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• Wednesday, 07 October, 2020
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With the season being perfect for fishing in this part of the country, it only makes sense. It is definitely a great time to head out and try your luck in catching this fish.

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If you are in search of practical tips and a guide on how to up your fishing game, you’re in the right place. We’ll share with you insider tips on how to catch this species just like a pro.

Crappie are freshwater species of fish commonly found in North America. You have a greater chance of catching a Black Crappie as this is very common in Florida ’s freshwater such as the river and lake.

They tend to swim in groups, which makes them easy to find. The best place to spot crappie is in a water column upper portion.

They may also feed on tiny minnows located on the water’s surface. They prefer to feed on minnows, specifically a smaller school of this fish.

After feeding, they proceed to a different section of the water to check out more items to forage. A 6 hook is a good tool to use, and you can even put a cork before you drop in the bait.

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If the water is deep, it should be fine to lose these floats and troll the minnows slowly. When it comes to other preferred areas, these would be piers, bridges, and deep water docks.

These areas have pilings right underneath, which makes them attractive to crappie. In addition to the above mentioned tips, you can also use certain lures to troll for your catch.

When you are at the right place and at the right moment, prepare to have a bunch of crappies striking to ambush their meal! Speaking of a cane pole, you should consider getting one at a minimum length of 12 feet.

Crappies are basically light, yet you don’t want to cast too far as this would make it tougher to catch your game. A medium-sized pole should be perfect, as long as you have the right line type and length.

Check out the video below to learn more about how to catch crappie in Florida. FloridaCrappieFishing iPhone of the most sought-after pan fish in Florida, crappie, or speckled perch as they are sometimes called can be found in most lakes, rivers, and other sizable bodies of water.

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Because of the warm weather the year-round, particularly in the southern part of the state, crappie can be caught whenever you feel like going out on the lake. Thanks to the warm conditions and the many sources of food for the crappie, they tend to grow larger in Florida compared to most other states.

However, there are some tips that will help you catch more crappie when fishing the freshwater bodies of water in Florida. While all lakes in Florida offer excellent chances to catch crappie, there are some that stand out more than others.

Lake Kissimmee: Most noted for bass fishing, it has become a hot spot for crappie as well. Lake Monroe: Located near Sanford, this hidden gem is less than 10,000 acres, but offers a substantial number of crappie just waiting to be caught.

It offers plenty of cover for crappie which makes it a great place to fish. Orange Lake: This favorite is also located between Ocala and Gainesville offers plenty of opportunities to catch crappie.

Yep, we've got the same crappie lakes you would find around North America, and big of' “slab specs” to boot. Biologists with the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission keep track of Florida crappie (and bass) populations on most major public lakes.

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The Rodman Reservoir, near Alaska, is perennial champ in terms of speck numbers, and this year, it will be doubly good because a habitat restoration program will require a drawdown of water levels, which will concentrate the fish. Patrick McDaniel with a fine fish on Lake Lane, in Orlando.

“Black crappie in Florida tend to be ‘boom or bust’ populations from year to year,” said Ryan Hamm, Northeast Regional Fisheries Administrator, division of Freshwater Fisheries Management, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Hamm is lead administrator on a team that recently developed a black crappie management plan.

It’s a pair of perch, the speckled kind, for Pete Slip, the writer. Very light line and attention to strikes are keys, Slip maintains.

This may be because anglers believe these are ‘breeder’ fish, but that’s not necessarily so… at that size, they have already spawned many times, and are likely to die of natural mortality.” Hamm explained that “spider rigging” is a popular fishing technique in Florida for crappie.

This involves multiple rods in holders, set at varying depths with jigs or minnows, and trolling though open water slowly.” Tom Fierce is a seasoned crappie angler familiar with spider-rigging, having lived in Florida since 1973.

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I constantly adjust the trolling motor, according to wind and turns, to keep the jig from hitting bottom.” If you’re looking for results, keep this fact in mind: ninety percent of tournaments are won from spider-rigging.

Darryl Cole is tournament director and president of the FloridaCrappieFishing Club. Indeed, the first place spot for a March 2019 tourney went to James Hazleton with 12 pounds, 8.1 ounces.

He expanded on the seasonal spawning fish scene, stating that it’s basically the smaller male “roosters” that anglers catch in the grassy shallows during the spawn. He advises fishing about 100 feet away from the “hot spot” (in more open water) and you may find the huge ones.

Crappie are typically found in high nutrient lakes, and they like green or tannin water. Everyone I talked to agreed that the St. Johns River system is an excellent crappie fishery, including Dr. Mike Allen, Professor of Fisheries at University of Florida.

Allen has studied crappie for over 20 years and also wrote a dissertation on them. “ Crappie are typically found in high nutrient lakes, and they like green or tannin water.

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Generally, there’s no large numbers of crappie in very clear lakes,” he said. Allen also lent credence to some theories touched upon earlier: “As adults, they spend a lot of time in open water.

He said it’s good to look around each year in different water bodies to see where the heavier populations are, because of the cyclic nature of the fishery. McDaniel put us in a 17-foot deep area, with fish visible on the depth finder at 9 to 11 feet.

He anchored up, and we proceeded to catch 150 crappie (released), including a 14.25-inch fish (1.12 pounds). That large fish, incidentally, meets the 14-inch requirement to qualify for Florida ’s “Big Catch” program.

I look back and wonder how many crappie I have missed over the years, not knowing it was a strike. Serious speck anglers use super light line, gear and drag settings.

You probably don’t need to spend a lot for the highest quality rods, to consistently catch crappie, but I believe you do need to use extremely light line to truly increase your success with crappie. The only addition I make is a 3 ½-foot, 6-pound fluorocarbon leader, tied with a uni-to-uni knot to the mainline.

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