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Maria Johnson
• Thursday, 10 December, 2020
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If you haven’t heard of Seiko Worms, then have a chat to the local bass in a pond near you, because they’ve certainly had. For 20 years bass of all kinds from everywhere have been dining out on the Garry Nakamoto worm dish like it was their first-ever drive-thru.

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Seriously, regardless of the science, or lack thereof, as to why bass attack Seiko aggressively and voraciously, it’s incredibly effective across a range of applications and profoundly easy to use. In doing this, I think we’ll discover that there was a heck of a lot of science that gave us Seiko Worms, and that Nakamoto’s design is ingenious.

Ultimately, action will depend on how you’re fishing your Seiko and how it’s rigged. However, thrown unweighted into the water the Seiko sinks horizontally, slowly and with a little shimmy that mimics the real thing quite remarkably.

There is little effort, if any, required by the angler to impart peak action. Before we move any further, I feel it prudent to mention Seiko Worm imitations.

Truth is, they just don’t have the action and therefore the performance of the genuine Seiko. Pro anglers are looking to win trophies and make a living.

I tend to think it’s wise to emulate professional habits for better results. The sinking characteristics of a Seiko Worm are the result of an injection of salt into the lure.

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One can only assume the specific quantity is critical and not easily reproduced. The salt, plus unique profile details and the construction materials work in concert to deliver the Seiko Worm action.

I expect Nakamoto’s Seiko design and the formula is not readily available for others to copy. I think the 5 inch will cover every (fish) in the target range.

Nonetheless, the 5 inch grabbed plenty of interest from a range of sizes, small and large. People will argue this point, and each to their own but there’s enough of a headache sorting through over a hundred colors without adding sizes.

Even if you’re hunting something small in a creek, I wouldn’t feel the need to size down. In the summer, I would strongly recommend the 7 inch for those hunting a much larger class of bass exclusively.

With over 100 Seiko Worm colors from which to choose, I can’t help but think this is all about shelf space and moving more product. There is no good scientific (fish catching) reason that can be put forward for such an outrageous color range other than to lure fisherman.

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I choose darker colors for muddy, dirty water and lighter shades for everything else. However, I’ve caught plenty using dark colors in clear water.

If you used a red worm and cleaned up over three sessions, of course you’ll swear by it. Problem is, without using a scientific control you cannot attribute your success, or otherwise, solely to the color.

Gamakatsu makes these super-cool Wicked Wacky Hooks that have a hand-tied weed guard. Just be aware that a bass strike is highly likely when your line is slack.

Watch it sink and have your rod pointed toward the water ready to lift it. 1) Add a tiny split shot to increase the sink rate slightly.

If the fish are hanging a little deeper in the water column it might save a little time if you add some weight. 2) Instead of penetrating the lure with a hook, tie it on with a small elastic band or an O-ring.

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I’ve even seen tiny cable ties, but they detract from the simplicity factor. Putting hooks through them taxes on their longevity significantly, hence the O-ring trick.

Many anglers complain about the higher price relative to the lack of durability. Wind will be an issue, as will a strong current and may well force you to change rigs.

Again, current and wind coupled with access to your target zone will determine weight. I’m fishing weedless to get right into the structure whatever it may be, from trees to rocks and weeds, so I may need a little help as I’m casting from as far away as practical.

Small bullet sinkers running down to the hook are the staple for the Texas. In fact, the shape of the hook even makes it easier to rig your worm accurately.

My only concern about mono is; I must concede that the way large mouth inhales these things can be a little harder at times to feel the bite with slack line. I strongly recommend those noobs sending worms into the structure fish a little heavier.

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I know you’ll be fishing weedless, but it’s still easy to get hung up with poorly directed casts. Weight is an action killer, and a big chunk of led is going to hurt your chances if you don’t adjust.

If the fish are really deep, which they are in winter; or if the wind is way up or you have to cast a country mile, that’s your cue to change over to your Carolina rig. TIP: When your lure hits the bottom, give it a rest before you start your retrieve.

As a final tip, I advise you to experiment and focus on learning ‘feel’. This is the fastest method for developing solid, reliable technique and feel.

And most importantly, if fishing a Seiko Worm is getting technical and difficult… You’re doing it wrong. It’s as simple as putting a worm on a hook and casting it in the water.

If I’m fishing grass I’ll use a Lew’s bait casting reel with a 7:1 gear ratio and a Mud Hole Mix MB873 rod that’s 7 feet, 3 inches long with a medium-heavy action. Also, in open water I’ll sometimes go with a fast-speed spinning reel with 10-pound-test braid on a Mud Hole SJ842 blank, which is a 7-foot, medium-action rod.

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One purpose of the wide-gap hook is to provide a better hook set when the bait is moving along at a pretty good clip. Also, it acts as a keel to keep the Seiko running straight so it doesn’t twist the line.

Fresh off of a third-place finish at a major tournament on Lake St. Clair last weekend, Cox drove straight to Sturgeon Bay to compete in the Tackle Warehouse TITLE presented by Toyota, the Few Pro Circuit... READ MORE ». Adult mayflies only live for about 24 hours out of the water, but during that brief window, they can dramatically affect the prospects of catching a bunch of fish.

At the Tackle Warehouse Pro Circuit Super Tournament on Lake Chickamauga, Miles Burgh off based a lot of his success on schools of bass that were related to the mayfly hatch. With warming water, it’s a great chance to throw a top water for the first time, or really to do just about whatever you want in some parts of the country.

One of the key aspects of buzz bait fishing is the sound, and Bradley North modifies his with a file and some pliers to get the most squeak he can. Fitting larger swim baits into a tournament arsenal is a goal that a lot of anglers never hit.

Schooled on tough Western fisheries with clear water and smart bass, Wade St relic knows a thing or two about getting the most out of baits. One of his favorite modifications for super-clear water is to add a strip of holographic tape to each side of his jerk baits.

At the beginning of this year I was excited about the opportunity to fish the Tackle Warehouse Pro Circuit and the Bass master Elite Series. When the schedules for both circuits were first released I was feeling very confident about doing some sight- fishing on San tee Cooper, Default and Lake Hart well.

From adding standard Florida techniques to his arsenal to adapting his top water program to the Sunshine State’s bass, he’s intentionally broadened his horizons a fair bit. The reservoirs strung along the Tennessee River are tremendous fisheries, but they perhaps don’t get as much shine for being small mouth producers as they should.

We’re almost halfway through the 2020 Tackle Warehouse Pro Circuit schedule, which means we’re far enough along now for a little retrospective on what’s happened thus far. Though the reasons why they settled on swim baits varied, both pros can offer valuable lessons for any angler tackling a spawning scenario.

The lure’s slow fall and tantalizing tail wiggle triggers strikes without any effort on your part. While this simple setup catches plenty of bass, there are other ways to rig the soft plastic stick worm to increase its effectiveness.

This tactic is ideal for flipping and pitching to bushes, brush piles and holes in matted vegetation. The weedless qualities of the Texas rig allow you to slide the stick worm in and out of the cover without hanging up in limbs or bogging down in the weeds.

The stick worm will shake on its own behind the bighead, so it takes a lot less effort to make the bait continuously work itself. The jig-and-worm combo can be worked around various types of cover and structure, but a prime target for this tactic is a boat dock.

The wacky style rigging causes the stick worm to fall sideways, which permits it to glide under pier platforms or the foam flotation of docks where bass are lurking in the shadows. This tactic produces best in the pres pawn and post spawn when bigger bass are staging in front of spawning banks about 6 to 10 feet deep.

Try a 3-inch Seiko style bait on a 2/0 straight shank hook with a drop shot rig for aggressive bass in deep water. Hook the worm in the weedless Texas style or exposed wacky fashion with a 1/4- to 3/16-ounce weight positioned about 1 foot below the lure.

After locating balls of bait fish with your electronics, drop the rig down to the depth of the bait and shake it to trigger strikes.

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