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However, when you get into estuaries areas where salt and fresh water mix and fish of both types can be found, the issue becomes less clear. For example, if you only have a freshwater license and are primarily fishing for large mouth bass or bream (freshwater species) in a river, but happen to catch a red drum (a saltwater species), you must immediately release the red drum.

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An exception is you may take mullet from fresh water with only a freshwater fishing license, even though they are normally considered a saltwater species. For all other frogs and toads, there are no seasons, bag or size limits and a recreational license is not needed.

Licenses and permits are not required to take a recreational bag limit of turtles in accordance with rules provided below. Freshwater turtles can only be taken by hand, dip net, minnow seine or baited hook.

Freshwater turtles only can be taken by hand, dip net, minnow seine or baited hook. In addition, collecting and possession of freshwater turtle eggs is prohibited without a permit.

Those in possession of a valid Aquaculture Certificate of Registration and restricted species authorization from the FD ACS (FloridaAquaculture.com) may culture and sell red-eared sliders, but only to out-of-state recipients or Floridians who have a valid conditional species permit. However, certified turtle farmers that buy red-eared sliders for direct retail sale must have a conditional species permit.

In summary, “Taking” live or dead freshwater mussels for the purpose of sale, as well as “selling,” is prohibited. Bag Limit: No person shall take more than 10 freshwater mussels, or 20 half-shells of the families Unionize and Margaritiferidae per day.

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Additionally, no person may possess more than two days’ bag limit (20 individuals, 40 half-shells) of any mussels of these families. Any deviation requires a permit from the Executive Director, in accordance with 68A-9.002 FAC (see illustrations).

Freshwater mussels from families other than the two mentioned above, such as Asian clams, may be taken for bait or personal use. When you don’t have a scale, you can use total length and girth to get a rough estimate of a bass’ weight.

Florida ’s role as the fishing destination for travelers was reaffirmed, with 2 million nonresident anglers visiting the state. The ripple effect of these dollars was an $8.7 billion economic impact from Florida ’s recreational fisheries that supported 80,211 jobs.

Florida Bass Fishing Questions and Answers As professional bass fisherman and bass fishing guides in Orlando and Central Florida area, we receive a lot of questions from prospective customers as to what they can expect for their trip and to whom they will be fishing with.

We take our job very personal and serious to assure you have the best possible day on the water. We supply all the rods and reels needed for your fishing trip.

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We pride our-self on the ability to be able to teach people to not only fish, but also explain to the different techniques used to catch bass or even crappie. Kids are the future of our industry and there is nothing more exciting or satisfying that watching a youngster catching bass.

We have had several children obtain certificates from the State of Florida for the bass they have caught while fishing with us. Our main focus is of course world-famous Lake Toho and the Kissimmee Chain.

We also can provide complete fishing vacation packages with hotels and taxes. Florida ’s rules and regulations are designed to help ensure the safety of all the people in Florida, visitors and residents alike, and to help make sure that one of the state’s most important economic engines is protected and maintained for future generations.

Not knowing the rules puts people at risk of seriously damaging everyone’s current and future fishing opportunities. Not knowing the rules also puts people in the position of breaking them, and that can mean incurring a fine or, in extreme cases, imprisonment.

All anglers are legally required to be familiar with the rules and regulations governing the type of fishing they are doing. If you have questions or need clarifications, contact the FCC online at MyFWC.com/Contact, by telephone at 850-488-4676 or by postal mail at the address listed below.

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Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Harris Bryant Building 620 S. Meridian St. Tallahassee, FL 32399-1600 Thank you for choosing Lake Okeechobee guide service.

We will do our very best to assure you of a professional, quality, fun-filled and relaxing day. We have put together a list of some of the most commend asked questions.

We can be reached by filling out our email form or calling (888) 321-0202. Watch the weather and be assured it is cooler on the water than land.

Bring any medications, polarized fishing glasses, hat, long and short sleeve shirt, and rain gear if you prefer. On the South end around Belle Glade in Palm Beach County, also on the East side of the lake considered JS and Parolee.

The Westside from Moore Haven to Lake Port. We are not forced to fish near a certain marina or hotel because of where we are located.

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That protects you against the outdoor elements, weather and makes it much more enjoyable if you are not used to fishing every day. Remember, we are the largest provider of charter fishing trips on Okeechobee, so you will get professional Okeechobee fishing guides every time.

We offer big fish tournaments with a weigh-in for your group, it all can be arranged. We book more rooms around the lake than anyone, so we know and have accommodations to meet your needs.

Although the most common on Okeechobee is the large mouth bass we also fish for crappie, bluegill , and catfish among others. Remember, there are plenty of places to hide on Lake Okeechobee from the weather and the fish generally eat really well in those conditions.

Put sunscreen on first thing in the morning and bring rain gear if you have it, if not we usually do. We supply water and some soft drinks on regular trips.

There are alligators, birds, snakes, and other exotic species that hang around the canals and lake to keep them interested. Restroom facilities are usually close by most fishing areas.

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We enjoy working with women or children and instructing them on various fishing techniques, so all family members are welcome. Expect to be on the water for at least an hour longer than your scheduled trip.

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