How Much Drag Do I Need For Grouper

Danielle Fletcher
• Tuesday, 08 December, 2020
• 8 min read

Generally speaking I think inshore fishing requires 3 to 5 lb of drag. The whole point of drag is to allow/make the first run while pulling extra weight, because it tires them out.

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In my experience having 10 lb drag on a 5 lb fish means the fish isn't being tired out because it is pulling out very little line, it gets to the boat and is very green. So no, I don't get the point of having a 20 – 30 lb drag reel while inshore fishing.

The problem with heavy gear for inshore fishing is twofold. Two most of the trout/reds are going to be small, using a 5000 reel and H rod to pull in an 18-inch speck isn't much fun.

I don't think welded drag will be a nice option nobody wants to be tied with a 100 lb line to a freight train the problem is i don't know how much drag is needed for those biggies Big grouper need 40 50 drag to stop them from taking you in the rocks, but I have landed 40 pounds grouper with 20 pounds of drag before.

But won't that stretch allow the fish to head down for the reef especially because we usually get the mat depths no less than 120 ft so 20 % stretch is more like 24 feet which I think is a lot which rod do u recommend with the 4/0 and do u think that the cranking power of Penn really helps or it's all about drag The biggest problem as I see it, is a 2:1 Penn 4/0 (black 113) has Jig master sized gears and drags and can't put out 20 lbs of drag.

A 113H (red Penn 4/0) can put out 20-30 lbs of drag (with a 5 drag stack), and has stronger gears though anything over 25lbs can be hard on the stock 3.25:1 gear set. I would say ugly stick is fine, take care of the guides, or they will rust quickly.

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It has a ton more power than the regular senator and it has about 33lbs of drag stock. Remove it and bring it out, this will provide more torque which you will need for the big groupers.

I already have a 9/0 that I use for trolling but I'm afraid that weight will be an issue Put ~30ft of a shock leader and then braid mainline.

Fish it at 25-27 pounds and it is a great option. I actually prefer 2 speed lever drags for bottom fishing when there is a big range of target species.

High gear is great for getting lines in and fighting small to medium-sized fish. Low gear can be a God send if you run into a big fish.

Another single speed lever drag reel to look at is the Penn Squall 60LD. $180 and a good intermediate ratio of 4.3:1 bringing in 35 inches per crank.

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I got a Diana sealing 901, sitting down rod in the ground I had the rod maxed out and the 100 pound mono stretching before I finally managed to start dragging the break drum I had tied to... till bring up the whole damn reef if the fish decides to bury itself down there They have added turn or accurate frame and some other bits to toughen it up, might be an option for you to consider as well.

You can find used ones already with upgraded frames for very reasonable prices on the auction site. Thank you all for your suggestions, I'm leaning towards a Died Saltiest 2 speed or one of its main competitors in the price range.

Upgrading the drag washers is about the only thing I'd do for Grouper type fishing. A Penn 345 Gt with an Ugly Stick is another option.

Your best bet as far as a reel though is a 2 speed i.e. Avert, Accurate, Shaman Tali ca, and others. Find old used but sound Penn 50 international put it on a Shakespeare tidewater 40-130 6'6” solid glass rod, 150 braid mainline 100 pink and 30-40 ft leader then whatever for bite leader hook etc.

The biggest that I have caught from land were at Bridges and I believe this is because they are a homebound grouper, ones that like to stay close to home. If it is a traveler it may be easier because it won't know were to run, and they tend to be smaller.

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I place a bank 5 oz weight on a 12-inch piece of 30 lb line at one end and a swivel on the other end and put my line through the swivel giving me 12 inches off of the bottom. I then place a bead and tie a 60 to 80lb 3ft leader and a 5/0 to 9/0 hook, depending on my bait size.

Now once our bait is in the water in most cases, I know there is a grouper there, so I hold the rod because as I said you will only have seconds to get him up. Little traveler grouper I find make a good initial run but the big ones seem to tap the bait and only run a few feet to a hole so you need to be holding the rod because you are not likely going to get him or her out, but if you choose sit and wait him out you may get it.

The shorter bridges seem to have lots of people fishing the same areas because they are smaller. Most people are fishing lighter rods on these types of bridges so even if they hook them they never get them in.

Please remember that there are size limits on groupers and you need to know them and what they all look like, for instance the last time I was in the Keys we caught many grouper and I would say that there were at least 5 to 6 different species caught, even a couple I couldn't even identify. Well since then I have a handy book and laws because a lot of groupers do not have size limits.

Please remember however NO Goliath GROUPER ...aka... the JEW FISH and you do catch them a lot in the Keys, so be careful to know what they look like and let them go. Port Everglades jetties the inlet produced massive Jew Fish when I was a kid I would watch fisherman on the jetties and boats that would come into the marinas from fishing the edges of the inlet with these MONSTERS, 2, 3 hundred pounders, and they would show them off like they were cool.

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I celebrate drone and ambient because they tantalize me with all the reasons I can't take away; the movement is glacial, impossible at the wrong times, and when perfected, so relentless that words like making or composing would be scratches on a perfect landscape. Because of Liz Harris, someone on some godforsaken website inhabiting some corner of the internet felt compelled to say something I never did think I would hear, and something that characterizes the empty landscape in front of us: “girls can drone too”.

Harris modulates the long journey of Dead Deer to her will, molding it into an album of faraway dream-pop, and most importantly, giving a song to the onslaught. We'll always hear the endless motion in this record, and what the Grouper project is, but Harris made Dead Deer beautiful by putting a person on the other side.

The first sound on Dead Deer is of a windstorm, one “Disengaged” endures for the harshest minute of noise on any Grouper record. The importance is in the retreat; instead of staying out longer, Dead Deer chronicles things from the window.

Dead Deer is underneath and surrounded, the perfect “rain album” because it is chronicles the intrusion Harris is feeling. Now we have The Man Who Died in His Boat, a companion piece for Dead Deer that only serves to reveal how singular that time of Grouper was.

Harris could never get this back, and like a marker in the sand, its place in time shows; the other-worldly sounds of her guitar, creaking like rusty steel against a trial of elements, stay for as long as the storm does. Fleetwood Mac's Rumors, a record that lives and breathes its own history, barely feels the product of 1977 anymore; it has divorce written on it the same way Blood on the Tracks does, as something that belongs more to the song than the story itself.

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We've seen thirteen-year old Voodoo get exalted to a higher plane with its first vinyl edition, which says as much about its vitality; it simply gets to emerge again, this time pre-emptively triumphant. Pieces are written on Mac's broad, musical history and some feeling of necessity brought about another reason to celebrate D'Angelo.

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