How Much Drag For Grouper

Danielle Fletcher
• Wednesday, 28 October, 2020
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Gag grouper are a mottled brownish gray in color with irregular square shaped patches on their sides. Most catches are fish in the five to ten pound range, just over the legal size limits.

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They like any kind of structure, including ledges and holes, and will take up residence in any object that will hide them. Huge migrations of gags gather in the winter months in the Gulf of Mexico to spawn.

Deep trolling large lures or jigs with a strip bait is popular in the Gulf of Mexico. Heavy tackle in the thirty to fifty pound class with conventional reels and boat rods is the standard.

Wire line trolling with a feather jig and strip bait is popular in Florida and the Caribbean. Many anglers crank the drag on their reel down all the way to prevent the fish from reaching a hole.

Anyone knows what is the min Drag required for Groupers around that size range? My friend just bought for me a Died Saliva 5000 spinning reel for Christmas.

IF you're fishing bait close to the bottom you need heavy line and drag. I would suggest at least a 20 size conventional reel and a good, heavy 6' rod.

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You should have your drag set at about 20-25#'s. That Saliva 5000 will be too light for groupers that size. IF you're fishing bait close to the bottom you need heavy line and drag.

I would suggest at least a 20 size conventional reel and a good, heavy 6' rod. You should have your drag set at about 20-25#'s. That Saliva 5000 will be too light for groupers that size.

Guess i won't be using the saliva then. Will an accurate dx2-600n with 80lbs leader be enough? In my experience technique has a lot more to do with landing large grouper and a little skill.

However, largest grouper to date of 80lbs was on saliva sa40 with 50lb braid 60lb top shot and leader. However, largest grouper to date of 80lbs was on saliva sa40 with 50lb braid 60lb top shot and leader.

I was looking for some reel and rod to handle(very cost effective), I though of the following Penn senator 4/0 low speed for cranking power(2:1 ratio) some heavy ugly stick rod 30-50 lb(true and tried) 100 lb braid, low stretch won't give the fish a big chance to head down for its cave 150 lb leader, with a circle hook 4/0 senator and ugly sticks are a pretty common bang for the buck setup over here where I fish.

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The biggest problem as I see it, is a 2:1 Penn 4/0 (black 113) has Jig master sized gears and drags and can't put out 20 lbs of drag. A 113H (red Penn 4/0) can put out 20-30 lbs of drag (with a 5 drag stack), and has stronger gears though anything over 25lbs can be hard on the stock 3.25:1 gear set.

I would say ugly stick is fine, take care of the guides, or they will rust quickly. It has a ton more power than the regular senator and it has about 33lbs of drag stock.

Also, when you get the reel you will see it has an extra hole for the handle arm. Remove it and bring it out, this will provide more torque which you will need for the big groupers.

I already have a 9/0 that I use for trolling but I'm afraid that weight will be an issue Put ~30ft of a shock leader and then braid mainline.

I actually prefer 2 speed lever drags for bottom fishing when there is a big range of target species. High gear is great for getting lines in and fighting small to medium-sized fish.

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Low gear can be a God send if you run into a big fish. Especially if it is late in the day and your arms are already tired.

Another single speed lever drag reel to look at is the Penn Squall 60LD. $180 and a good intermediate ratio of 4.3:1 bringing in 35 inches per crank.

I got a Diana sealing 901, sitting down rod in the ground I had the rod maxed out and the 100 pound mono stretching before I finally managed to start dragging the break drum I had tied to... till bring up the whole damn reef if the fish decides to bury itself down there They have added turn or accurate frame and some other bits to toughen it up, might be an option for you to consider as well.

You can find used ones already with upgraded frames for very reasonable prices on the auction site. Thank you all for your suggestions, I'm leaning towards a Died Saltiest 2 speed or one of its main competitors in the price range.

Upgrading the drag washers is about the only thing I'd do for Grouper type fishing. Your best bet as far as a reel though is a 2 speed i.e. Avert, Accurate, Shaman Tali ca, and others.

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Find old used but sound Penn 50 international put it on a Shakespeare tidewater 40-130 6'6” solid glass rod, 150 braid mainline 100 pink and 30-40 ft leader then whatever for bite leader hook etc. Be ready, rod will get heavy FAST when 80 lb grouper goes home.

Generally speaking I think inshore fishing requires 3 to 5 lb of drag. The whole point of drag is to allow/make the first run while pulling extra weight, because it tires them out.

In my experience having 10 lb drag on a 5 lb fish means the fish isn't being tired out because it is pulling out very little line, it gets to the boat and is very green. So no, I don't get the point of having a 20 – 30 lb drag reel while inshore fishing.

The problem with heavy gear for inshore fishing is twofold. Two most of the trout/reds are going to be small, using a 5000 reel and H rod to pull in an 18-inch speck isn't much fun.

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