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Fishing for Yahoo is all kinds of action and excitement on the water. Since it’s always safety first, we’ll go over those rules and then introduce to the best trolling rods for Yahoo we found on Amazon.

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Don’t put in all the work finding the best fishing rods for Yahoo just to injure yourself or others. Make sure to yell that you’re casting so others are aware that a sharp-ass hook is in the air somewhere.

Safety pro-tip: when retrieving your jig, stop 15’ from the boat and pause. Like Larry Brown says in this blog post, which outlines these rules and more, “avoid a Yahoo misfiling out of the water into the boat with his open mouth slicing off somebody’s arm”.

And we’ll let you know the best Yahoo fishing rods you should be using in the rest of the article. When you are doing heavy-duty trolling, it seems like the market for rods all blends together.

And if you’re spending less than thousands of dollars, some custom build equipment is probably out of your reach. In that case, the best trolling rods for Yahoo will be ones designed to Stan DUP to the abuse.

Alternately, if this is a “because I can” set up, the best trolling rod for Yahoo might be something that’s not too pricey but can get the job done. Clocking in at around 80 bucks, the Okay Composite rod here has a solid 4.5 stars on 15 ratings.

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That’s a nice resume for less than a hundred bucks of fishing rod! 2-year warranty against defects definitely stands out, and the combination of composite and aircraft grade alloys should give a nice balance between strength and sensitivity.

It doesn’t have a bent butt, which is mighty convenient when trolling. If you’ve got a world record, 8 foot, 150lb plus fish on the line, you might be a little out-matched.

Ready to cross that hundred dollar a rod threshold? Fib link has a very solid choice for you, and it makes a strong case for being included as one of the best trolling rods for Yahoo.

(If you run around the web a little, it’s easy to see rigs crossing the three thousand dollar mark). Reviewers love the fact that it’s a bent butt rod, which makes a lot a lot easier to catch more fish with less work.

In fact, the only critical reviews seem to be folks with some trouble around “reel alignment”. So you definitely want to make sure your reel fits before heading out on the open water.

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Sticking with the Fib link brand means that you get a rod rated for 50-80lbs that should handle most of the Yahoo you’ll see out there. Reviewers are surprised by the quality, but they also mention you might want to lubricate the rollers on arrival.

One note of caution to be had, is that some reviews are for some fishing pliers (thinking face emoji). Amazon isn’t exactly the tidiest e-commerce platform so there’s probably not too much to worry about there, but it does raise an eyebrow.

Worst case scenario, you send the product back, and best-case scenario you get to enjoy features like stainless steel roller guides, EVA foam handles, and hook keepers for what might be the most competitive price on the web. With options like these, you should feel on track for choosing the best trolling rods for Yahoo that’s going to work for you.

Uniquely, these diving lures fashioned with prominent lips emit intense action at a range of speeds and can be equally effective in the wash of a Hatteras or Hell’s Bay. The ability of any artificial lure to elicit savage strikes from saltwater game fish relies heavily on numerous environmental and situational factors.

While scent technology is appealing, saltwater is an incredible transmitter of sound and for years anglers have been capitalizing on the ability of game fish to detect minute vibrations and noise from great distances. With so many artificial lure designs and variations on the market, one constant that manufacturers and game fish can’t ignore is the rhythmic vibration of a lipped diving plug digging deep below the surface.

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While game fish naturally feed on prey items of different size and species, the numerous types of finish present among Florida ’s prolific inshore and offshore waters are the most common sources of nutrition for top-tier predators. Lure color and shape are clearly important, with manufacturers continuing to fine-tune new products down to every last little detail to the point where they look, swim and even sound just like the forage they were designed to imitate.

In the case of lipped plugs, lures are designed to achieve slow or tight wobbling, swift rattling and various evasive body roll characteristics yielding desirable low-maintenance potency. While a sardine pattern might appear the most natural, I have a penchant for the classic plug with a red head, white body and metal lip.

I tend to fish this lure in all conditions, but when the water clarity is particularly poor a chartreuse or mahi-mahi pattern will enhance visibility and contrast as it tracks below the surface. While the inherent concept of trolling plugs involves simply setting these lures back behind the boat and waiting for a strike, success in this pursuit requires a keen eye and feel for the action transmitted to the rod tip.

Similarly, grouper fishing heats up in the fall along the southwest Florida coast as these broad-shouldered reversals make a seasonal migration to near-shore rock piles, reefs, wrecks, ledges and even channel edges along the Ice throughout much of the region. Undoubtedly, the biggest fish are captured by anglers targeting structures in 20 to 60 feet of water, with the Mann’s Stretch 25+ (mannsbait.com) a local favorite.

The same action unfolds across the Gulf Stream in The Bahamas, where black, red and yellow fin grouper foraging the bottom in 15 to 50-foot depths fall victim to properly presented diving plugs pulled though the crystal-clear waters. Bouncing bottom every so often is a good way to know you’re fishing in the zone and with experience you will be able to look at the vibrating rod tip and determine if your lure is tracking properly or not.

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Conversely, coastal predators like king, hero and Spanish mackerel hunt forage higher in the water column and anglers must adjust accordingly by putting their plugs at the specific depths where fish are being marked. In comparison to tournament competitors along the southeast coast searching for ideal swaths of green-tinted water with swift current, when chasing kings in the Gulf educated anglers often head straight to rock piles, wrecks, springs or fertile areas of live bottom anywhere from 60 to 100-feet deep.

Offshore anglers catch smokers in the spring as the main body of migrating mackerel moves north, but the bite picks up again in the fall as big numbers of fish return south. During the coming months the sun is brutal and it’s often too hot to sit around and soak live baits, so keeping the boat moving helps beat the heat.

Heralded by offshore anglers for the revered Bonita trolling lure that’s been credited with numerous widespread Yahoo catches, Your (yo-zuri.com) also offers many effective lipped plugs worthy of any position in the spread. With a more streamlined shape than the sweeping Crystal Minnow, the 3D Magnum is yet another fortified diving plug that’s an excellent option for big game efforts.

Regardless of your brand loyalty, trolling lipped plugs is a convenient way to fish lures below the surface without the use of bulky cigar weights or planers. While conventional gear is typically used in trolling scenarios, many inshore anglers prefer wielding heavy spinning outfits in this pursuit.

If you’re in a poling skiff, then you’ll want to hold the rod in your hands with a firm grip and point the tip toward the water to minimize scope and maximize the depth the plug runs. The venerable X-Rap Magnum is a versatile diving plug available in several body lengths and colors, making it a logical addition to any tackle tray.

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With each X-Rap Magnum’s body length stretching as the plug’s stated diving depth increases, the 7-inch XRMag40 is large enough to capture the attention of fast-moving pelagic predators, as well as behemoth bottom dwellers. Furthermore, this enticing bait fish imitation features a textured, translucent body and internal holographic foil providing enhanced attraction amid low light conditions.

Available in 23 colors, the body of the plug is built to handle repeated strikes from trophy game fish, while high-quality terminal tackle includes 3X split rings that connect to 4X VMC treble hooks, creating a strong and durable lure that is ready to troll right out of the box. With experience, you’ll soon understand the need to let lures back farther when motoring into the current, while trolling with the moving water requires less scope to reach depth.

Based in Australia, where tackle doesn’t last long, Halo’s plugs are built to endure intense strikes from a variety of predators. Featuring Mustard treble hooks and a durable body, the Laser Pro 160 dives to 23 feet and can be trolled over a broad range of speeds.

Whether trolling close to the bottom or higher in the water column, anytime you get a strike resist the urge to pull the throttle back. Truthfully, a wobbling plug coming out of the water at speed is a scary proposition and I prefer to switch out trebles with VMC 7266 Coastal Black inline hooks, available from 1/0 to 10/0.

The most lucrative anglers carefully observe and fully comprehend the surrounding environment, so they can choose and present offerings depending on the precise conditions they are faced with. The first real front of fall has arrived, and although it won't drop temperatures significantly, it will make other changes anglers will notice.

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October is here so owners of bay boats and smaller center console should get used to looking at their vessel sitting in their driveway a lot over the next month. The next few days offer sea conditions which are fine for charter boats and sport fishing vessels, but not for the typical weekend warrior.

Overall the fall action on snapper on the reefs has been more reliable than the fishing on the troll along the current edges. Closer to the beach, for the next month look for the Spanish mackerel and bluefish in big schools heading south.

That remains to be seen, but anglers should have a chance to get out and catch some of those pompano moving south in the trough and along the sandbars. Large plugs can also still reach the tarpon and sharks which are feeding on the mullet, especially at first light and late in the day.

There is still a widespread problem with brown tide, a bloom of dinoflagellates and algae, swaths of the lagoon. Parts of the Indian River Lagoon near north Merritt Island are showing signs of poor water quality.

Many realize that is a bad idea because shook, tarpon, jacks, redfish and sharks are there to ambush them. Lidless crank baits and top water lures are becoming much more effective as water temperatures cool down a little, aided by recent frontal rains and cloud cover.

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