How Long To Steam Red Grouper

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A lot of times it has caused me no end of annoyance and I have always been of the opinion that being late a bit and a good worker balances out (even upends! ) So, oops, it's late, gotta go, grab my little girl, get her dressed and brushed, and off we go down the busy Hong Kong streets to the local wet market to see what the catch of the day is.

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The thing about wet markets is that they close pretty early, around 7 parish, or even earlier if they sell out their wares for the day (more likely of the fresh seafood vendors). We arrived at the wet market to discover most of the fresh seafood vendors closed already.

Just then the owner of the shop, a talkative luxuriantly mustachioed man, passed by carrying in some styrofoam boxes. A quick recognizing glance at us (, or regular customers still carries a lot of weight at places like the wet market) and he grunted out a price which was ridiculously super low for super-duper fresh group.

And if you can somehow buy nook and crook get there just before the vendors close up for the night you will be able to get some killer deals. I like going to the wet market for the super deals when we can get them and also just as much because it feels like such a human, living place.

My little girl has received everything from Chinese New Year's candies to tummy ache medicine from the gruff but kind shop owners there. And, if you bother to ask nicely, you can get all kinds of great cooking preparation tips from the friendly folk there.

7 slices ginger, quarter sized3 tbsp ginger, slivered2 1/2 tbsp premium soy sauce, no msg please2 tbsp chicken stock2 1/2 tsp brown sugar2-3 tbsp peanut oil Directions: Rinse your fish and remove any leftover bits in the gut cavity.

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(This lifts the fish slightly away from the surface of the dish and allows steam through for more even cooking.) Take your 7 quarter sized slices of ginger and tuck 2 or 3 into the gut cavity and place the rest all over the top of your fish.

When water is boiling, carefully put your fish (on plate) in the bamboo steamer or in the wok on top of stainless steel stand×. To check if the fish is cooked look for eyes popping out and the side fins to be raised.

If fishy or bitter discard. In small pan, add 1 tbsp reserved fish juice (if any), chicken stock, soy sauce and sugar and stir vigorously over low heat until sugar melted and sauce is slightly reduced. Sprinkle slivered ginger first, then the shredded spring onion over the fish evenly.

The oil will slightly cook the spring onions and ginger, releasing their fragrant aromas to complement the steamed fish. The only difference for this preparation will be the large size of this particular group fish (approx 13-14 inches long).

*If your bamboo steamer doesn't fit your fish, use a stainless steel stand (available at all Chinese kitchenware stores) inside your wok with 2-3 inches of water, laying out the fish on a dish that goes on top of the stand. I got this really fresh red grouper from Chinatown wet market.

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Do take note that the price for Regrouped and Greasy Grouper (Grayish color) is different. Regrouped price may vary depends on season.

This recipe won't look any special, but if you've got really fresh fish from the market and wanted to consume it on the same day, this is the best and simple way to cook your fish. It is ordinary steamed fish with soy sauce and shallot oil.

On a steaming dish, place the 6-inch length spring onion, followed by 3 slices of ginger. Remove fish from the steamer, pour away the steaming liquid.

So, rub some salt on it would get rid of fishy smell, and gives better flavor. The amount of soda sauce won't give enough saltiness to the dish in overall.

Adding spring onion and ginger underneath is to provide ventilation to the underside of the fish and also gives better flavor to the dish in overall. When I put ginger and spring onion underneath, when I pour the sauce over, the sauce also hiding underneath.

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Because fresh cod fish has it's inexplicable sweetness, even the excessive liquid gives you wonderful flavor. You have to ensure rock sugar is finely crushed before using.

But of course, if you go around and ask fellow Chinese chefs, they will tell you rock sugar really taste different with the fish. Do adjust your own steaming time based on the fish size.

If your fish is cold (just out of the fridge), add another minute for steaming. But with the price of Cod fish, I don't always get to enjoy such luxury.

Grouper is a popular fish among the health-conscious, possessing a lovely, mild flavor which lends itself to a variety of preparations. Add your favorite seasonings to the grouper fillets before you wrap them up and put them in the oven, and you'll wind up with a moist, flavorful fish dish.

Lightly grease the center of each piece of foil with olive oil or a cooking spray. Place the grouper fillets on each piece of foil, and add desired seasonings or sauces.

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Try simply seasoning with salt and pepper, or prepare a simple tomato sauce with fresh herbs. 03/03/2006 Made with 1.25 lbs fish, based on reviews: doubled seasoning using Old Bay instead of paprika, halved butter (LOVE butter and still only used half).

I may try a bit of sweet white wine for bull nose dolphin. Be sure to turn when broiling as the browning gives a nice texture and crunch.

The only changes I made were to substitute garlic powder for the garlic salt and I added a bit of dill and a bit of salt-free lemon pepper to the spice mix. I added some fresh squeezed lime juice (from a quarter of a leftover lime) in with the lemon juice/butter.

I loved the mayo/paprika topping too and added some fresh chopped parsley over the fish. My roommate loved this dish too.

06/25/2012 I have been trying to build my repertoire of fish recipes, so after reading the first 10 reviews on this one, I decided to try it. Like most reviewers, I halved the butter (I only had 3 grouper files).

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