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James Smith
• Saturday, 17 October, 2020
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I do so to keep this blog afloat, and provide the links as a convenience to help you use the same tools I use. My point is, Canva was invented, so we wouldn’t all have to become design wizards, pouring hours into Photoshop training.

canva grouping elements move together grouped everything
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Now, I must say, I’m surprised to see this one hit my inbox so much, simply because “grouping” is something you can do across word processors, basic paint programs, and more. With it, you can upload your own fonts, remove backgrounds from photos, save transparent images, gain access to a number of additional elements, and more.

Alternatively, you don’t have to move the mouse at all, and instead, hit “command/CTRL” + “g” to group the elements. To ungroup elements in Canva, select the elements you want ungrouped and then navigate to the top right of your canvas and select “Ungroup.” Or, press “command/CTRL” + “Shift” + “G” as the shortcut.

I don’t see any other potential hurdles, but please be sure to leave a comment or email me if you find yourself needing more out of this. If Canva is in fact a tool you’re loving, Canva Pro gives you even more reasons for such love, with the ability to magically resize designs, upload custom fonts, and so much more.

I’ve definitely swallowed my pride a few times and just hired a freelancer on Fiverr for quick turnaround, and often receiving something better than I could have done myself. Full disclosure, as an affiliate, I receive compensation if you make a purchase through these links; there’s no extra charge to you.

I’ll also be sharing with you my 5 power tips to help you use the 'roup 'eature better and save you a tonne of time and make your design process super-easy! If you want to move lots of different elements around simultaneously on your Canva desktop the Group feature is really going to come in handy.

canva ungroup
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Place your cursor near (but not inside) any text boxes and any other elements you want to move. You'll notice that all the elements you selected are now grouped together within one single box with a blue outline.

Note that you will be unable to edit any of these elements individually until you go back to the top right-hand corner of your Canva desktop and click the Ungroup button. This is an essential little tip if you're going to use the Group feature to move elements around on your Canva desktop.

Click on that to duplicate (copy) an entire group of elements if you need to repeat them on a new page, for example. The benefits of doing this are that you maintain the ratio of all the elements inside the group instead of having to resize them individually.

If you create slides or you're an educator and you want to download your work as a PDF to share with students you might want to include a URL link, perhaps to your website or a landing page. To add a link select the elements you want to group together (as above), and then head to the top right-hand corner of your desktop where you'll find a little 'link' icon.

If you're like me and you create multiple images for social media you'll want to be able to resize them quickly to suit each platform. You can also access your User Groups through the Options menu.

canva elements grouping ungroup
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A message appears at the top of your browser verifying you signed up for the group. If you chose the “Split students into __ groups”, groups will have already been created for you, and students will have been randomly assigned.

You can also optionally limit the number of members to a group. Grades and submissions may be affected for students who were not in a group at the time of assignment submission but who were later added to a group.

If you want to limit groups to a specific size, enter the maximum number of group members in the Group Membership Limit field . However, at a later time if you decide to edit the entire group set and change the group set limitations, Canvas will override all member limitations created within individual groups.

Since collaborating in groups is a common part of many people’s jobs, Canva 2.0 aims to make communication and design easy and importantly, time efficient. We’ve also found that many teams who use the Collaborate tool find they have increased consistency and quality control with their designs.

From social media posts, to onboarding presentations for new starters, Canva has created several features that will help your team collaborate easily when it comes to designing. Canva Pro users are able to create a brand kit that has your key colors, fonts, logos saved all in one place.

canva elements
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With this feature, when any member of your team is creating their designs in Canva, they can do so using the clear parameters of the brand kit folder. Media kit templates are a perfect example of how color, font and imagery can help communicate your business identity.

From posters to social media posts, team templates are an easy way to promote the latest news, while easily sharing and editing designs that you use on a regular basis. What’s also beneficial in having all these assets in one place is that from a design perspective, you are reinforcing your brand’s visual ethos within the company.

As we can see, the above example shows the dynamic, visual power strong design can have on various types of documents for your business. The View Only access is a great tool for allowing members in the team to review work and communicate any suggestions for the design.

Set up student group configurations at the course level for assignments and in-class work, both graded and ungraded. Facilitate semester-long projects so that students can communicate and iterate on documents together.

Facilitate faculty professional development and institutional committees or activities. Facilitate student-run study groups within courses or at the account level.

canva learn join
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Create study groups Collaborate on projects and assignments You can see the current groups where you are enrolled using the Global Navigation Menu.

If a course includes a term date , the term date displays next to the course name. Depending on access settings for a course, Current Groups can also display groups in courses that have been published but have not yet started.

Groups that are available to you display linked text . Note: Some institutions may not allow previous groups to display in the Courses page.

You can also access your User Groups through the Settings menu. A message appears at the top of your browser verifying you left the group.

This can be very useful if you wish to keep discussion threads focused and easy to follow by limiting the number of participants. Click the maroon +Discussion button at the upper right to create a new discussion.

canva parent
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The “Create new” screen will appear, allowing you to enter a title and topic/prompt for your new discussion. Beneath the text box for your thread prompt, you will now see a drop-down menu labeled Post to.

Once you have written your discussion title and prompt, click on this menu to open it. Remember to publish your discussion when you are ready for your students to view it.

Sections in a Canvas course site can only be created by making a request to Canvas Support ; they are used when an instructor needs to divide his/her students for administrative or grading purposes (for example, when different TAS will be grading different sets of students, or when a course has lab sections that are not officially listed as separate sections by the Registrar). Even if your course site has not been divided into sections, you can still limit the number of participants in a discussion by dividing your students into Groups and creating Group Discussions.

If you are interested in learning more about how to use Canvas Discussions as an effective pedagogical tool, or if you have other questions, Academic Technology Solutions is happy to help.

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