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Based on a 35-year-old female who is 5'7” tall and weighs 144 lbs. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your energy needs.

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Pan-Seared Grouper with Balsamic Brown Butter Sauce Pat fish dry with paper towels, and let stand at room temp for 10 minutes.

Carefully place fillets, top side down, in hot oil. Remove skillet from oven, and place fish, seared side up, on a platter.

Your Daily Values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs. Striped bass, scientifically named Moroni laxatives and nicknamed the rock fish, are school moving fish.

Striped bass normally live in the east coast of North America, ranging from Canada all the way down to Florida. They were introduced to the Pacific coast in the late 19th century, so they can now be found from Washington down to California.

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They like to live inshore along reefs and other areas that create constant movement. The Tau tog (Tau toga Units), more commonly known as a Blackish, belongs to a group of fish called Wrasse.

The Tau tog is one of the smaller members of this family, weighing in at an average of only one to three pounds, and reaching a maximum length of about three feet. The fish are known to travel as far north as Alaska and as far south as Santa Monica in California.

They can be found from the Bering Strait all the way to the Yellow Sea, and have been seen as far east as Asia. However, this species of fish is mostly found between Oregon and Alaska despite its expansive range.

Summer Flounder, also known as a Fluke, are known for having a large mouth that extends past the eyes. The scientific name is Paralichthys status, and they are members of the flatfish family.

They lay on the ocean floor, keeping both eyes up to avoid predation, and hunt. These fish have the ability to change skin color and blend into the ocean floor, hiding their whereabouts from unsuspecting prey.

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As a small fish passes over their motionless bodies, the Summer Flounder can ambush its prey. Tarpon, scientifically known as Mega lops Atlantic's, are nicknamed “The Silver King”.

Tarpon prefer warmer waters, and can be found mostly in the tropical areas of the Atlantic Ocean, although some migrate inland and live in fresh or brackish water. Hickory Shad, or Alisa Mediocre, are known for packing a big fight in their small bodies.

But, it’s because of the fight that the Hickory Shad has quickly become a highly desired recreational fish. They range along the eastern coast of North America, from Massachusetts south to the Gulf of Mexico.

Though they span along a wide area, most black sea bass are found between New York and South Carolina. King Mackerel, or Scomberomorus Cavalry, are a popular sport and commercial fish.

They lurk in the depths of the choppy coastal waters of the Atlantic Ocean. In the winter, weakfish are usually found along the eastern coast of North America between North Carolina to Florida, while in the summer they stay along the shoreline between Delaware and New York.

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It is mainly found in the Northern Atlantic, and ranges from southern Greenland to Iceland, and from the Connecticut River to Quebec. The Atlantic Salmon can also be found ranging from the Arctic Circle to parts of Portugal.

Everything from where it breeds, where it searches for food, where it needs to be for warmth, and where the best chances for survival are, all effects its migrational movement. It can be found migrating during spring around the Gulf of Mexico, and later in the fall, it returns to the warm waters around Florida.

The Big eye Tuna, scientifically known as Tungus Jesus, is a well known and extremely desired big game fish. They have been known to make migrations of extreme lengths in distance, will travel throughout the Atlantic, Pacific and the Indian Oceans.

Being a flatfish, the Pacific Halibut has both eyes on the upward facing side of the body. Northern Red Snapper are not found in the Caribbean like their southern brothers are.

The swordfish, scientifically known as Mafias Ladies, and nicknamed “broad bill,” is one of the most recognizable and desired fish in the water. Known and named for the sword on the front of their face, the elongated bill combined with their sleek bodies, allow the Swordfish to glide straight through the water.

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The sword isn’t actually used to stab like man made ones, rather they use their long noses to slash at and debilitate their prey, making it easier to catch. The Pollock, a member of the cod family, is scientifically known as Pollacks Sirens.

The Bone fish, scientific name Album Rules, is one of the most popular sport fish in the world. They aren’t much for eating because their bodies are full of hundreds of tiny bones as indicated by their name.

They have a distinct face with very small teeth and upper jaws that flow out into a beak or spear-looking nose. The Backgrounder (Mycteroperca Monaco), nicknamed the marbled rock fish, is part of a large group known as the “perform fish“.

They can change skin color slightly, but most of the time has a rectangular pattern across their bodies consisting of dark gray blotches. The top and bottom of the fish are also darker than the center, fading similarly to the fins.

As springtime arrives in the northeast, the landscape begins to come alive. Trees blossom, flowers bloom and the striped bass return to tidal river systems by the hordes.

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Warming water temps draw them in for a few reasons depending on the river system. In others, they are simply there to gorge themselves on the buffet of herring, shad and other river species that are so abundant at this time of year.

My uncle took me fishing and taught me all kinds if things about chasing trout and bass in freshwater. Then, the summer I turned twelve, he bought a 17’ center console and took me fishing on the saltwater for the first time.

After a long, hot summer, anglers in the northeast welcome the cooling temperatures of the fall. The weather becomes more comfortable and the cooling water temps bring bait and game fish closer to the shorelines.

The Albright knot is a great solution for tying together two filament lines that are of a different thickness. The thinner line usually slides through the thicker one, so the Albright knot ensures that they remain attached together.

The resulting performance may be diminished, so choosing an Albright Knot in that instance may be a better decision. It works great for attaching a leader to a fly line, and it is actually preferred over the Albright Knot because of its smooth finish once complete.

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It is slightly difficult to learn because of the addition of a straw or a small tube to the knot tying process, but it’s nothing that can’t be mastered with a little practice. The Dropper Knot creates an inline loop that can be used to attach leaders, hooks, bait rigs and sinkers.

Bottom fishermen choose it because it can be used to attach a lure or rubber worm right above a jig. A well-made Dropper Knot can be quite helpful when you need to add a little something extra to your rig.

This knot doesn’t impede the lure’s action, and allows it to run true and look more realistic during the retrieve. It is one of the older knots that was developed in Great Britain many years ago.

The “improved” Clinch not is named for the extra step that it has at the end of the tying process. This extra step drastically improves the strength of the Clinch Knot, and is simple to do.

An Improved Clinch Knot is easy to tie, but it is not recommended using with braided line or anything over a 30 pound test. Sand worms “Paris Succinct” are reddish brown marine worms that can exceed 10” in length when mature.

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Sand worms are now farmed and are available at a premium price for those willing to pay the extra money. Many anglers new to our sport (and some not-so-new) have a challenge finding fish, or just knowing if they are working a fishy spot.

Angling from a boat rigged with an electronic fish finder, depth, temperature, and GPS coordinates does give the inshore saltwater angler a distinct advantage. Such is the ability to easily move out of unproductive areas, the ability to mark fish beneath the surface and to log in the water temperature, the depth, and even log a global position for later use.

Conventional and bait casting reel repairs and maintenance are generally best left to the professionals. An assortment of necessary tools, oil, reel grease and some mechanical know-how are required to be successful in completing the needed maintenance.

You may find yourself in a far away location (like on a Fly-in Canadian fishing trip) and you just have to get that reel working again right away. The following information will give you some guidance and some confidence in cracking open that pesky reel and getting her back into fish catching condition.

There may be some parts variations on some reel models that are not mentioned in these procedures. Surf fishing is most often perceived as casting large sinkers paired with various types of live and dead baits with the aid of a stout spinning rod exceeding 10 feet in length.

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A large spinning reel spooled with hundreds of yards of 20 – 30 pound test monofilament line has historically been the norm. And, of course, with this comes the fatigue brought on by hours of casting this rig into the rolling waves.

It is often necessary to use outfits of these specifications to get baits into proper placement when the surf is high, rolling and crashing against the beach. With recent advances in fishing technology, the surf angler can put together rod and reel combos that are lighter, shorter and easier to cast than the traditional surf sticks that tend to be so unwieldy.

An assortment of necessary tools, oil, reel grease and some mechanical know-how are required to be successful in completing the needed maintenance. You may find yourself in a far away location (like on a Fly-in Canadian fishing trip) and you just have to get that reel working again right away.

The following information will give you some guidance and confidence in cracking open that pesky reel and getting her back into fish-catching condition. There may be some parts variations on some reel models that are not mentioned in these procedures.

They lie flat against the ocean floor, camouflaging themselves in the sand, and they ambush their prey with lightning fast reflexes. Few fish on the east coast are as sought after for their delicate white fillets and their fighting ability as the summer flounder.

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During the winter months in the Northeast, there are not a lot of opportunities for catching saltwater fish. Most anglers either wait out the cold season in the warmth of their homes or some others may venture inland to ice fish on the frozen lakes and ponds in pursuit of sweet water species.

Tidal rivers begin to see an influx of schools sized striped bass as March rolls through. As March gives way to April the winter flounder, or fluke, returns to the coastline to spawn.

Fluke is one of the few species I catch that I keep for the table which is one small reason for my interest. Additionally, they are a summer species that can readily be caught during the daytime in bright sunny conditions.

Much of the New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts coastlines are covered in boulders, rocks and gravel which creates fantastic habitat for the predator fish and their table fare. Blackish, also known as Tau tog, are one of tastiest and hardest fighting fish found in the North East.

They are relatively easy to catch but also provide the angler with a battle that will put their skills and tackle to the test. From boat, jetty or shoreline blackish are readily available throughout the reefs and rock piles from Massachusetts to New Jersey.

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Nor, do you need to spend your life savings on the equipment that will put fish in your boat. However, if you want to maximize your chances for a striped bass over 40 inches, then live bait on a 3-way rig is the way to go.

The most popular baits in the New England area are eels, hickory shad, cup and everyone’s favorite the menhaden AKA porgy or bunker. The crest of a reef can be 20 or 120 feet deep, it’s not the depth that matters as much as funnel it offers.

Recently there has been a lot of talk about imposing strict limits on possession of eels and possibly putting them on the endangered species list. The eel takes nearly 15 years to mature sexually and to return to the Sargasso to spawn.

Many people feel that over the last 15 to 20 years the increase in the numbers of hydroelectric dams has taken a huge toll. Others feel it has more to do with the sale of glass eels in fish markets overseas.

Studies are being done on just what is happening and for now the AS MFC has decided not to recommend any changes in the laws regarding eels until more information is gathered, so it appears that we are safe for the next few years anyways. One way to get yourself totally overwhelmed is to walk into a fishing retailer and try to select one rod to out of their vast inventory.

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Here in southern New England we are blessed with a variety of stripper baits to pick from when targeting striped bass. One of the most exciting fish to catch is the hickory shad or “Poor Man’s Tarpon”.

Many anglers specifically target these fish because of their great fight on light gear. A light action rod spooled with four pound test, a handful of shad darts, willow leafs or small jigs and you can spend hours catching them.

Hickory shad will average eighteen to twenty-two inches and will commonly run in the two to three pound range. The largest I’ve seen in my boat was a monster that measured twenty-eight inches long, we estimated the fish to be close to seven pounds.

The surrounding states in our area all have their own rules regarding creel limits. One of the advantages to using them as bait over some other choices is that they are easy to keep alive in a very basic live well.

Porgy begin to show up on the reefs and mussel beds in May. In fact, a few years ago, I had my wife on board, and she was having a ball catching one porgy after another.

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Also known as bunker or porgy, the menhaden is hands down the best bait going when it comes to striped bass. Back in the day, bunker made up roughly 80% of the stripes diet.

Bunker is a fatty, oily, high calorie bait that is an easy target for stripes. Next time you are in the grocery store with your wife, look at how many labels contain Omega-3 oils.

The commercial fleets are incredibly efficient at wiping out entire schools of bunker in a single pass with their net. Some larger companies use spotter planes to locate the schools and radio the coordinates to the big boats.

They swoop in using a technique called purse seining where a ship pays out a large net that encircles the entire school. As important a bait source as they are, they play an even bigger ecological role.

Bunker are filter feeders meaning that they feed by straining suspended matter and food particles from water. They are built on traditional methods with modern improvements, and they are proven to produce fish into the double digits.

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This usually involves my wife pulling out zip lock freezer bags and asking me to try to identify the contents. Most of these packages are so full of ice crystals that making more than an educated guess at what the bag holds is a near impossibility.

After a couple of years of going through this ritual and tossing away what I knew to once be succulent blackish and fluke fillets, now inedible due to excessive freezer burning. Bait casting reels are a huge asset to your fishing arsenal especially if you’re using lures larger that ¼ oz.

But, in the northern reaches of the country most anglers do not grow up using bait casting reels. Many are wary of using a bait casting reel due to its tendency to backlash or create a “birds nest” when casting.

This is something that can be easily overcome with proper instruction and a little backyard practice casting. Almost anyone you talk to about fishing for tau tog, or blackish as they are commonly referred to, will tell tales of dropping hooked crabs and sand worms over the side of the gunwale, and moments later playing tug of war with a rod bent under the boat as they try to winch a large blackish from the rock piles below.

In the world of saltwater fishing, there is a time and a place for artificial lures. At times, there is no better choice than a top water plug splashing across the surface or a 16 oz.

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Diamond jig being dropped quickly to the bottom to intercept a school of bluefish. It had been a great season, catching stripes up to 25 pounds in shallow water on artificial lures.

There are periods of time throughout the northeastern summers where in-shore fishing isn’t as productive as it was earlier in the season. If you live in the winter, snow stricken corners of the United States, you probably spend your winters like many housebound anglers do; thumbing through fishing magazines, watching fishing shows and waiting for the first robins to appear in the backyard.

If not, a good way to spend those winter evenings is getting your tackle ready for springtime on your home waters. Once Memorial Day arrives in the Northeast, the boating season unofficially begins.

The line of trucks and trailers leading to the ramp seems endless and tensions are running high. The same is true for proper catch and release practices, and we have learned over many years that some of our fish handling skills need some updating.

Crank baits have long been regarded as a lure that no angler can do without, when it comes to freshwater bass fishing. There are a number of lidless crank bait designs used for trolling and casting in saltwater but it seems there are few of the lipped variety being used except by a few that are wise to the cranking technique.

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In recent years, many lure manufacturers have been addressing this with the creation of a whole new generation of saltwater crank baits. It was just before noon on a hot August day, as we departed New Jersey’s Managua Inlet.

Her twin Caterpillar 3208’s rumbled through the ship’s black hull as they propelled us toward the numbers Captain Dave Riemann had entered into his GPS unit. The Died Black Gold (BG) series is a longtime contender in the world of tested and true saltwater fishing reels.

No longer does it bear the tell-tale white paint job that has made these reels so popular throughout the years. Say, “So Long!” to the wooden dowel reel handle knob that has made the series so recognizable.

Obama has come a long way over the years in developing new reel designs at very reasonable price points. For our field testing purposes we chose the SA45 which is a perfect size for inshore and near shore fishing.

The Salina is built with saltwater exposure in mind as well as showing off some of Obama’s revolutionary spinning reel features. Continuing with tradition, the Slammer is dressed in the same black and gold uniform that make Penn reels so recognizable.

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The series features full metal bodies and side plates for perfect gear alignment and top-notch corrosion resistance. The Died Terra is a small profile spinning reel built for both freshwater and saltwater applications.

The sizes range from a 1500 to a 4000 model, so they are somewhat restricted to inshore species in the saltwater realm. Died has been a forerunner in the market when it comes to line counter reels.

Line counters are essential tools when dialing in and reproducing a trolling bite. With a recent redesign in aesthetics, Obama introduces the EPIRB Series.

Building off of a tried and true 10 ball bearing drive system, the EPIRB brings the angler the same great value oriented price point that fishermen have come to expect from Obama while delivering a great looking reel that has been pleasing the public for many years. Obama has come a long way in recent years, gaining a reputation for great products at fair prices.

These reels feature a large, tapered spool for maximum casting ability and high line capacity. The Luna was introduced a few years back to replace the older Millionaire series, a reel that had already earned a reputation for solid performance.

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These reels are used not only in the salt but are also popular for salmon and trout trolling on the Great Lakes. As I was motoring up towards a rip line on top of a reef in Long Island Sound, I noticed dozens of gulls and terns swirling and diving into the choppy water.

Choosing a fillet knife is relatively simple if you are always cleaning the same size fish. If you’re cleaning a variety of different sized fish then it pays to have multiple knives.

There are a multitude of hook styles to choose from in the fishing retail world. Anglers have discovered that, when used properly, circle hooks greatly increase fish survival when caught and released.

In the world of fishing lures, there are a number of baits out there that were realized many years ago and are still being used today. Some of these lures have remained unchanged in design throughout their history and some others have gone through countless changes.

We're kind of flat out here surrounded by big rocks and the stripes are hiding right in around the structure here. When I get him stopped, I can switch into low gear here and just literally crank this fish in, give him a much better chance of survival here.

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It brings the bait fish and the bass in every year and it's a great fishery. We don't want that because we're working so hard to keep it that 3-6 feet off the bottom, taking our two turns.

It's very heavy plastic, works real well for putting out the gill net that we have. I wanted to take a couple of minutes this morning to talk about the reels that I use in my charters and my personal fishing.

Yet, many individuals still do not use all the functions of the spinning reel to their advantage, often times costing them the fish of a lifetime. Take the time to learn all the abilities of a spinning reel to maximize your fish catching potential.

Walk into any fishing retail store and you can easily become overwhelmed by the endless reel displays. Conventional and bait casting reels share many similarities, but their differences really dictate their application for anglers in both salt and freshwater.

Many inshore saltwater anglers ask us to help them decide between purchasing a level wind conventional reel and an “open” style conventional reel that does not have the level wind features. Working in a full service tackle shop, customers present you with a multitude of questions and requests regarding their spinning reels.

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Bait casting reels handle larger line diameters far better than spinning reels and heavy lines are often needed to wrestle large fish out of weed beds. This makes the retrieval of many lure types much easier on the angler, especially after long hours of constant casting and cranking.

Both bait casting and conventional reels use a brake that applies pressure to the spools axis to slow down its rotation. Let's dive a little deeper into the role that bearings and bushings play in a fine-tuned fishing reel.

With all the different rod lengths, styles and blank thicknesses, making the proper selection can seem like a daunting task. Learning to cast a spinning reel only takes a few minutes before someone can begin fishing successfully with one.

Most pre-matched combos are designed for introductory fishing purposes and do not excel in quality, but they do the job just fine for the novice. But, as an angler becomes more obsessed with fishing, the need for a larger arsenal of rods and reels increases.

This is the time when the knowledge of how to properly match up a rod and reel combo becomes important. For instance, a fisherman who has been using their standard spinning rod and reel to cast big chunks of cut bait with heavy sinkers attached will quickly learn that the rod they have been using to cast half ounce lures just doesn't have the backbone to launch a bulky bait rig into the strike zone.

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They are held in place by a retaining ring that is then capped with a drag adjustment knob. This system uses a sliding lever mounting on the top side of the reel to make drag adjustments.

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