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• Saturday, 12 December, 2020
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Face value: angled (left) walks the dog; wide, flat (right) produces more spray. A popper is a lure that usually tapers toward its widest at the front, where it has a concave or slanted, flat face.

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The action of a popper is imparted by the angler, with the rod tip movement, or quick stop-and-go reel cranks, or both. The width and shape of the face, and the overall size and weight of the popper, determine how much water it can throw and how much noise it makes when jerked forward.

The width of the face, compared to the total size, makes it a loud, aggressive popper or a more subtle one. Slower speed or longer pauses can produce a more subtle presentation.

Fast swimming fish species may demand a rapid retrieve. The action, noise and splash of a popper may approximate that of an injured, but still alive, bait fish or other surface-feeding fish.

Game fish drawn by the noise see the lure as something alive, injured, small enough to eat and moving away. Surface lures in general work best in low light, as in early, late or under dark clouds.

Even on dark nights, when they can’t see well, jacks will home in on and strike a big, noisy popper. They strike these lures best before sunrise or in shade, but may hit them in muddy backwaters any time.

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At inlets, narrow passes or where rivers empty into the sea, a summer phenomenon occurs that causes huge redfish to take surface lures. When crabs are ready to drop their eggs, they are very sensitive to water salinity.

Of all available surface lures, the big poppers are heaviest and can be cast farther from banks or jetties to reach the redfish. Spotted sea trout prefer to hit poppers before sunrise, under dark clouds or on cool evenings, in fairly calm, rippled water.

Even gator trout like smaller poppers, although in slightly rougher water they will strike them to 5 inches. At other times, dolphin, jacks, cobra, tuna, shallow grouper, any of the mackerels (including Yahoo) and even sailfish may take a popper.

Today's jigging and popping fishing charters aren’t for the faint at heart. High-end fishing tackle and big game drags will push an angler to his or her physical limits.

The feelings and thoughts that go through your mind when getting that first strike of the morning, followed by a rod bent, line screaming runs that snatches you around the boat like a scolded child. As the colder weather pushes bait from the mainland south to warmer water, so too comes the predators.

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Dark Shadows beneath the surface causing acres of showering ballyhoo over the reef, to confused bait balls pushed offshore, are all common experiences to be had here in these bountiful waters. Jigging and Popping are techniques that have been employed by sport fishermen for more that fifty years.

In the late 1950s, the most common type of sport fishing by many South Florida light tackle enthusiasts was with lead head jigs with pork rinds, Captain Mack chiggers and monofilament lines testing between 10 and 15 pound test. Later, 9 glow-worms replaced the pork rind and deep jigging became more productive.

The average fishing club member’s tackle box contained only five basic types of lures. Small poppers or chiggers with a single treble hook in the tail is the choice lure.

The predators will hit anything that splashes on the surface and the smaller hook is easy to set, even with 10 pound test line. However, the old lead head buck tail jigs with a swimming type tail will out fish some of the butterfly’s on their best days when worked right for the right species, especially snapper and grouper.

This remote group of islands is surrounded by more than ten thousand square miles of fishing resources that have remained relatively untapped due to the time that it would take to cover this vast and remote area. The Gulf of Mexico, for our purposes, begins at the North side of the flats, along the lower Florida Keys and includes a portion of the Florida Bay, continuing to the West and North of the Dry Tortugas, encompassing more than 5000 square miles of fishable water within range of our hi-tech, offshore boats.

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Key West offers the sport fishing enthusiast the largest variety of game fish in the world. World Records” from the waters of Key Wester than the next closest, several locations combined.

Jump to navigationJump to search The popper is an effective and proven lure designed to move water using a concave or hollowed nose. Poppers aim to simulate any sort of distressed creature that might be moving or struggling on the surface of the water (bait fish, frogs, and insects are the most typical imitations).

Originally this timeless lure was crafted from wood and painted or shaped to match the pattern of bait fish. This quickly evolved into more intricate patterns that mimicked a broader scope of the common prey of predatory fish.

This iconic pattern has been used to create top water commotion for many decades, but has been most notable for its presence in bass fishing throughout America. Used by fly and conventional anglers alike, this pattern has not failed fishermen since its creation around a century ago.

That is why it is essential to leave your lure in the spot that you cast for a few seconds before you start to retrieve your line in. Once a fish strikes the popper, the goal is to not immediately set the hook and yank your rod back.

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Pro Advice: Best Top water Lures and Tips for Florida Bass March 15, 2017By Rob Newell, WorldFishingNetwork.com “When it comes to choosing a color for top waters in Florida, stick with some sort of gold, black and orange mix,” Lane suggested.

“Other than severe cold fronts, I have my top waters on the deck any time I’m fishing in my home state. Lane says when visiting Florida, lean more towards prop baits like a Boy Howdy or Devil’s Horse rather than buzz baits and poppers.

Another valuable tip Lane offers is too slow your top water baits down when in Florida. Certainly pitching creature baits, worms and craws into big holes in the vegetation is a deadly Florida tactic.

Often times those big clean holes in the vegetation are created by bass for beds. But Lane cautions anglers not to get too caught up in the one-dimensional approach of just pitching plastics to holes.

When something splashes over their heads and won’t leave, it drives them crazy, especially when they’re guarding fry.” His first go-to surface lure that stays on the boat deck at all times in Florida is a Your 3DB Pencil walking bait in a color appropriately named prism gold black.

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Lane switches to the Barry’s Custom Lures prop bait when Florida bass are feeding in and around bluegill beds, usually anytime from May through July. “The Barry’s Custom is a much more aggressive top water bait than the Devil’s Horse or Boy Howdy,” Lane detailed.

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