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• Sunday, 26 September, 2021
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Many of us got our first taste of fishing with a basic cane pole, a worm, and a round bomber. Take a look in any experienced angler’s tackle box and you’ll find a wide variety of bomber types and sizes.

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In this post I’ll break down several bomber types, how and when to use them, and how to rig them properly. 1) Fishing with a bomber allows you to suspend your bait above the bottom at the exact depth you want.

4) Bombers increase your bait’s visibility which improves your strike detection ability significantly. Even the tiniest movement is easy to spot on the surface, which makes bombers especially useful when targeting fish with subtle bites.

If you set up the bomber several feet up your main line, then controlling and landing a large fish can become difficult. Slip bombers solve all of these issues, offering greater versatility and performance than fixed floats.

An oversized bomber will result in too much resistance and cause fish to spit out your bait before you have a chance to set the hook. This style of fixed bomber works well for crappie, bluegill, and other pan fish.

You can also reel a slip bomber right up to the terminal tackle, which makes landing larger fish much easier. As they’re able to slide up and down your line freely, they require a slightly more complex setup than fixed bombers.

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You’ll need a couple of beads, as well as a rubber or cloth bomber stopper to set the depth you want to fish at. Many slip bombers are made from Balsa wood, which makes them a bit pricier than other floats.

This twist-on design is a real bonus, as it won’t damage your line like other fixed bombers do. These bombers are popular for casting flies on a spinning rod, but can also be used when you’re fishing with bait, jigs, and other methods.

Slip bombers are great for quickly finding the correct depth where the crappie or bluegill are at. Because you can adjust the float depth by sliding the bomber stop in mere seconds, you can stay on the fish as they move around.

A small fixed bomber paired with a jig and minnow is one of the best ways to get these fish to bite when they’re in shallower open water. A slip bomber paired up with a spinning rod is one of the deadliest methods of catching trout in moving water.

Trout will hit a wide variety of baits, including nightcrawlers, crickets, and minnows as well as flies and jigs. Overfishing for salmon and steel head is one of the simplest and most effective methods to catch these prized fish.

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The precision of casting with a slip float allows you to hit small pockets effectively, and fish further upstream than would normally be possible. This is particularly useful when you’re fishing in shallower rivers and streams, as it helps you keep your bait off the bottom where it can get tangled up in vegetation and debris.

A classic round bomber works well when fishing for bass with shiners and other bait fish. A round bomber allows you to suspend your bait directly in front of the bass, which presents an irresistible target for these fish.

If you use a float that’s too large, the fish will encounter too much resistance and will release your bait rather than swallowing it. If you’re fishing in deeper water, then a slip bomber setup will work well.

Rigging a bomber or float is fairly straightforward, but you’ll need the right gear to ensure you do it properly. Fixed round bombers rigs are pretty easy to set up.

All you need is your fishing line, a fixed round bomber, hook, bait, and split shot. Figure out the depth you want to suspend your bait at, and then pull that much line from your rod tip.

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All work well, but I’d recommend sliding rubber stops for their ability to quickly adjust the stopper depth. Make sure the beads are big enough to stop the slip bomber effectively.

I grew up fishing, canoeing, and camping throughout the Flanagan Valley in British Columbia. It’s what lead me to start this site and share my passions for fishing, diving, kayaking and more.

A fishingbobber also referred to as a float depending on where you live, is an item that attaches to the angler’s fishing line and can then serve several purposes. Fishing bombers come in a variety of assorted styles, colors, and sizes and it may be a bit overwhelming as you stand in the tackle shop and stare listlessly at the endless supply of bombers you can choose from.

Fixed Floats maintain a defined leader length between the bomber and the bait on the line. Slip bombers, on the other hand, are able to slide up and down the fishing line instead of remaining in one place like a fixed float.

The shape of the waggle float allows the angler to achieve a further distance out while casting as it is able to shoot through the air like a dart. This bomber fastens to the angler’s main line and can then be locked into one fixed position.

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It offers great sensitivity and improved ease of casting without becoming tangled. Stick floats are only suitable for limited fishing depths because of their fixed position.

However, they can sit on top of the water while providing adequate buoyancy and a more stabilized weight. They also offer less wind and water resistance which allows the bomber to drift much slower and allows the angler to cast much further.

They do not require a lot of weight for stability, and due to the variety of sizes and shapes available for pole floats, they are ideal for many fishing locations. They are a desirable choice for an angler interested in fishing rivers and deep or shallow lakes and canals.

A wider bomber is also ideal for a rough current but may prove to be more resistant to the fish. Additionally, larger bombers offer more resistance which also increases the sensitivity of the line.

Windy conditions with stronger currents will require the angler to use a larger bomber that offers more buoyancy. If big bass are the goal, there is no better bait in Florida than a live shiner fished with or without a bomber.

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Shiners are at their best in the winter and early spring, when bass begin to head to the shallow water to spawn. As such, soft jerk baits are a nearly totally weedless lure, which gives anglers the ability to effectively fish in heavy cover.

Drill is a common vegetation type in many lakes in Florida and holds an abundance of bass. A good method is to attach a lidless crank bait to the end of your line and start casting and retrieving over the drill, as well as along the edges.

Make long casts and cover water until you find specific spots that hold bass. Thick vegetation is home to many of Florida's biggest bass and the anglers who target these fish must do so with precision.

Present the bait with a flip or pitch into holes of heavy cover and be ready for a jarring strike. My wife and I decided that we needed to take a break from Utah’s long winter.

So we booked a trip centered around the sun, warm weather, horses (my wife’s favorite), and of course fishing. Florida was the perfect February vacation destination, and it just so happened we were close to one of the best bass fisheries in the United States: Lake Okeechobee.

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When I first started researching fishing at Lake Okeechobee, I was overwhelmed and unable to find helpful information about what to expect. For that reason, I wanted to write about my experience and by doing so maybe help the next angler looking to take a trip here and catch a big trophy bass at Lake Okeechobee in Florida.

He didn’t have any pictures of the place, so we were a little skeptical at first, but once we arrived we were pleasantly surprised with how nice it was. It was also located about 15 minutes away from Okeechobee Fishing Headquarters which is a cool little full service bait and tackle store.

After doing some research and contacting several guides, I ended up booking an 8-hour fishing trip with Captain Mike at okeechobeebassfishing.com. Bob has over 20 years of experience fishing Lake Okeechobee and really knew his stuff.

He was also super nice and accommodating as well, and was great about helping us rig up are baits and teaching us all he knew about the lake and catching bass. Based on our communications with Mike, we thought we were going to be fishing with 3 dozen shiners and then would use artificial lures once we ran out.

The distance from the bomber and the hook was about 2-3 feet, this allowed free movement for the shiner. This rigging method provided the shiners with a lot of upward action and was are the most effective technique throughout the day.

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The lightweight split shot kept the shiner at the bottom, but also allowed it freedom to move around as well. This made Captain Bob adjust his strategy a bit, and we found ourselves spending most of the day fishing in the canals to hide from the wind.

Our first spot was a rocky shoreline inlet located about 5 minutes from where we launched the boat. Bob had experienced success here before in the early morning as bass would warm up in the rocky shore and feed on bait fish.

We ended up catching a few small fish, but after an hour or, so we couldn’t find the size we were looking for, so we moved on to a different spot. We got some strange looks from some anglers fishing in a tournament while searching for this next spot, but it ended up being the highlight of the trip.

We ended up targeting a bunch of boulders in the middle of the canal with a dock and reeds nearby. A few days earlier before the wind started to pick up our guide had clients land over 50 fish.

Conclusion We had a great time fishing at Lake Okeechobee with Captain Bob, and although it was a pretty expensive trip we were glad we hired a guide. Captain Mike’s bungalow is a perfect place to stay while at Lake Okeechobee.

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