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With professional sports mostly on hold ahead of planned reopening in the wake of the outbreak of the coronavirus, players have had the chance to take some time to themselves. Many are doing a great job of staying in shape, working out at their local gyms, with personal trainers or in other creative ways.


On Thursday morning, former Florida offensive lineman and current Jacksonville Jaguars tackle Japan Taylor posted video of a scintillating, if unexpected, workout he recently got in. “Man, it's like pulling up a bus,” Taylor says on the video, moments before he finally gets the Goliath grouper up near the side of the boat, belly up.

However, the species has been protected from harvest or possession in both state and federal waters off Florida since 1990 after a decline in the active population. The most recent stock assessment of the fish population happened in 2016, indicating the number in south Florida has greatly increased since 1990, but in the final step of the review process the assessment was rejected by an independent panel of scientists for use in federal management due to a lack of reliable indicators of abundance outside south Florida.

With up to 50 different varieties of fish, there’s a lot to learn, and we hope we can answer some of your questions here. To use this site effectively simply scroll down the page to find the fish you’re interested in.

Read the brief paragraph, and click the link on the bottom of each (fish) to learn more. Caught in about 600-feet of water the meat of Barr elfish is very white, firm and flakes, with a mild flavor that is not quite like any other fish.

Barr elfish can attribute its name to the fact that it congregates about floating spars and drifting wreckage, especially barrels. Barr elfish is a medium thick fillet that goes great with any root vegetables.

Cobra is a favorite sport fish for many shoreline and off-shore anglers because it is one of the few species that are found throughout Florida's marine environment. Like many of the pelagic species, cobra are highly mobile but also attracted to buoy, channel markers and other floating objects where they feed on fish, crabs, shrimp and squid.

Note, if you catch a cobra let it sit for a full day so the amino acids in the meat calm down and the stronger fish flavors resides. Cooking methods include grilled, baked, fried, sushi and is a popular choice in ceviche in Central America.

Enjoy this fish with a Avignon Blanc, Chardonnay, pilaster or sangria. Dolphin often gather in large schools attracted to floating objects such as logs and buoys where they find smaller fish to feed on.

They are surface feeders and are found throughout the Pacific and tropical waters worldwide. Dolphin is great for grilling, dry spice dusting, ceviche or crusting.

Enjoy this fish with an amber lager, pilot noir or even with a Red Stripe. They feed on oysters, mussels, crabs, shrimp, and occasionally fish.

Enjoy this fish with an Oskar Blue's Dale's Pale Ale. This fish pairs well with Avignon Blanc, lagers, Rieslings, and pilasters.

The grouper fish has a mild but unique flavor, somewhat of a cross between bass and halibut. Grouper meat cooks up very firm, with big flakes and holds it moisture better than many other fish.

Grouper has a great texture and is excellent grilled, fried, crusted, sautéed, broiled and flat top cooked. Black grouper tastes amazing with fresh pepper, cherry tomatoes, light garlic, and any root vegetables such as YMCA.

Enjoy this fish with a glass of Avignon Blanc or a Pilot Origin, wheat beers, lagers or TBC Chancellor. They are a shallow water grouper mostly caught in the Gulf of Mexico around coral reefs.

This fish has many shades of colors but is identifiable by the bright yellow mark on its pectoral fins. Fire backs feed on crabs, shrimp, squid, and small fish.

Gag groupers have a mild flavor with a high oil and moisture content that tastes similar to a blend of bass and halibut. Grouper has a great texture and is excellent grilled, fried, crusted, sautéed, broiled and flat top cooked.

Kitty Mitchell's find themselves between sweetness of Black Grouper and the versatility of Regrouped. Kitty Mitchell's pair well with tandoori, lemon, any cheeses, or any root vegetables.

Enjoy this fish with a glass of pilot origin or and IPA to break up the sweetness. Red grouper is not quite as firm as Black or Gag grouper and has a milder and sweeter flavor.

Grouper has a great texture and is excellent grilled, fried, crusted, sautéed, broiled and flat top cooked. Enjoy this fish with a glass of Ca'Montana Pilot Origin or a Funky Buddha Floridian wheat beer.

Scamp is a type of grouper with white, lean flesh that adapts well to a variety of cooking methods. Grouper has a great texture and is excellent grilled, fried, crusted, sautéed, broiled and flat top cooked.

Enjoy this fish with a glass of Dog Point Avignon Blanc or a Narragansett Lager. Enjoy this fish with a glass of Sonoma Cutter Chardonnay or On Anna Cabernet Sauvignon.

This fish pairs well with flavors such as leeks, tangerine, passion fruit, fresh fennel, coconut, mild herbs, and yellow tomatoes. Enjoy this fish with a TBC Gnarly Barley or a glass of male, chardonnay or Dog Point Avignon Blanc.

Halibuts are a type of flatfish and are caught in northern cold waters off the U.S., Canada, Alaska, Russia, and Scandinavia. Halibut is a lean fish with mild, sweet tasting white flesh, large flakes and a firm but tender texture.

It pairs great with caramelized veggies, red wine, butter, or light and crispy flavors such as chaste or dragon fruit. Another reason is because they tend to feed on the bottom of the ocean, hanging out on reefs.

It pairs well with TBC Chancellor, Corona, rosé, tropical sangria or even a glass of passion fruit soda water. The monkish tail meat is dense, firm and boneless, with a mild sweet taste.

These huge round fish are rarely seen around here but are occasionally caught in the Gulf Stream. The meat from an Oprah looks like it is from the tuna family with a pale purple hue.

Enjoy this fish with Cigar City Maduro Brown Ale, Monk in the Trunk, Merlot or a fruity Avignon Blanc. Perch have a sweet medium flavor as expected in surf fish.

They are excellent with medium flavors such as light red wine vinegar sauces, sweet onions, capers, and mangoes. Enjoy this fish with chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, pilasters or IPA's.

Pompano meat is firm but finely flaked, with a sweet, medium to fuller flavor. It holds up well with tarragon, arugula, aged cheese, lemon, capers, and Fargo.

Enjoy this fish with an IPA, Chardonnay or a nice Pilot Noir. This fish pairs well with lighter beers such as Stella or Funky Buddha Floridian.

The higher the fat content in fish, the more powerful the taste, as evidenced in appropriately named species like King Salmon. The diet of small, salty fish also contributes to the rich flavor.

Salmon are excellent tandoori spiced, grilled, or sweet potato crusted. Enjoy this fish with fruity Chardonnays, full body reds, Cigar City JAI Alien IPA, or TBC Gnarly Barley.

Black sea bass flesh is firm and lean, with a mild, delicate flavor and are incredible eating. They are delicate but pairs well with many flavor profiles such as peanuts, almonds, sweet potatoes, and ginger.

Wild striped bass, or stripes, swims the waters along the East Coast. It is much larger than the farmed variety, with strong black stripes from gills to tail.

Moderately fatty, wild striped bass has a rich flavor and a large, firm flake. The farmed version is milder, has a nice texture, and is more readily available and consistently fresh.

You can cook this fish many ways like poaching, steaming, grilling, sautéing, pan charring, or crusting. This fish would pair well with Pilot Noir, Pale Ales or Chardonnay.

It is great lightly grilled, sautéed or with a mild flavored crust such as butternut or spaghetti squash. Sleepyhead tastes great with flavors such as almonds, spinach, mangoes and grits.

Berliner / vermilion snappers have a medium texture and are mild and sweet in flavor. Enjoy this fish with a glass of Ferrari Cyrano Fume Blanc or a Monk in the Trunk.

Black fin snappers are caught all around the Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, and the Western Atlantic. Enjoy this fish with an amber lager or a fruity sauvignon blanc.

Enjoy this fish with a Funky Buddha Floridian or a sparkling wine. Mangrove snappers pair well with corn, pears, chaste squash, coconut, and lime.

Enjoy this fish with a glass of sparkling wine or a wheat beer. Queen snapper are mild and sweet in flavor with a firm and delicate texture.

Queen snappers go great with leeks, tangerines, passion fruit, fresh fennel, coconut, mild herbs, and yellow tomatoes. This fish pairs well with rosé, Avignon Blanc, or amber beers.

Red Snapper is mildly sweet with a lean, firm moist texture. Enjoy this fish with a glass of Pilot Noir, sparkling wine, or light lagers.

They are found in shallow and deeper water, so they are buttery and soft with a mild sweet flavor. Rosie's pair well with pilot origin or a lighter beer such as TBC Chancellor.

The flavor is rather light and will not deeply offend people who like their fish “white and lite”. This fish pairs well with Avignon Blanc, Pilot Noir, or ales.

It holds consistent with deeper water fish and is really buttery and delicious. Characterized by a prominent lateral yellow stripe running from snout to tail, this snapper is considered by culinary experts to be one of the tastiest fish harvested fresh from Florida waters.

Enjoy this fish with a glass of Avignon Blanc or a TBC Chancellor. Swordfish is excellent grilled, tandoori, BBQ, jerk, or pepper crusted.

It pairs well with lemon, thyme, basil, capers, watercress, arugula, feta, Gorgonzola and smoked spicy peppers. Enjoy this fish with pale ales, bold reds, or medium bodied Chardonnay.

Golden tile fish is low in fat and has a delicate, sweet flavor similar to lobster or crab. This fish pairs well with rosé, Avignon Blanc, Pilot Noir, or amber beers.

Giving them a firm but tender, white meat with a delicate sweet flavor. Enjoy this fish with a glass of sparkling wine, Pilot Origin, or a wheat beer.

Triple tail meat is white, sweet and flaky, similar to a prime rib cut of grouper. It pairs well with anything in the squash family, mild greens, sweet potatoes, bonito, malarial, mangoes, coconut, lime, and light cheeses.

Enjoy this fish with a Monk in the Trunk, Pilot Noir, or Avignon Blanc. It has a medium flavor and is great for searing, sashimi, ceviches or tuna salad.

If you have ever eaten a piece of seared, sashimi or sushi blue fin you will have experienced the top shelf of meat. Yellow fin tunas are deep red with a sweet, mild flavor and a dense, firm, beef-like texture.

Yahoos are the fastest swimming fish in the ocean next to the make shark so it is very lean with low fat. Yahoo is wonderful baked, broiled or poached, but is particularly well suited for summer grilling.

You’ve probably seen groupers being caught and were simply amazed at just how large they are. Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting fun facts and statistics about this popular fish.

You can find a range of types of grouper based in the Atlantic and the Gulf. Some of them include the scamp, black, snowy, gag, red, Warsaw, yellow fin, and speckled hind.

The Goliath Grouper is found off the coast of Florida in the Atlantic, as well. However, for sport anglers out there, keep in mind that this particular type of grouper is protected.

When people think about fish that they don’t want to meet while they are in the water, sharks are probably the top on that list, perhaps followed by barracuda. Take the video that you can find online from 2014 that shows a Goliath grouper rising right out of the depths and swallowing a… wait for it… Blacktop shark.

It circles the shark for a bit and then snatches it right out of the water before the angler can bring it on the boat. Since you now know that there are different types of grouper, this question becomes a bit more difficult to answer.

As with any type of fish, it will be important to make sure it is prepared properly if you want the best results. Try to work with a charter that knows and understands what it takes to successfully catch groupers.

Being near the original roadbed of The Celestial Railroad, it overlooked the wild and scenic waterway and enjoyed the patronage of wealthy, fashionable tourists who ventured south on the Indian River by steamer or aboard their own yachts. From the 1600s when pirates and ships loaded with illicit treasure like the San Miguel de Archangel roamed the nearby waters, to the contraband quietly brought through by bank robbers, rum runners and drug smugglers in more recent years; this small, sleepy fishing village has a long and colorful history.

Such history is what gave the current business its name: Square Grouper is the name reportedly given by members of the US Coast Guard to bales of marijuana thrown overboard or out of airplanes, that were often found along the Jupiter Inlet and other waterways in South Florida. It has grown into one of the most popular watering holes in the United States and was even the venue for several music videos including Alan Jackson’s hit “It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere” with Jimmy Buffett.

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