How To Make Grouper Nuggets

Danielle Fletcher
• Friday, 23 October, 2020
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My most requested recipe especially during the summer months here at the beach, adults and kids. I made these for an appetizer last night for me and the guys watching football.

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Place nuggets of grouper in a bowl with the buttermilk and hot sauce. Using your hand, strain out the buttermilk and then crack the egg into the bowl.

Put the crackers, garlic salt, and pepper into a food processor and process until pretty finely ground. Put the crackers onto a plate and coat the nuggets one at a time, dropping into the hot oil as you go.

Lightly fried and well-seasoned, these grouper bites are perfect for an appetizer or main course at your next socially distant gathering. Try it out with a creamy tartar sauce or in a salad for a great lunch.

If you don’t already have the ingredient list on hand, you can easily source these items at your local grocery store. Lightly beat the eggs, then stir together milk and pour over the grouper bites.

Next, combine flour, breadcrumbs, cornstarch, grits, salt, pepper, garlic, oregano, and chili powder in a gallon-sized plastic bag with a sturdy top. Then, in a large cast-iron skillet, pour 2 inches of canola oil and heat to 350 degrees.

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Add the grouper bites carefully so that you don’t splash the hot oil! This whole wheat grouper nuggets recipe is not just a healthy alternative.

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In these baked fish nuggets, fresh cod is cut into bite-size pieces and dipped in an egg batter, rolled in pinko and baked until crispy! Even as I type this post out I’m easily reminded how good these are and how I don’t make these as often as I should.

Annexed you get to dunk them in a most delicious tartar sauce. But mostly because they beat Gordon’s and Van de Kamp’s to a PULP in flavor, texture and real fishiness.

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I promise you that the boxed variety will no longer suffice your craving for fish-sticks or whatever. That was a first, an extremely proud moment in the McNamara household for who.

Next, measure out 2 tablespoons of Dijon mustard and add it to the eggs. Next, squeeze some fresh lemon juice over top of the fish.

After I baked these for 10 minutes I remember that I really shouldn’t broil using a silent. Next, turn the broiler on, and with the door ajar, watch carefully, so they don’t burn.

Preheat your oven to 400° and line a rimmed baking pan with parchment. In a shallow dish combine the eggs, mustard, hot sauce, milk and Greek yogurt.

Place two cups of Pinko in another dish and set aside as well. Squeeze fresh lemon over the cod and season it with salt and pepper.

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Slice the fresh cod lengthwise and then cut into nugget like pieces. Dunk the cod into the egg mixture and using a fork remove, draining off any excess.

Buy the Cookbook: Simply Scratch : 120 Wholesome Homemade Recipes Made Easy Now available on Amazon THANK YOU in advance for your support! Key West angler holds a Nice Red Grouper Caught with Capt.

Steven Lamp of Dream Catcher Charters. I have been told by many, many people that this is the BEST fried fish they have ever eaten. Well here is my “secret” recipe for Fried Grouper fish bites.

Once you get back to your kitchen use cold water to rinse the files once again Sprinkle the bite sized fish cubes with seasoning salt and set aside.

Pour flour onto the first dinner plate to dredge fish in. In the first bowl crack 2 eggs and mix vigorously with the water.

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In the sauce pan pour enough oil in to reach about 2 inches high. While oil heats in sauce pan Prep the Fish for Frying.

There are several types of grouper caught here in Key West waters. Anglers come from all over the world to fish Key West’s extremely fertile grouper grounds.

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