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The information on this page cannot be guaranteed accurate, please check your local fish and wildlife department to make sure you know all the jug fishing rules and regulations. Jug fishing is legal only in lakes Greenwood, Hart well, Secession, Richard B. Russell, Thurmond, and Stevens Creek.

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Any person setting or possessing the above equipment shall have it clearly marked by permanent means with his or her name, address, and telephone number, and is required to check all lines and remove all fish and animals caught each day. Almost all the severe fishermen love jugging for catfish.

Even if you are a newbie in fishing and you want to catch many catfish, then you will also try jug fishing soon. It is an easy technique and should be adapted to the beginning of learning.

Your kids will love keeping their eyes on the jugs during the entire fishing period. The significant advantage of jug fishing is that you can cover a vast area and you can use a diversity of baits.

The history of jug fishing goes back to the time when people started taking fishing as a sporty activity. It seems that the Egyptians started the concept of fisheries with rigs and lines.

Many references are found different civilizations like Roman, Greek, and Mesopotamia. These civilizations lived near the rivers, and so fishing was one of their most loved pastime.

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In this technique, the jars are free to move in a large water body and even if you are not sure about the amount of fish the jugs will move and find their way. It is the simplest methods of fishing and used widely by beginners throughout the world.

But the downside of this technique is the harm and injury caused to the fish due to constant dragging. As a fisherman, you need to place the jug at a single point in the water.

You might be thinking that how can the jug stay static or set in the water. Second, you can attach huge weights of 4-5 pounds with the fishing rod or line.

Also, it is an added advantage that your jug will stay secure and won’t get carried away by the tides. So, your luck matters a lot in anchored jug fishing technique.

You can use as many jugs as you want to catch the desired amount of fish. Here I will give you some straightforward and easy guidelines for jug fishing.

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Whatever you want to do, always remember to check your jugs for any trapped fish regularly. Always label or put a tag on the jug lines as per rules.

Always check the rules and regulations of your area on jug fishing. Therefore, it is advisable always to check the fishing laws, rules and regulations of your local water bodies.

A jug (or anything that floats and comes under the category of containers or vessels. In simple terms, how you arrange all the things mentioned above makes up your jug fishing rigs.

There are different techniques for making jug lines for catfish. For feather and fun jug fishing rig, you can use your childhood duck traps in place of the jug.

The only noodle-friendly states are Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Kansas, Illinois, Arkansas, Texas. When the fish catches the bait, the noodle pulls the catfish.

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Catfish can dig in the mud and search for insects and worms. It is a method which involves a fishing string or line with baits attached to it through hooks.

Fishing calendar for 2020 best times from the old farmer s almanac the Florida freshwater angler issue 16 rogue turtle trot lines and jugfishingjug line fishing for catfish on lake default great days outdoors jug fishing line rigging techniques more the coastal side One of the simplest and most enjoyable ways to catch catfish is the tried and true method of jug line fishing.

These jugs are often free-floating, which allows them to cover a large area of water without the angler having to constantly attend to the rod or line. Jug line fishing can be a highly effective way to catch catfish.

Source. Fishermen will typically set up a dozen or more jugs and deploy them over a wide area of water. When a jug starts to dip and bob beneath the surface, you’ll know a fish has taken the bait, and you can pull it in.

Because it’s a fairly passive way to fish, many people will actually set up their floats in the evening, and then come back early the next morning to check on their catch. Because catfish have an wonderful sense of smell, they remain active at night, making this method particularly effective.

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If you’re going to use this method, it’s a good idea to use an anchored float, as strong current can easily carry your jugs far from where you left them. If you’re looking for a more active experience, you can deploy free-floating jugs in the water with a kayak, canoe, or boat and motor.

A general rule of the thumb is to check on your jugs every two hours or so, and even more often during the summer months. High-contrast colors like bright orange, yellow, and white will make your jug easy to spot and locate, even in low-light conditions.

Many jurisdictions require any free-floating or anchored jug lines to be personally attended at all times. If you have a few plastic jugs or pool noodles lying around, making your own jug fishing rigs is simple enough.

Then tie a large barrel swivel (big enough so it won’t fit through the drilled hole) to one end of your fishing line. Sized 2/0 to 3/0 circle hooks work well for smaller catfish, but you can go larger when you’re targeting bigger fish.

Wrap your line around the same end of the PVC pipe as the drilled hole for storage. Catfish species also differ considerably, so bait that works well for channel cats may not be ideal for blues or Flathead.

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While most catfish anglers have a fairly positive view on jug line fishing, there are those with a negative outlook on the subject. These larger catfish are the breeding stock, so harvesting them can lead to over-exploitation of the local population.

In my view, as long as you’re following the local laws and regulations, checking your traps often, and releasing any trophy catfish back into the water, then jugging is a perfectly acceptable fishing method and can be a ton of fun. Jug line fishing is one of the simplest and most effective ways to catch catfish.

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