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Daniel Brown
• Wednesday, 22 September, 2021
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In a move aimed at inspiring fishermen to go beyond merely following the regulations, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission has created a list of angling ethics which it plans to share with the public. According to the FFMC, angling ethics is about common sense and courtesy, and it contributes to every angler’s safety, success and enjoyment, as well as the future of the sport.

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In recent years, fishermen have had to adapt to a growing number of regulations placed on the sport by various government agencies, leaving many of them frustrated with having to abide by so many restrictions. The FFMC maintains, however, that embracing an ethical code is in the best interest of everyone, including fishing guides, tourism destinations, marinas, tackle shops, anglers and boaters.

Most people, they state, “share an abiding love for aquatic resources and the role conservation stewardship plays in keeping our natural resources pristine.” According to the FCC’s list of ethics, the following are traits honored by an ethical angler : • Learns and obeys angling and boating regulations and can identify local fish to adhere to the rules.

• Takes measures to prevent spread of exotic plants and animals and does not use diseased or nonnative baits. • Participates in conservation efforts such as river cleanups, vegetation transplanting, tagging studies and creel surveys.

• Practices safe angling and boating by following the laws and using common sense to prevent injury to himself/herself, others or property. That’s why the FFMC has created an incentive: the TrophyCatch program, which rewards anglers for releasing trophy bass with prizes donated by the fishing industry.

Fish caught on live baits or artificial worms often swallow a hook, thus reducing their chances for survival. Don’t use rough or knotted landing nets that cause abrasions as a fish thrashes about and scrapes its mucus, that slimy coating that serves as a primary defense against disease.

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One of the most crucial rules is to avoid keeping the fish out of water for more than 30 seconds at a time (approximately as long as you hold your breath). You can place the fish back in a live well or dip it over the side to let it breathe if you need to reset for another photo.

Such disturbances can be disastrous for animals, especially the cumulative effect of frequent disruptions, a common occurrence at beaches, waterways and other busy wildlife viewing sites. When disturbed, an animal uses up valuable energy reserves that are no longer available for other uses, such as migrating, tending to young, mating or escaping predators.

Obey posted signs near nesting areas and stay on roads, trails and paths to minimize habitat disturbance. Such animals can become aggressive or dangerous or may risk crossing busy roads to venture close to human habitations.

Report people who attract wild dolphins or sharks by feeding them. You can call our Wildlife Alert toll free number 1-888-404-FWCC.

They may frighten or harm the wildlife you are seeking and many sites prohibit them altogether. It is against Florida law for you or your pets to chase, harass or harm wildlife.

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Florida is the Fishing Capital of the World” because of its great resources and responsible management. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FCC) and our partners encourage you to enjoy a relaxing day in the great outdoors with your family and friends.

This website provides basic tips about how to have a fun, safe experience while helping us conserve our aquatic resources for tomorrow. Overall, Florida again ranked first of fishing participants age 16 and older with 2.77 million.

Recreational fishing dollars helped to support 75,068 jobs in Florida, again making it No. This economic trend is great news for Florida partially because state and local taxes from the sale of fishing -related goods and services generated $441 million for general funds.

In spite of the national estimates of fishing participation for all U.S. anglers (does not include foreign anglers) over 16 years of age decreasing, actual fishing license sales for both freshwater and saltwater have increased in Florida. This discrepancy is partially the result of seniors (age 65 and older), resident saltwater shoreline anglers and several other groups, including those fishing from licensed saltwater piers or charter boats, being exempt from licensing.

Florida remains the Fishing Capital of the World because of great resources and responsible management. You can help ensure a vibrant future with high quality, sustainable and safe fishing opportunities by being an ethical angler, mentoring a youth or friend and keeping your license current.

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Sir Izaak Walton, in his Com pleat Angler, advised: “You will find angling to be like the virtue of humility, which has a calmness of spirit and a world of other blessings attending upon it.” From insurance companies, car manufacturers, or soft drink producers, the imagery of recreational fishing is presented because it reminds us of our roots and of a closeness to nature that calms the soul.

Get Outdoors Florida is a nonprofit coalition that encourages Floridians and tourists to enjoy a more healthy lifestyle by participating in active nature-based recreation throughout the site. Its website provides information on events and locations to enjoy a wide variety of activities.

Following publication on Richard Loud’s book, Last Child in the Woods, the Children and Nature Network compiled a vast amount of research showing how important it is to spend quality time outdoors interacting with nature. So it is not surprising that studies have consistently shown that involvement with family members and friends is a primary reason people go boating and fishing.

When outdoors in Florida, use sunscreen to prevent sunburn and skin damage, be certain to drink plenty of water, be aware of your surroundings and be careful of sharp fishing hooks. Please don’t feed wildlife while enjoying the great diversity of birds and animals you’ll see while fishing.

Clean your boat and trailer of any vegetation and never move fish between bodies of water, to help prevent establishing non-native plants and spreading diseases. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission provides a variety of angler recognition programs to help commemorate your catch, and beginning October 2012, you can be rewarded by TrophyCatch for documenting and releasing large mouth bass greater than eight pounds.

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Anytime that you can get out on the water safely (let’s avoid lightning storms and hurricanes). Time of Day : Typically, for freshwater fishes especially, dawn and dusk tend to be more active feeding periods and also allow some escape from the heat.

However, anytime of day you can expect to catch fish, if you know where to find them and are patient. If it’s very hot and bright, the key is finding shade around structure or deeper cooler waters.

Lunar Cycle : Yes, the phases of the moon also play a role in how aggressive fish are and how they congregate, especially around spawning time. The So lunar Theory helps provide some insights into peak fishing periods based on this information--but remember local variables may play an even more important role.

A basic tip: The three days before and after new or full moons often make for stimulated fishing action. If the front lasts for a prolonged period, the aftermath can again bring enhanced fishing conditions.

Part of this is programmed into their genes, but much of it is triggered by water temperature, lunar phase and their nutrition as well. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission sponsors numerous events around the state to encourage parents and other responsible adults to “take a kid fishing and see what they mean when they say “Water Works Wonders.” The first full week in June is National Fishing and Boating Week and is a time when businesses around the state and our Division of Marine Fisheries concentrate many of their clinics.

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Florida is the Fishing Capital of the World” because of its great resources and responsible management. With all those areas teeming with fish, we can’t list them all, but you are always within reach of a place to “wet a line.” A great start is our online guide to Florida the Fishing Capital of the World (PDF), which lists 30 top freshwater destinations and numerous state parks that provide saltwater access.

Basic fishing tackle is reasonably priced, and enthusiasts can find the rod and reel of their dreams in specialty stores, bait-and-tackle shops or general retailers throughout Florida. By purchasing a license, you also help Florida receive additional funds from Federal Aid in Sport fish Restoration, a program into which anglers already pay via federal excise taxes on fishing tackle and motorboat fuel taxes.

Learns and obeys fishing and boating rules and regulations, and purchases appropriate licenses. Doesn’t release live bait into waters or spread exotic plants and fish.

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