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If you think that Florida is all about Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Kennedy Space Center or Miami Beach, or the home of the Backstreet Boys and N’Sync, think again. In fact, it is home to some interesting fishing spots like Long Key State Park, Destiny, Lake Okeechobee, and of course, Disney World itself.

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If you are considering a vacation in sunny Florida and want to take part in its fishing adventures, you must know what expenses that entail this activity. The Florida fishing license price ranges $0 to $1,001.50 depending on some factors like age, residency, duration, among others.

Permits are required if you opt to catch controlled species. You may also opt to purchase annual Recreation Vessel fee for $2,000.50 for not-for-hire watercraft and the yearly pier license of $501.50.

If you are a resident who has been determined eligible for the food stamp, temporary cash assistance, or Medicaid Program and is fishing from land or a structure fixed or attached to land. If you are a resident and fishing as part of recreation only within the county where you live using a live bait and a simple fishing line without a line retrieval mechanism.

When you are aboard a vessel which has a valid charter boat or captain license. If you are a resident and a member of the U.S. Armed Forces but are not stationed in Florida and you are home on leave for 30days or less upon submission of orders.

Proof of identification and a benefit issuance identification card issued by the Agency for Persons with Disabilities or the Agency for Health Care Administration should always be ready for presentation when fishing. The lifetime saltwater fishing license for residents includes shook and lobster permits.

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Do you love the idea of hiring a private fishing charter for the day? But, if you compare the cost of Florida fishing charter prices to some other activities in the area, then you will see that fishing is a great cost-effective solution.

In comparison, a fishing trip charter can be as cheap as $50 per person, plus you can bring your own food and drinks on board. When you are planning a family vacation, it is essential that you don’t get caught up on the price of the activities.

These memories can build family relationships, giving you fun experiences that will last a lifetime! The quality of the boat and the experience of your captain will influence Florida fishing charter prices.

Captain Don Chance can talk to you about the prices so that you know what to expect when you plan your fishing trip. Don Chance is the Captain and owner of Flats Chance Fishing Charters.

Don took his passion, love, and knowledge of offshore fishery and created a highly rated Flats Fishing Charter located in Homosassa. You've always wanted to land a bunker on an epic Florida fishing trip, and have all the gear and vacation time to do so, but there's just one thing you don't have: a Florida fishing license.

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Free designated fishing days occur on some Saturdays and Sundays in April, June, September and November. Fishing on a charted vessel or party boat does not require a fishing license, as long as the boat is properly licensed.

Ask the charter company representative if you need your own Florida fishing license for the excursion, just to be sure. Children under the age of 16 also do not need a visitor's fishing license in Florida, whether it's freshwater or saltwater.

Purchase both types of license if you plan to fish in both saltwater and freshwater. Be prepared to show the license and a valid photo ID to game officials.

With that being said, it’s important to remember that sometimes it’s not as easy as hopping on a boat and heading out to sea. Discover everything you need to know about Fishing Licenses in Destiny, including the 2020 Rules and Regulations.

Check out these popular Destiny fishing styles, and discover which license you’ll need to make your next fishing adventure in Destiny absolutely delicious ! In Destiny, there are two main types of fishing licenses to consider, freshwater and saltwater, and the difference between the two is pretty straightforward.

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A Saltwater Fishing License covers the harvest of saltwater species that live in places like the Gulf of Mexico A Freshwater Fishing License is for species that live in freshwater areas like ponds, lakes, rivers etc. Another thing to be aware of is that some species of saltwater and freshwater creatures require special permits to harvest, and fishing them has additional rules and regulations.

With bays and bayous full of brackish water, there is always the chance you may catch a freshwater species, even when in saltwater. A common misconception is that if you own your own boat and boater’s license, that covers fishing on your personal, privately-owned vessel.

A father helps his son fish from a Pontoon in the Destiny Bay On any given day you will be able to spot someone on their pontoon searching for dolphins, enjoying Crab Island, and fishing the Choctawhatchee Bay.

It is recommended to anyone that is eligible to fish without a license to bring proof that they are qualified to do so to show the Coast Guard. This is a great way to prevent any possible problems that may occur when proving exemption eligibility.

When you get your fishing license, it will have the expiration date printed on it, so you will know exactly when it’s time to renew. Once it expires, you can renew your license at any one of the official retailers listed above.

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State and Federal Waters dictate which fish can be caught and kept based on length, weight, location, season, and other factors. If there is a specific species of fish you are wanting to target, knowing the difference between State and Federal Waters is important.

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