterway (the Mass ship canal) from Rotterdam to the sea. Ships trading in the Mediterranean were seized by the corsairs, who pillaged the coasts of Europe, carried off their captives to Algiers, and destroyed the fishing and commercial settlements founded by the Marseillaise on the shores of Africa.

Its port, which is formed by the channel of the river and divides the town into two parts, is frequented by coasting and fishing vessels. It is navigable by vessels of 50 tons as far up as Bridge of Earn, and is a notable fishing stream, abounding with salmon and trout, perch and pike being also plentiful.

Fishing for the tortoiseshell turtle gives employment to many natives in the season, and considerable quantities of the shell are exported. Thomson was the head of a company which was organized for fishing and trading and whose entire stock was to be held jointly for five years.

The inhabitants of Kabocha and its wide-spreading communal lands are chiefly employed in the cultivation of the vine, fruit, flax, hemp and cereals, in the capture of water-fowl and in fishing. Wide, is composed of treeless swamps, and is used mainly for sheep-grazing; the neighboring waters are excellent fishing ground.

On the coming of the first European, Jean Nicole, who visited the place in 1634-1635, DE Père was the site of a polyglot Indian settlement of several thousand attracted by the fishing at the first rapids of the Fox river. The depth of settlement, from the coast inland, varied greatly, ranging from what would be involved in the mere occupation of the shore for fishing purposes to a body of agricultural occupation extending back to the base of the great Atlantic chain, and averaged some 250 m.i Westward, beyond the general line of continuous settlement, were four extensions of population through as many gaps in the Appalachian barrier, constituting the four main paths along which migration westward first took place: the Mohawk Valley in New York, the upper Potomac, the Appalachian Valley, and around the southern base of the Appalachian system.

At that time fishing, whaling and shipbuilding were its principal industries, the clipper ships built here being among the fastest and best known on the seas. It was pointed out by Great Britain that this ukase had been the subject of protest both by Great Britain and the United States, and that by treaties similar in their terms, made between Russia and each of the protesting powers, Russia had agreed that their subjects should not be troubled or molested in navigating or fishing in any part of the Pacific Ocean.

They make incomparable guides for fishing, hunting and surveying parties, on which they will cheerfully undergo the greatest hardships, though tending to shrink from regular employment in cities or on farms. About 80,000 persons find more or less permanent employment in the fishing industry, including the majority of the Indians of British Columbia.

Sir William Ships sailed from Boston in 1690, conquered Acadia, now Nova Scotia, and then hazarded the greater task of leading a fleet up the St Lawrence against Quebec. On the 16th of October 1690 thirty-four English ships, some of them only fishing craft, appeared in its basin and demanded the surrender of the town.

American fishermen, however, showed so little inclination to give up what they had enjoyed so long, that it was found necessary to take vigorous steps to protect Canadian fishing rights, and frequent causes of friction consequently arose. There are some tanneries, and the fishing industry is important, but the coral production of Sicily has entirely destroyed that of Boss since 1887.

The inhabitants are chiefly engaged in commerce and fishing ; but the frequent losses from inundations have greatly retarded the prosperity of the town. Their inmates, when not engaged in religious services, occupy themselves with husbandry, fishing and various handicrafts; the standard of intellectual culture is not high.

Up to comparatively recent times a priceless collection of classical manuscripts was preserved in the libraries; many of them were destroyed during the War of Greek Independence (1821-1829) by the Turks, who employed the parchments for the manufacture of cartridges; others fell a prey to the neglect or vandalism of the monks, who, it is said, used the material as bait in fishing ; others have been sold to visitors, and a considerable number have been removed to Moscow and Paris. There are some very fertile regions in the level portions of the county, but in the mountainous districts the soil is poor, the holdings are subdivided beyond the possibility of affording proper sustenance to their occupiers, and, except where fishing is combined with agricultural operations, the circumstances of the peasantry are among the most wretched of any district of Ireland.

The main part of the town is about a mile from the sea, with which it is connected by a winding street, ending at a quay surrounded by the fishing village of West Bay, where the railway terminates. Large herds of geese and pigeons are reared, while hunting and fishing constitute also important resources.

The town and lands were purchased in 1720 by a fishing company in England and, on their failure, by the Merchant Maidens' Hospital of Edinburgh for £3000, who are still the overlords. Several fishing villages occur along this coast, of which none is more picturesque than States, lying in a steep gully in the cliff.

Nine-tenths of the natives of Sumatra live by agriculture, the rest by cattle-rearing, fishing, navigation, and, last but not least, from the products of the forests; they are therefore little concentrated in towns. In the Guider ZEE small herring, flat fish, anchovies and shrimps are caught, the chief fishing centers being the islands of TeXes, UK and Wearing, and the coast towns of Elder, Bunschoten, Huizen, Huizen, Veendam, Kampen, Harderwijk, Vollenhove.

The Ask and Lidded being favorite fishing streams, Langham is the headquarters of the association which protects the rights of anglers. Fishing was a lucrative industry at an early date, and the Jews ascribed the laws regulating it to Joshua.

In some small sum for the net profits of the fishing, and customs for payment in kind have been upheld by the courts. Personal tithes, if not commuted or otherwise still payable, are regulated by a statute of Edward VI., which (except in the case of fishing and tithes for houses in cities and towns, which may be due by custom) restricted them to such persons exercising merchandises, bargaining and selling clothing, handicraft or other art or faculty in such places as had for forty years previously so used to do.

Village at the date of Johnson's visit during his Hebrides tour;, in 1786 it became a government fishing station; it was made. Apart from these docks Os tend has a very considerable passenger and provision traffic with England, and is the headquarters of the Belgian fishing fleet, estimated to employ 400 boats and 1600 men and boys.

The main points are as follows: according to Mark, at the beginning of the Galilean ministry Jesus saw Peter and Andrew fishing. The German North Sea fishing fleet numbered in 1905 6i8 boats, with an aggregate crew of 5441 hands.

They asked for a renewal of their ancient rights of fishing and hunting freely, for a speedier method of obtaining justice, and for the removal of new and heavy burdens. Kin sale, with the neighboring villages of Silly and Cove, is much frequented by summer visitors, and is the headquarters of the South of Ireland Fishing Company, with a fishery pier and a commodious harbor with 6 to 8 fathoms of water; but the general trade is of little importance owing to the proximity of Queenstown and Cork.

Deep-sea fishing is carried on; but the staple trade consists in the export of china clay and minerals, coal being imported. The north shore of Lake Superior is bold and rugged with many islands, such as Grace and Michipicoten, but with very few settlements, except fishing stations, owing to its rocky character.

The fishery along the coasts of Denmark is of some importance both on account of the supply of food obtained thereby for the population of the country, and on account of the export; but the good fishing grounds, not far from the Danish coast, particularly in the North Sea, are mostly worked by the fishing vessels of other nations, which are so numerous that the Danish government is obliged to keep gun-boats stationed there in order to prevent encroachments on territorial waters. Of Cullen is the thriving fishing town of Port soy, with a small, safe harbor and a station on the Great North of Scotland railway.

Grimm's Studies of the Aral Caspian Expedition; Sikorsky's Fishing in Lake Aral,” in Izvestia, Russ. The people also use the various fibre-producing plants for the manufacture of ropes, coarse string and fine cord, and for making fishing nets.

From a mere fishing village, with a few hundred inhabitants in the beginning of the 1 9th century, Biarritz rose rapidly into a place of importance under the patronage of the emperor Napoleon III. Apart from unimportant manufactures of pottery, chocolate, BC., fishing is the only industry; Biarritz depends for its prosperity on the visitors who are attracted by its mild climate and the bathing.

Originally it was a mere fishing village, but when the British government in 1826 removed the restrictions on trade imposed by the Burmese, Arab quickly grew into an important seat of maritime commerce. The port, which also includes a portion of the river-bed, communicates with Have and New haven by a regular line of steamers; it has a considerable fishing population.

He acted invariably on the advice of those who for the time had his confidence, and occupied himself mainly with the affairs of his harem, with polo, fishing, wine and music. The port and fishing privileges of Susan remained in Japanese possession, a heavy tribute was exacted, and until 1790 the Korean king stood in humiliating relations towards Japan.

Above the city, but the Pennsylvania canal was subsequently abandoned, and in 1888 the dam was bought and repaired by the South Fork hunting and fishing club, and Conemaugh lake was formed. In 1904 the Los Islands were ceded by Great Britain to France, in part return for the abandonment of French fishing rights in Newfoundland waters.

Long by 3 broad, and contains about 700 inhabitants, most of whom live in Castro, a village on the north coast, and are employed in agriculture and fishing. John Smith became the head of the government in September 1608, compelled the colonists to submit to law and order, built a church and prepared for more extensive agricultural and fishing operations.

1 There is nothing to show that the boy's life was markedly different from that common to Virginia families in easy circumstances; plantation affairs, hunting, fishing, and a little reading making up its substance. The network of shallow and still limns or “cut-offs” in the delta of the Volga and the shallow waters of the northern Caspian, freshened as these are by the water of the Volga, the Ural, the Kurt and the Park, is exceedingly favorable to the breeding of fish, and as a whole constitutes one of the most productive fishing grounds in the world.

As to its applications at this early period, Keller remarks: Flax was the material for making lines and nets for fishing and catching wild animals, cords for carrying the earthenware vessels and other heavy objects; in fact, one can hardly imagine how FIG. In the middle .of the 19th century it was only a small fishing hamlet, now it extends along the shore for a distance of about 2 m., including Church to the east.

The city and surrounding region are a summer resort, the lakes affording opportunities for fishing and for yachting and boating. It attracts one of the largest Scottish fleets in the herring season, and is also the chief seat of line fishing in Scotland.

At the time of the occupation of the Sudan by the Egyptians a small fishing village existed on the site of the present city. Bunschoten on the Guider ZEE is a fishing village; Veenendaal, on the south-eastern border, originally a fen-colony, is now a market for the bee-keeping industry in the east.

Nowadays the little fishing villages on the shores of the lakes, notably the Wannabe, cater for the recreation of the Berliners, while palatial summer residences of wealthy merchants occupy the most prominent sites. At 12 years he served for six months on a fishing smack, was afterwards apprenticed to a bookmaker and then joined the Royal Navy.

It is engaged in farming, fishing, the manufacture of brick, tile, cotton fabrics and furniture, and the building of boats. In 1826 Davy's health, which showed signs of failure in 1823, had so declined that he could with difficulty indulge in his favorite sports of fishing and shooting, and early in 1827, after a slight attack of paralysis, he was ordered abroad.

There is a large fishing industry in Lake Huron, the Canadian catch being valued at over a quarter million dollars per annum. In the earlier part of the 17th century Greenback was a fishing village, consisting of one row of thatched cottages.

In addition to agriculture, which (except the Usurp Cossack's) is sufficient to supply their needs and usually to leave a certain surplus, they”carry on extensive cattle and horse breeding, vine culture in Caucasian, fishing on the Don, the Ural, and the Caspian, hunting, bee-culture, BC. The extraction of coal, gold and other minerals which are found on their territories is mostly rented to strangers, who also own most factories. The principal occupations of the natives have always been fishing and hunting, and the women weave basketry of exquisite fineness.

Under the American regime seal fishing off the Aleutians save by the natives has never been legal, but the depletion of the Pribilof herd, the almost complete extinction of the sea otter, and the rapid decrease of the foxes and other fur animals, have threatened the Aleuts (as the natives are commonly called) with starvation. A considerable amount of personal property, including apparel, household furniture not exceeding view in value, a library not exceeding $150 in value, interest in a pew in a meeting-house, and a specified amount of fuel, provisions, tools or farming implements, and domestic animals, and one fishing boat, is also exempt from attachment.

Herons, hawks, terns, Egyptian geese, fishing eagles (Gypohierax), the weaver and the which bird are found in the lower and middle Congo. Rice, pepper, gambler, coffee and palms are cultivated, and fishing and the collection of forest produce are further industries, but none of these is of importance.

In the simple arts of broiling and roasting meat, the use of hides and furs for covering, the plaiting of mats and baskets, the devices of hunting, trapping and fishing, the pleasure taken in personal ornament, the touches of artistic decoration on objects of daily use, the savage differs in degree but not in kind from the civilized man. The fishing industry of Lake Superior is important, salmon-trout (Javelins Damascus, Walk), ranging from 10 to 50 lb in weight, being gathered from the individual fishermen by steam tenders and shipped by rail to city markets.

The soil, though shallow, is fertile, and mutton fed on the grass has a peculiar rich flavor: Quarrying, fishing and agriculture are the chief industries. The town has large groves of coco-nut trees, and its principal industries are the cultivation of Indian corn and magma and fishing.

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