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Fresh Black Grouper FilletsGroupers are members of the sea bass family, Serranidae, which has over 400 types. They are found in warm temperate tropical waters around the coral reefs and rock outcroppings of the coastal shelf.

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Groupers are harvested year-round with peak Eastern seaboard and Gulf production in summer and fall. Characteristics: The extra lean white meat is firm and moist with large flake and a sweet, mild flavor. Additional shipping charges may be applied to your order and will be made against the payment method provided at the time of check out.

Specifications Grouper Fillets Mild flavored fish Individually vacuum sealed for freshness If you’re into keeping tropical fish, you’ll know that some of these little swimmers can go for hundreds or even thousands of your hard-earned dollars.

Believe it or not, some super rare or exotic tropical fish can fetch a (very) pretty penny. So that’s why I wrote this post- so you can get an idea of how much the world’s most expensive tropical fish can cost.

Some of these fish species are absolutely stunning, which makes sense for the high price they demand. They’re natively found near Peru Lake in Malaysia’s northern Medal state.

Name Green is much more difficult to find available on the pet market because they’re being caught by fishermen without sustainability practices. This variant has a striking color of orange and green in a gradient as it goes through the body.

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It has dim orange fins and a yellow-orange patch of scales near the head. The Neptune Grouper is an extremely rare and mesmerizing fish. The Neptune Grouper is a very pretty and exotic-looking fish, so it kinda makes sense that it’ll run you about $6,000 for one.

It has a bright yellow head with an orange and white striped body. Very few have ever been actually caught by humans and the largest one found to date was about 17 inches.

Neptune Groupers are commonly sold as food for hungry people on the street or over a bed of ice in the market. You can find this fish sold as food, but rarely as a pet.

The Blade fin Basset is an extremely rare fish that demands a very pretty penny. It’s native to the Caribbeans and it pretty exotic tropical fish.

One of these little swimmers will put a huge dent in the majority of aquariums’ wallets. This is because they’re natively found in very deep waters and because of their small size makes them a pain to get a hold of.

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It’s a pretty small angelfish that grows up to 7 centimeters in length and usually lives in tropical reefs in the Cook Islands and Saratoga. It’s a pretty difficult specification to care for and naturally hides in rocks and rubble, so a proper setup is critical.

The Polka dot Stingray is an exotic freshwater pet that’ll have the local fish store talking about you. The Polka dot Stingray comes in both freshwater and saltwater forms, and it’ll run you about $100,000 to purchase one. The Polka dot Stingray is often found in Brazil in the Xingu River basin.

The females are generally larger than males, like many other fish and animals often found in nature. Like the Platinum Rowena, there isn’t enough data to note if this is endangered or not.

With this price tag, you could buy a full-out Lamborghini, Ferrari, or even a moderate house. It has a long body, tapered tail, and large scale.

It’s impractical to actually spend this much on a fish, but for those who have some money to burn, this is an extremely rare species. You’d think it’s nearly endangered with this level of tracking, but according to resources online, it’s not listed on any CITES appendix so there’s no official word on its endangerment status.

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If you’re interested in Rowena fish, there are other variations available that are much more affordable to the hobbyist. Rarity, endangerment, and even how hard it is to catch them all contribute to the overall price you pay for ’em.

(Important) Please Click HERE to double-check our supplier's website for in-stock on your order to prevent delay. *All Fish, Inverts and Coral ship next day UPS from Atlanta, Ga.×Your order may not look like photo shown due to variety and size within a species. DescriptionThe Bumblebee Grouper or Giant Grouper goes through various color changes; as a juvenile the Bumblebee Grouper has a blackish brown splotched body, when the fish matures the spots will become more elaborate and defined with blending colors and the body will turn green to brown with yellow highlights.

The mature Bumblebee Grouper is very solitaire and slow moving; this beast that will devour anything that looks like a meal that will fit in it's gaping greedy mouth; choose tank mates wisely and be warned. Be prepared to have a 300-500 gallon tank or more to house but very doable in smaller aquarium to start for a while.

The Bumblebee Grouper is a true classic of the fish world and sure to draw a large audience in any arena. Feed a variety of meaty foods such as silver sides and frozen shrimp.

Try saturating food in liquid vitamins and garlic for good fish health. Though supply peaks in the warm months, from April to October, it’s available all year round.

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All groupers are members of the sea bass family, Serranidae, which is made up of more than 400 species. Groupers are found around coral reefs and rock outcroppings in tropical and warm temperate waters worldwide.

Groupers vary in size and weight but are commonly marketed at 5 to 20 pounds. Be wary of grouper prices that are suspiciously low; a low price likely means the fish is not grouper but is instead a less expensive substitute species, most likely Asian catfish.

Mislabeling seafood products is against the law, and consumers are cheated when they pay for an expensive fish but receive one of lesser value. If you suspect the grouper you purchased is not the real thing, you can report the problem by contacting the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services at (850) 617-7280.

Grouper is a lean, firm, white-fleshed fish with a meaty texture and large flake. Fresh whole fish should have a shiny surface with tightly adhering scales, gills that are deep red or pink, and a clean, shiny belly cavity with no cuts or protruding bones.

You can store fresh fish in the coldest part of the refrigerator for up to two days. After handling raw seafood, thoroughly wash knives, cutting surfaces, sponges, and hands with soapy water.

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Versatile grouper lends itself well to any form of cooking, including grilling, baking, poaching, steaming, broiling, sautéING, deep-frying, and pan frying. The fish is typically breaded and fried and served on a bun with lettuce, sliced tomato, and tartar sauce.

Cook grouper at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 minutes per inch of thickness. Firm texture, white meat with large flake and a mild flavor.

Gills that are deep red or pink and are free of slime, mucus and off-odor. Clean shiny belly cavity with no cuts or protruding bones.

After handling raw seafood, thoroughly wash knives, cutting surfaces, sponges and your hands with hot soapy water. When marinade is needed for basting, reserve a portion before adding raw seafood.

Because it is a lean fish, some basting is necessary while broiling or baking to keep the flesh moist. The general rule is 10 minutes per inch of thickness, at the thickest part of the fillet or steak, at 400-450 degrees F.

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Fish is done when the flesh becomes opaque and flakes easily when tested with a fork. Poaching, steaming, baking, broiling, sautéing and microwaving are excellent low-fat cooking methods, if you do not add high-fat ingredients.

Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting fun facts and statistics about this popular fish. You can find a range of types of grouper based in the Atlantic and the Gulf.

Some of them include the scamp, black, snowy, gag, red, Warsaw, yellow fin, and speckled hind. The Goliath Grouper is found off the coast of Florida in the Atlantic, as well.

However, for sport anglers out there, keep in mind that this particular type of grouper is protected. When people think about fish that they don’t want to meet while they are in the water, sharks are probably the top on that list, perhaps followed by barracuda.

Take the video that you can find online from 2014 that shows a Goliath grouper rising right out of the depths and swallowing a… wait for it… Blacktop shark. It circles the shark for a bit and then snatches it right out of the water before the angler can bring it on the boat.

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Since you now know that there are different types of grouper, this question becomes a bit more difficult to answer. In fact, they can be in excess of nine feet long and can weigh up to 1000 pounds.

As with any type of fish, it will be important to make sure it is prepared properly if you want the best results. Try to work with a charter that knows and understands what it takes to successfully catch groupers.

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