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We at Fishing Booker, just like all serious anglers, dream about catching a “grander,” one of those legendary fish that weights over 1000 lb. The record for the biggest Marlin of all time goes to the enormous 1,805 lb “Chop’s Monster.” This beast of a fish was caught on a charter fishing boat out of Oahu, Hawaii, in 1970 and still stands today as the biggest Marlin caught on rod and reel.

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The IFA also states that the biggest recorded Blue Marlin weighed 1,402 pounds (635 kg) and was caught in Vitoria, Brazil in 1992. However, it is a powerful and aggressive fighter that can run hard and long, leaping high in the air in amazing displays of acrobatics.

Some experts consider Blue Marlin living in the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans to be two distinct species, although this point of view is contended. A pointed front dorsal fin that is never as high as the maximum body depth (read, the hairdo is never longer than the fish is fat).

While males can occasionally grow to over 15 ft long and weigh as much as 1600 lb, most of the time they are smaller than females. People sometimes refer to Black Marlin to as the “Bull of the Sea” due to their extreme strength, large size, and incredible endurance once hooked.

Low dorsal fin relative to body depth (smaller Mohawk than most Marlin). White Marlin live in tropical and seasonally temperate Atlantic waters, including the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean Sea and the Western Mediterranean.

Despite the fact that they are the smallest Marlin species, weighing a maximum of about 220 lb, they are sought after due to their speed, elegant leaping ability and the difficulty of baiting and hooking them. A lighter, occasionally green coloring Spots on their belly, as well as their dorsal and anal fins.

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‘Stripes’ are found in the Pacific and Indian oceans, usually in colder waters than Black or Blue Marlin. Famous for their fighting ability, Striped Marlin has a reputation of spending more time in the air than in the water once they’ve been hooked.

They are known for long runs and tail walks, as well as ‘grounding’ across the surface in a series of leaps and bounds. When you’re deciding where to book your Marlin fishing trip it’s important to think about the season you’ll be going in and the precise Marlin species you want to go after.

The western town of Kong is famous worldwide for its Marlin fishing, due not only to the frequency of graders (over 60 fish over 1000 lb have been recorded in Hawaii’s waters), but also because of the skill and experience of its top captains. If you’re in the area around the beginning of August, make sure you don’t miss the Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament for the hottest Marlin fishing action.

From late March through July charter boats operating out of Cozumel and Cancun encounter masses of Blue and White Marlin, as well as other Billfish such as Sailfish that follow the warm waters of the Gulf Stream into the area. To the west, Cab San Lucas is famous all over the world for its epic Marlin fishing, partly thanks to the prestigious Bis bee’s Black and Blue tournament.

Heading south from Cab, the biggest Black Marlin here are most likely found around offshore structures such as Cortana Rock and ‘El Banco’ near Puerto Vallarta. Visit in September and October to be in with a chance of experiencing the thrill of feeling a Marlin jump at the end of your line.

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The first Black Marlin ever caught on rod and reel was landed by a Sydney-based doctor fishing from Port Stephens, New South Wales, in 1913. Nowadays, the east coast of Australia is a mecca for Marlin fishing, with Blue and Black Marlin frequently caught on fishing charters in this area.

While fishing for Marlin is often successful from Cairns, Sydney and Port Stephens, Marlin fishing on the Gold Coast around Main Beach is the most productive in terms of numbers. Cairns boasts of being the world capital of Marlin fishing, and anglers flock to the area from September to December to try their hand at catching the fish of a lifetime.

It doesn’t stop there though: the Black Marlin then move south towards Port Stephens, where the season stretches out through March. Marlin are also common on the west coast of Australia, with Ex mouth, Brooke and Rottenest Island off Perth all important and highly productive Marlin fishing spots.

A mere 1200 miles offshore to the east of Australia lies a magical Marlin hotspot: Vanuatu, a chain of 80 idyllic islands in the South Pacific. The Sunshine State’s Marlin fishing season seems to be dictated by the ‘loop current’, which the fish follow into the Gulf of Mexico past Miami and Key West.

This species famously sticks to the continental shelf offshore of Maryland, Virginia and Delaware, with the ‘Jack Spot’, a bottom structure 22 miles south of Ocean City, Maryland, being probably the best known spot for White Marlin fishing in the United States. Now, Ocean City is home to the world-famous White Marlin Open fishing tournament, held annually in August.

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Marlin fishing in Central America became famous in 1949 when the Panamanian fisherman Louis Schmidt landed the first recorded Black Marlin grander caught on rod and reel. The abundance of Marlin is also present to the north, where Costa Rica benefits from warm waters and productive Pacific reef areas.

Marlin fishing in the northern areas of Play Flamingo and Tamarindo, on the other hand, is best from November to March. Dachau Bay and Cape Runaway are particularly well known local Marlin fishing spots, and catches in this area tend to be of large average size, weighing in at roughly 300-500 lb.

Cape Verde, located 350 miles off the coast of Africa, is home to some of the best action in the world, although it is only just emerging as a charter fishing destination. Marlin charters tend to run from Tenerife, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura, as well as from Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria, which has historically been the main starting point for big game fishing trips on the Canary Islands.

To the north, the Portuguese island of Madeira is also productive from May to October and can raise fish of a similar size as those found farther south. Even farther offshore, and perhaps even better for catching some of the biggest Marlin in the ocean, are the warm, deep waters round the Azores.

Southern California is the northernmost point of the Pacific Blue Marlin ’s migration path, and it is sometimes possible to find these fish in the waters around San Diego. Here the high season for both Black and Blue Marlin extends from November through February, although you can still be in with a good chance of finding one as late as April.

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The largest Blue Marlin caught in Mauritius weighed 1430 lb, and the longest recorded fight lasted 26 hours before the line broke! Marlin are aggressive, highly predatory fish that respond very well to the splash and trail of a well presented artificial lure.

Not wanting to cause a virtual riot, I’ll leave the question of which specific style of artificial lure up to you. Areas such as those near buoys and steep underwater ledges, where fish congregate, are the best places to use live bait.

It might sound obvious, but you don’t want to spend all your hard-earned pennies on a Marlin fishing adventure only for your tackle to let you down just as you feel the pull of a big fish on the end of the line. The Florida Keys are home to more saltwater fishing records than many destinations around the globe.

Presidents, celebrities and some of the world’s greatest anglers have come to Key West to try and find the elusive Marlin. Female Blue Marlins are significantly larger than their male counterparts and can reach up to 14 feet in length and can weigh more than 1,900 lbs.

It was the blue marlin that author Ernest Hemingway featured in his classic novella The Old Man and the Sea. The fisherman in this story battles a blue marlin, which was inspired by Hemingway’s own marlin fishing adventures while he was a resident of Key West, FL.

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Whether blue marlin or white marlin fishing Key West is equipped with the best boats for fishers to handle and battle these sea creatures, and we make sure of it! The Lucky Charm is a 42-foot custom Staple ton Sport fish perfect for trolling the blue water for marlins.

You can also contact us online to ask questions and tell us more about the marlin fishing Key West trip of your dreams. Miami Marlin fishing is one of the most exciting angling adventures in Florida, with high stakes and even higher rewards.

Fishermen from all over the country come to Miami to get a taste of premier fishing opportunities and go home with a trophy catch (or with photos of one). This is the place to be if you’re looking to hook your first-ever Marlin, but be ready, these gorgeous beasts are the ultimate fishing challenge.

You shouldn’t take the fish out of the water, but you can always snap a couple of quick photos with it alongside the boat. Summer is the time when Marlin reigns supreme in the Miami offshore waters, specifically from May to late July.

The most productive Marlin grounds are further offshore, at the outer edge of the continental shelf known as “The Wall.” This means you’ll travel at least 20 miles (possibly more) to find that hot bite. Thankfully, deep sea fishing charters are very popular in Miami, so there are plenty of local guides to choose from.

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The longer runs to the Gulf will put you on the bite of both Blue and White Marlin, and here, trolling is the name of the game. Your guide will provide the licenses and fishing gear, your only concern are food and drinks, as well as plenty of sun protection.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts An effective trolling spread relies on the angler’s ability to properly rig only the freshest baits or most realistic lures, then position them to cover a broad swath of ocean.

The radical splashing, diving and darting characteristics of certain teasers create the appearance of a feeding frenzy in progress, in addition to increasing the number of baits in the water, all of which helps to attract game fish and often coaxes them into striking. Whether it’s trolled off the Northeast, Florida, the Bahamas, the Gulf of Mexico or Southern California, the dredge has proven to be a potent fish-raiser.

(above) Jim Tackle rigs Tournament Cable dredges with Menhaden teasers and Clark Number 5 spoons for a flashy presentation. (left) Mann’s Bait Company also produces the Ultimate ’Hui, a paddle-tail teaser that performs well on dredges.

A dredge teaser creates the illusion of a large, tightly bunched school of bait swimming frantically between two and six feet beneath the surface. Unlike most teasers and daisy chains that splash along on the surface and appear as a silhouette to game fish below, the dredge teaser presents the three-dimensional illusion of a large, underwater bait ball attempting to take shelter below the boat hull.

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In addition, the swimming vibrations emitted by the hookless baits also draws the attention of game fish. Similar to traditional teasers, a fish will rise to the dredge, setting up an opportunity for the angler to drop back a hooked bait.

Resembling an oversized mobile, a dredge is composed of stainless or titanium arms with “droppers” that accept single or tandem-rigged hookless teasers. The longer center dropper positions one or more teasers behind the others on the dredge, lending the appearance of weaker members of the bait school.

Because of the excessive drag they generate when pulled through the water, coupled with the fact that they must remain underwater to create the “bait-ball” illusion and prevent tangles, high-speed, search-trolling missions are best left to lures and skirted baits. Dredges are typically run from 20 to 40 feet behind the transom, although boats with towers often drop them farther back.

Sometimes the angler must repeatedly reel the bait ahead of the dredge and free-spool it past the fish to get its attention. Bryan Bennett at Jim Tackle in Orange Beach, Alabama, has seen a big upsurge in the use of dredge teasers along his section of the coast.

On a boat out of Per dido Pass, for example, a mate had a blue marlin come up on a dredge teaser, and he had difficulty getting the fish away from it! Dredge teasers became popular with crews trolling for sailfish in Mexico, where the mates painstakingly dress the rigs with hookless natural baits such as chin-weighted mullet or ballyhoo.

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Because of the paddle tails on these baits and their aggressive swimming action, we run just one off each dropper so as not to hinder their performance or cause a tangle. “An interesting variation is partially rigging either dredge with Number 5 hookless Clark Spoons.

We keep the Menhaden or Bully Hui teasers on the outside arms of the dredge and replace those on the inside droppers with the hookless spoons. The company’s latest model is the Folding Ultimate Umbrella Dredge that’s available in 23- and 34-inch diameters and in four- and six-arm versions.

“This dredge teaser has been raising an incredible number of billfish and other game fish,” says Calcutta’s Howard Christians. For example, I’ll troll a like bait with a hook off to the side of the dredge to imitate a weak fish that’s trying to catch up to the school.

If the dredge is rigged with blue Bully Hews, for example, the hook bait will be green to make it stand out. Endless Applications Thanks to modern artificial baits, dredge teasers should now be just as appealing to the masses of offshore fishermen as they are to the game fish themselves.

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