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If splashing were a sport, these dogs could be Olympic gold medalists. Bred to retrieve waterfowl, hunt water-dwelling critters, pull in fishing nets or rescue swimmers, these nine breeds have distinct physical characteristics that suit them to a water-intensive lifestyle : They have webbed feet that enhance their swimming ability and may also have thick, oily coats that help insulate them from cold temperatures and repel water, so they dry quickly.

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If you live an active lifestyle near an ocean, river or lake and enjoy boating, swimming, surfing or other water sports, one of the dogs here could be your new best friend. I’ve been quite sick, and I fished a couple places in SW Florida, and more.

This came in from Lisa Snugs- If you ever dreamed of fishing South Florida, book your trip now because it’s fading fast. Fisheries from Okeechobee to Florida Bay are in desperate peril, but so few are talking about it, sportsmen from other parts of the country are wholly unaware.

Last Saturday Susan and I and the canoe drove to south Florida to attend Max’s graduation ceremony. He now holds a Master’s Degree in Medical Science- he is a physician’s assistant.

Monday we took Susan to Fort Lauderdale and sent her home on an airplane. Then Max and I went to Hard Rock Stadium to see the Patriots play the Dolphins.

A stirring national anthem at the Hard Rock Stadium. Now obviously sick, trying to maintain my body temperature in that environment was difficult.

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But, it was the only NFL game I’ve ever attended, I love the Patriots, and we stayed until the last minute. Tuesday we drove to Everglades City, dropped the canoe into the bay, and paddled toward the Gulf of Mexico.

An island in Everglades National Park would be our home for the next three nights. Seriously exhausted and feverish after all this, I was in my sleeping bag right at sunset.

The dink fish were 15 inches long, most were around 20, and Max got a handful of three and four founders. Then, just to punctuate the fishing with an exclamation point, Max hooked and boated a shook in the 10 pound range, just awesome.

Seriously exhausted and feverish after all this, I was in my sleeping bag right at sunset. When we got back to camp we had neighbors, a school trip from University of South Florida.

Young and full of energy, the college students got a campfire going. I stayed up long enough to watch Sirius ascend, then went and crashed.

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Max drove back to Miami, I to Fort Myers to visit Alex. Alex and I drove out to Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge in the morning.

We launched the canoe on the nose of the incoming tide and went exploring. I caught a mangrove snapper that maybe was four inches long, and a shook that was maybe eight.

I’d never been there, always wanted to go, and was disappointed in the color of the water (brown) and the fishing results. Alex hit a redfish on his first cast, nice fish too.

The water looks awful, brown, full of black Rhodophyta algae, and very little grass. Mosquito Lagoon is not the only place with water quality issues.

All content in this blog, including writing and photos, copyright John Pulaski 2017. Running up to the Home Sound area from Jupiter to avoid the sharks, Capt.

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Bill Taylor of Black Fishing Charter has been getting good numbers of mangrove, yellowtail and a few short buttons in 40 to 60 feet of water using mostly thread fin herring and squid. There is still a decent sailfish bite off of Jupiter and people fishing for them are also getting good numbers of dolphin as by catch.

Working very specific depths from 100 to 115 feet, kings up to 15 pounds have been caught from the Boston Inlet and then following as they move south. The sailfish bite is still holding steady off of the Boston area with many boats having several releases per trip.

They are hitting goggle eyes, blue runners and pilchards on kites in 100 to 150 feet. There have also been red grouper caught in the same depths using cut or whole squid on the bottom or slow pitching jigs.

On the inside edge of the reefs off of Boston, lesser amber jacks, some keeper gray trigger fish, yellowtail and mangrove snapper are being caught. Though the season is closed until Feb. 1, the bite for shook in the St. Lucie River has been excellent recently.

Around the bridges spanning the St. Lucie and Indian Rivers there has been good action for black drum, pompano and bluefish. In the Intracoastal Waterway in the channels a quarter mile north and south of the Boston Inlet, there has been an excellent bite for jack crevasse, lady fish, bluefish and some nice mangrove and mutton snapper.

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Also in the Ice, on the east side from the Santana Bridge up to the Shook Islands, there has been good action for sea trout and a few slot-size redfish. Though the artificial bite has been tough, a Carolina rig with a strawberry color worm did produce a few fish.

We are conveniently located at Sea Dog Marina next to the Seven-Mile Grill restaurant at MM 47.5, Bayside in Marathon… The heart of The Florida Keys. First class tackle is an important part of SEA DOG CHARTER’S formula for successful fishing.

Each boat is equipped with a variety of reels by PENN, SHIM ANO and FIN-NOR matched with STAR, OCEAN and custom rods. She is driven by twin Caterpillar turbo diesels and holds 300 gallons of fuel, making her capable of making trips to the Dry Tortugas and the Bahamas.

Offshore machine ready to take you to the Gulf Stream for some excellent Dolphin, Mali, Swordfish, Sailfish, Tuna. Our spacious 41 Barracuda is a custom Sea Hawk, was built in 2007 and is equipped with a Caterpillar diesel engine.

Our anglers can comfortably fish without experiencing the overcrowded conditions of a “head boat.” Because her beam is wider than other vessels, she has plenty of room for a great fishing experience with plenty of space for all anglers! This vessel is equipped with a live well and is licensed with the State of Florida and NOAA Fisheries.

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She operates in full compliance with USCG regulations and is inspected twice per year. Our spacious 40 Alabama is a custom Sea Hawk, was built especially for fishing the Florida Keys and is equipped with 450 hp Cummins Diesels (very fast!).

This vessel is equipped with a live well and is licensed with the State of Florida and NOAA Fisheries. She operates in full compliance with USCG regulations and is inspected twice per year.

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